2003 Reports PA UFO
Sightings And
Other Anomalies

From Researcher Stan Gordon

The 2003 year has been active across Pennsylvania with many alleged sightings of UFO's and other strange encounters being reported. I have been taking calls from the public concerning UFO sightings and other strange events since 1969. I have had the opportunity to have been involved with the investigation of thousands of strange reports during that time period. It has been my experience that most UFO sightings and other anomalistic events when properly investigated, are determined to have originated from a natural or manmade source and therefore explainable. Each year however,I investigate strange incidents which can't be so easily dismissed.
The following are a few of the incidents which have come to my attention. Some of these cases are still under investigation.
February 20, 2003-Between Latrobe and Greensburg, PA.-The witness was driving home about 6:30 P.M. on a rural road. It was a very cold, but clear night with temperature in the 20's. The driver noticed a large bright red light in the sky above a field which appeared motionless. As the witness approached closer, she could see that this light was in or on top of a dome at the top of a square shaped object. The object was of a dull light gray color, and each corner of the square shape was round. There were red and white lights along the side of the object. The witness got to within about 200 feet of the object, which continued to hover approximately a hundred feet off the ground. The object which made no sound, was estimated to
be about 40 feet long and wide. The car was stopped so that the driver could take a better view of the object. Suddenly the object appeared to just vanish and was not seen again.
April and May, 2003-Reports of strange creature sightings including alleged Bigfoot encounters were being reported from various locations. Near Scottdale, a man reported that he and his young daughter riding on a motorbike on a country back road, were frightened by a "hairy man" that ran out of the woods from their right side, and stood about 75 feet away ahead of them. The creature was estimated to be over 6 feet tall, covered with black hair, and had arms that hung down near the knees. After the creature looked at the two observers for a few seconds, it suddenly ran off into the woods. The man and his daughter also hurried home.
August 15, 2003-Derry Township-At about 12:30 A.M., a woman who lives in a very heavily wooded area, went outside to pick some fresh lettuce for her husbands lunch. She picked her vegetables and upon turning,saw a huge hairy man-like creature with long black hair standing only about 8 feet away. The creature had its back against the trunk of the tree, and was looking towards the witness. The head of the creature was touching a branch which was 8 feet off the ground. Other family members who went outside just after the sighting, found the grass under the tree matted down. I arrived at the location on August 17th to investigate, and located two possible older footprints about 15 inches long, and about 50 feet away from the sighting location.
August-September,2003-Reports of alleged sightings of the Eastern Cougar (Mountain Lion) from around Westmoreland County. I am also hearing of reports from other areas of the state. The cougar has been declared officially extinct in this part of the country for many years, but hundreds of supposed sightings have been reported in Pennsylvania Reported sightings of large
cat tracks were reported this past winter on the Chestnut Ridge, and recent reports of cougar tracks have been reported in rural Southwest Pennsylvania as well.
Early June, 2003-I interviewed a group of young boys. They were playing outside about 3:30 P.M. near Everson, PA when they saw a solid heart shaped object which appeared green and very luminous suddenly descend straight down from the sky. The boys continued to study the object, and saw what looked like a long probe extend from the bottom section of the object. The object came to tree top level and hovered over the trees only a few blocks away from where the the boys stood. The object dropped below the tree line, then soon appeared again, and suddenly shot straight up into the sky at a high rate of speed, and could no longer be seen. The boys estimated that the entire sighting was about a minute.
October 21, 2003-Salem Township-At about 6:45 A.M., a teenage girl was walking to school when she observed a circle of lights at tree top level across the road from where she was walking. The girl reports that this object began to travel in her direction, and moved low above her head. The object was emitting a steady loud sound that could be heard while it was close by. The object soon shot up into the sky at a fast pace and moved back towards the direction from where it was first observed. The girl told her relatives about the experience after returning home. I was contacted by a family member about the incident.
November 8, 2003-Lancaster County. Late afternoon two people while traveling in their car when they noticed what appeared to be a solid luminous rectangular shaped object which appeared to
be motionless. As the observers moved further down the road, the object remained visible, but became dimmer in brightness, yet still appeared to remain still. A check with the local airport indicated that they were unaware of any blimp activity in the area at the time of the observation.
November 16, 2003-The PA Bigfoot Society (PBS) received a report of what appeared to be a very large human shape swimming in a lake near Erie, PA. The figure appeared to have unusually large arm stretches while swimming. (Note: During the late 1960's, there were Bigfoot sightings reported around the Erie and Edinboro, PA. area.) The PBS is investigating.
November 17 and 18, 2003-New Castle, PA-The PBS is also investigating two Bigfoot sightings reported by several young fellows in a rural area near New Castle. The first sighting on November 17, 2003 reportedly occurred at about 6:30 P.M. while two friends were taking a walk. They claim to have seen an 8 foot tall dark creature standing on the side of a road. They reported a wet dog smell at the time of the observation. The next night as they were walking in the same area, they say they saw a similar creature sitting indian style on the side of the road with it's arms hanging over it's knees. Check out the PBS web site for updates on these and other investigations. <>
The Kecksburg Investigation Continues
I have been working closely with Leslie Kean, The Director of Investigations for the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi) concerning the ongoing investigation into the 1965 UFO crash incident near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania which is supported by the SCI FI Channel. During the last year a significant amount of new information and new witnesses have come to my attention. December 9, 2003 will mark the 38th anniversary of this incident and still much mystery surrounds that event. It is hopeful that in 2004 with the support of the SCI Fi Channel and the CFi investigation, we will learn more about the government involvement in the Kecksburg incident.
For the latest on the Kecksburg investigation visit the CFi web site at: <> . Help solve the Kecksburg mystery by signing the online petition at: <> and visit my web site at: <>
I can be contacted by calling my PA UFO Hotline at 724-838-7768
e-mail: <>
P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601
Stan Gordon




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