High Speed, Low Level Metallic
'Burnt Orange' UFO Wows
Seattle Residents
From Peter B. Davenport
Director - National UFO Reporting Center

Multiple reports for these objects (sic) submitted to NUFORC. Our best time estimate is 2351 hrs. (Pacific) on Tuesday night, 13MR01. One copied report below.
Note: Preliminary data suggest to NUFORC that there were two separate objects that were observed at 2351 hrs..
One of the objects reportedly passed from west to east just north of Seatac Airport, made an abrupt turn to the north, and streaked to the north, running approximately parallel to Interstate-5. Seattle ARTCC and Flight Service Station had received no reports from pilots as of 0115 hrs. (Pacific) on 14MR01. Air traffic controllers in the Boeing and Seatac towers reported seeing nothing. ((Please see report below from individual who was located at Seatac Airport at time of sighting.))
A second object was seen to the west and north of Richmond Beach, WA, located approximately 10-12 miles north of the Space Needle. It reportedly was seen to streak from the western sky to the northwestern sky in approximately 3 seconds.
Both objects appeared to be in more or less level flight.
NUFORC received two phone calls just after midnight from a group of three witnesses, who were standing outside in the Skyway area of Seattle, just a few miles north of the Southgate shopping complex. At least one of the witnesses identifies himself as a former member of U. S. Navy aviation, and considers himself to be exceptionally adept at identifying aircraft. They reported an oval shaped object, apparently metallic in appearance, that was the color of "burnt orange." They claim the object made an abrupt turn to the north, executing an estimated 60-90 degree (??) change in course in a fraction of a second, and then it streaked out of sight to the north, disappearing from their sight in a matter of just a few seconds.
The witness in Richmond Beach awoke and was sitting on the edge of his bed, looking out his bedroom window that faces the Olympic Mountains to the west. He witnessed a very bright object, the color of "burnt orange," streak from his left to right, disappearing to the north in approximately 3 seconds. He estimated that its apparent size was 1/10th the perceived diameter of a full moon.
More information on "meteors" to follow as it is reported to us...
Peter B. Davenport, Director
National UFO Reporting Center
PO Box 45623
University Station
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (From 8AM to Midnight Pacific preferred)
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050 Investigator Request: Yes
100 Date: 03/13/01
110 Time: 11:30
120 Duration: 10seconds
130 Sighting City: Seattle
140 Sighting State: wa
150 Sighting Zip: 98166
160 Sighting County: KING
168 Number of Craft: 1
170 Witnesses: 1
172 Shape: Light
180 Description:
I saw a very fast moving light heading due north along Puget Sound at
11:30 PM March 13 2001.
190 Description: Approx. 11:30PM, looking due west from Normandy Park, just south of Seattle I saw a very fast moving light heading due north right over Puget Sound, it was low against the horizon and my guess is 5000-8000 ft high. I am in the ((deleted)) business and have worked around Sea-Tac Airport for 25 + years. This was not a commercial Aircraft, it was moving way to fast and there was a single light, no blinkers. If I was to guess I would say it was moving at close to 1000 Knots, was too low to be a sattelite and made no noise whatsoever.
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100 Date: 03/13/01
110 Time: 22:00
120 Duration: 1 minute
130 Sighting City: Ketchum
140 Sighting State: id
150 Sighting Zip: 83340
160 Sighting County: Blaine
168 Number of Craft: 1
170 Witnesses: 1
172 Shape: Unknown
180 Description: High-altitude craft with red glow, executed brief
series of non-Newtonian manouvers over Sun Valley, Idaho.
190 Description: Was taking my dog "outside," staring at the stars as I do nightly. I saw a red point of light dancing around on a single cloud, assumed someone was playing with a laser pointer. Then, the point started darting around beyond the boundaries of the small cloud, against the dark, starry night sky. I then realized that it was a vehicle, not a laser pointer. What I witnessed had the quality of a "joy ride," of some presumably human pilot most likely taking a craft capable of non-Newtonian manoeuvers "around the block for a spin." There was no discernable symmetry or discipline to the crafts movements; a few loops and zig-zags, darting over to another part of the sky, a few more loops and zigs before taking off to the south. The sighting started with the craft almost directly overhead, slightly west, then darting about 30 or 40 degrees due east, then departing southward. As mentioned, the craft itself was a point of fuzzy red light, and constant (did not blink or vary noticeably in intensity).