Filer's UFO Report For The
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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
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Filer's Files #53 1-1-3

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Filer's UFO Report For The Week And Happy New Year
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Ukraine UFO Air Show crash video biggest UFO story of 2002. Clonaid claims first human clone and ET launched life on Earth, New York small silver orbs moving among Manhattan skyscrapers, Pennsylvania flying triangle, Washington DC fighters chase UFO, Virginia triangular cone close to witnesses, Georgia amazing light seen, Florida strange skywriting, Ohio UFO video and photos, Michigan fireball, Wisconsin triangular pattern of lights, Texas arc light, Nevada test sight sighting and UFO overflight, Oregon daylight black saucer wobbles, Canada spheres spotted, Brazilian abduction photo story questioned, UK bright silver light, and Netherlands a sighting of two flying triangles.
SKNILOV AERODROME -- A stunning video was shown on Ukrainian ICTV and Russian television showing an unidentified flying object skimming a Ukrainian fighter jet moments before it crashed into a crowd of aviation enthusiasts killing 84 people on July 27, 2002. This is the most tragic air show crash in history. The crashing Su-27 fighter killed 27 children, and wounded 199. The video clearly shows a UFO, that is mentioned by the TV commentator, that passes near the descending Su-27 fighter that killed so many. The UFO is a clearly visible long white cylinder, or cigar shaped, that quickly flew directly behind the Su-27 for 1.5 seconds. The stunning discovery was made due to the detailed analysis of the video tape by the investigation commission and speculation is circulating it could have been a factor in the crash. General Evgeniy Marchuk, Head of the state commission on investigation, analysis of the flight recorder indicated that all systems of the aircraft, including engines, were functioning normally, and Colonel Vladimir Toponar and pilot-inspector, colonel Uriy Egorov safely ejected out of the aircraft. Some other experts conclude that human factor -- bravado of the pilots and insufficient organization by the flight directors of this air show -- caused the tragedy. According to Colonel Vladimir TOPONAR, 'the pilot said, "At a certain moment the SU-27 became uncontrollable." He and his copilot were then forced to bail out, but stayed with the plane until the last possible moment to avoid even greater loss of life. The hypothesis that the UFO could have accidentally influenced the aircraft's stability is not totally excluded? The plane appeared to stall, and the UFO may have tried to save it, or the UFO's momentum may have helped cause the stall as the object crossed planes course. High ranking officials have denied the existence of the UFO despite it being clearly visible on the video. Thanks to Anton Anfalov, Research Specialist for MUFON. See <>Filer's Files UFO Center Views
MANHATTAN -- The witness a professional working in Times Square was getting coffee from a coffee cart at 10:30 AM at the corner of Broadway and 43rd Street, when he glanced east and saw a small silverish orb with two slowly blinking lights on the bottom moving west over 43rd Street directly next to the Grace building about 20 stories up on December 17, 2002, I thought it was some sort of balloon toy or even paper blowing on the wind. The object had an unsteady movement as if being moved around by the wind. However, the object was NOT falling but proceeding horizontally. When it reached 6th Avenue (one block away from my position) it made a 90-degree turn against the wind, without changing it's altitude, and continued south and out of view behind the Conde Nast Tower. It was like some sort of probe or reconnaissance device about two or three feet in circumference. I believe in UFOs, but have never seen anything as bizarre as this in my life.
Later the same day, just past sunset, I was walking south on 7th Avenue, and noticed over the mid-thirties there were three more objects like the one I had seen earlier in the day, about as high up. They were quite small in the distance but I could see the same slowly blinking lights on the bottom. The three moved, variously, horizontally, and vertically over the avenue, and then grouped together and moved downwards a few floors in altitude. Then they stopped their downward motion and moved horizontally towards a building on the east side of the street and proceeded, next to it, to move out of sight. I could not make out details on the objects beyond the red or orange lights on the bottom. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
Kenny Young reports a 38-year old college-educated (6-years) homemaker in the Washington, DC reports a suspected UFO fly over her neighborhood at 10:50 AM, on Monday, December 16, 2002. The witness reports she was inside her home, located at the northeast corner of Washington, DC, when she heard two fighter jets, looking to the south, she was able to discern an unusual object that was as large as a thumbnail at arm's length, or comparable to the size of a full moon. She had lived on Air Force bases for 9-years and knew jet engines sounds, and after hearing the aircraft commotion she thought: "Oh my gosh, are they escorting someone out of the airspace?" The object, she said, was bright silver and reflected the sun. The sky was clear with bright blue skies. 
The UFO flew at a fast speed and had a 'bouncing' motion, dipping up and down." The witness claims that the object was "way bigger" than an airplane and that it flew from north at a speed comparable to that of a quickly moving fighter jet. She said the duration of the sighting was around five seconds and the object was estimated to have occupied airspace within 3-miles of her vantage point near the Lincoln Memorial. It was flying at an elevation "a bit higher than a helicopter would fly." The object was 'oval-shaped' and there was no sound nor any smoke, The 'bouncing' flight conduct was most noticeable, she said, and likened it to the pulse of a heart monitor. She said the object was clearly of a 'silverish metal' composition and could distinctly observe the sun reflecting off of it. The bottom half of the object was darker and possibly due to shadow. She could discern no structural detail and could not view any apparent rotation of the object and departed from her view as it traveled over a rooftop. Its shape was similar to the top end of speed-stick deodorant. The witness believes that if the jets were looking for the UFO, they had 'just missed it. ' Thanks to Kenny Young and
CHILHOWIE -- Three witnesses report seeing a yellow four sided triangular cone on November 20, 2002, at 2:00 PM. It was about ten feet at the base tapering to a point at the top and was approximately 30 feet in height. There was what appeared to be some sort of instrument group at the base. The object was heading SE at approximately 15 mph but did not appear to be a balloon. It maintained constant altitude and speed after passing us at distance of about 150 feet and altitude of 75 feet. Our location was a ridge top at 2600 feet in the mountainson a bright sunny day with gusty winds from the west. The object traveled four miles and suddenly went down into the woodlands. This vehicle was not noticeably effected by the wind changes. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
Suwanee -- It all happened less than a second at 7 PM. I still am asking myself questions about what happened on December 15, 2002, I am for sure that what ever I saw didn't come from this Earth. The main reason I am writing this is to inform people that there is other life beyond our capability of grasping. I was fascinated by what I saw. I could hardly tell exactly what it was, but it was very close and was a highly concentrated light. The most purest white light I've ever seen without a tint of any other color. It was the most pure light ever, and it is hard to explain in words but it didn't give light off. It was LIGHT ITS SELF, and it didn't streak any light behind it like a comet or any other things like that. Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFONGA state director.
PUNTA GORDA -- The witness and her boyfriend were sitting up late on December 20, 2002, and noticed a really weird object which I thought was a tower for a second at 3:45 AM. We watched this object move from left to right and it looked like it was gliding not flying. We both first thought that it was a helicopter, but then it started to move away and come back in a motion that we knew was not a regular aircraft. My boyfriend is skeptic about it. I watched the object for 3 hours and finally as the daylight came this object slowly went away. I watched it move farther and farther with a small trail of light behind it. As daylight came I made him look over to show him it was not a tower and that there is no way possible for it to have been a really bright star. I know what I saw!
BOCA RATON -- Marilyn Ruben writes, "Our family was in sunny Florida for Christmas week. On Saturday, December 21 at 12:40 PM, we had just exited I-95 about a mile inland from the Atlantic Ocean and noticed a large "Smiley Face" being drawn in the southern sky with a chem trail. I told my daughter to begin videotaping. Although we could not see the actual aircraft making the chem trail drawing, it drew a left eye, a right eye, a mouth and then a face. The chem trail was a pale bluish color with a hint of green, making it clearly distinguishable from nearby puffs of white cumulus clouds. Later, we filmed as the unseen aircraft then printed letters in the cloudy sky forming the words "LOVES US."
On Sunday, December 22, at 3:40 PM, the unseen aircraft again started Sky Writing by drawing a large "Smiley Face" followed by printing "ESUS U." I videotaped this event, also. There were more but hidden by clouds. Using a digital zoom of 700x, I was able to videotape a partial outline of the aircraft writing the chem trail words. The aircraft was able to turn the chem trail "on" and "off" at will. The actual chem trail itself appeared to be a double trail of very tight donut loops with a space in between. This Sky Writing occurred again on Thursday, December 26, during mid-afternoon over the Atlantic Ocean. Large square letters were being drawn saying "THANK GOD JESUS LOVES U." While these messages are on the religious side, I find it hard to believe that the US Military would write religious messages in the sky, or that a religious organization would pay for such a service (if even available or affordable) and then not publicize it on the TV or Radio. We have not seen or heard anything in the media. Does anyone know what this is all about? See for photos. Thanks to Marilyn Ruben.
PORTSMOUTH --A drug counselor reports taking film of a UFO over his hometown. I used to travel all over the US playing drums in show bands for 6 years. I was taking photos of chemtrails and hoping to get a jet spewing the chemicals, when I saw a silvery object around noon on November 20th. It was very small to the naked eye and difficult to locate in the viewfinder. I continued shooting chemtrails and assumed I captured a jet, but there was no trail behind the silver object. I went outside at around 3 PM again hoping to see more chemtrails and heard a fast jet and that is what made me look up. I thought "Great, a jet." Again I saw this silvery object with no trails and what seemed to be moving slower. It was at high altitude and moving fast in an arc. The space station moves slow in comparison to this object. It appeared to move slower than a jet. I video taped it until I lost it. They were both in the east sky moving southeast. I experienced a strange feeling after viewing the video. It wasn't until a day later I realized I may have had two takes of two UFOs. I showed to my friends who are UFO buffs. They didn't think it was a jet. Thanks to Dave Crisp, See <>Filer's Files UFO Center Views
FOSTORIA -- George Ritter has taken a series of photos near his home of UFOs passing over south and east of Toledo. The photos show various shaped objects. Most are discs or cylinder shaped UFOs. Both sets of photos can be seen at <>Filer's Files UFO Center Views
EL PASO -- My friend and I were on our way to work at 5 AM, on the Patriot Freeway heading south on December 14, 2002, I noticed a light like a star and brought it to my friends attention who was driving. It began to shimmer like when you see lights through glass when it rains. The light was obviously moving and getting brighter. I thought it might be a police helicopter but it began to dim and rise in an arc. Within two minutes it was completely gone. I know this was an actual object but in flight it did not move (arc) like any aircraft I have ever seen. Incidentally, my wife and two of my daughters saw something very similar last summer.
HOUSTON -- I was out in my backyard at 9:15 PM, on a clear night on December 13, 2002. We just moved to this new subdivision, I have a wonderful view of the sky. From behind me I heard the roar of a jet so I turned to watch it. As I was watching it, a V shaped set of five lights came into view behind and under the plane. The UFO passed the airplane and disappeared from view within seconds. I then saw another plane approaching from the west at a high rate of speed to the vicinity of where I last saw the UFO. The plane circled the area for about five minutes, then left. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC 
LONGMONT -- I spotted a large orange/yellow fireball streaking across the southern sky at 6:35 PM, on December 10, 2002. It was very bright with a long tail, traveling downward at a slight 10-15 degree angle for five seconds before breaking/fizzing out. Then outside Café Luna, I saw a very bright iridescent light accelerating up for about three seconds at a 45 degree angle. I would have thought it was a BIG shooting star, if it weren't for the upward motion. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
The sighting Dr. Leir describes is a match of the sighting at an atomic bomb test in July 1952 at the Nevada Test Site. It was visible as a star like object a little above the horizon for quite sometime in predawn sky before the test. When the bomb exploded it was daylight and this object moved overhead and ejected several small objects that arranged themselves in a ring around the larger pale globe. Then they vanished. I was a Specialist First Class and a Colonel was standing next to me. He observed this event through large field glasses. He had me describe what I saw and said he could see no more detail through the glasses. He said. It was very far away. I asked him what he thought it was. He said, " Have you ever heard of flying saucers?" Thanks to Philip Giles 
NEVADA BORDER -- At 5:45 AM, the witnesses we were driving due west on I-80 on December 13, 2002. The witness states, "I was looking at a bright light almost due west. I told my friend, "Hey, look how bright Venus is there" My friend said, "That's a plane with its landing lights on." It continued getting bigger, brighter, and closer and flew directly overhead. I could actually make out individual lights on the front of the object, there were many, emitting bright light, with a touch of blue. The individual lights were round in shape, evenly spaced, on the front of what looked like a delta-wing object. It was extremely large, the exact shape and dimensions of it were tough to see due to the brightness of the lights. It wasn't like any aircraft I had ever seen. It looked like the description of the Phoenix lights, that's the closest description I have. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
DOWNEY -- The witness was taking her dogs for a walk on November 19, 2002, about 4 AM, and saw two strange lights in the sky, one to the east and one to the west. Eileen writes, "I could not get home fast enough, to get my video camera and got some great video tape of them." My camcorder has a great zoom, and they are very clear. They had hundreds of colored lights, pulsating and flashing. I also took some stills with my camera, not as good as the video. The zoom is not as good. I need to get the video put on a disc, so I can print the pictures. I am sending you a picture, I took and have shown them to my friend, and she is amazed. Thanks to Eileen Aherne
Editor's Note: The film looks like the moon, but with no detail.
PORTLAND -- On December 22, 2002, a black saucer was seen wobbling similar to a coin spinning slowly on a desk, at 2:20 PM. The saucer moved in a horizontal orientation, and had one wobble a second. The wobble allowed a clear disc shape to be seen, then flat and not any noticeable height dimension to it. The UFO gained altitude slowly from about a 30 degree angle off of the horizon against an overcast sky. It moved to my left while rising until it reached the lower level of clouds, then it moved to the right and eventually stopped moving or gaining altitude at about 65 degree angle from the horizon. Eventually, the clouds covered it. Also, there were no lights or any other markings visible on the craft which seemed about a mile away. To my eye, at that distance, it looked about the same size as a street sign from 60 yards away. No helicopter or jet sounds were heard. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
VICTORIA TO VANCOUVER, BC -- Brian Vike reports that on Saturday, December 21, 2002, I was on the ferry going to Victoria from Vancouver. At 9:20 AM, I went out on deck and saw a blue sky with lots of clouds that were moving quite fast because of the cold wind. I saw a white sphere shaped slow moving object approaching a cloud. It seemed to float but I know it wasn't a balloon. It was very white and it didn't look very big. I watched it for ten seconds flying northwest and going into a cloud. I waited for it to reappear after the wind moved the small cloud, but I never saw it again. It either moved with the cloud or disappeared. It was moving in the direction until it was covered in the cloud, then I don't know what happened to it. The length of the was 10 to 15 seconds. 
BABINE LAKE -- Brian Vike reports I had a telephone call from a nice fellow who reported an incident at a logging camp across the lake from Granisle, BC . He and three other coworkers were logging when one of the workers gave out a loud cry, "Look, at that bright light coming up from behind the trees. A large glowing golden/orangish disk shaped object with a large halo of white around the craft rose up a half kilometer away stopped and hovered. The object moved away from their location after ten seconds, heading north. They did lose sight of the craft quickly, but still could see the bright light for five minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research Editor: Canadian Communicator
Last week we reviewed a story from the Jeff Rense web site showing remarkable photos of an alleged abduction. A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine writes, "Please be informed that the story of a man abducted in Brazil, with dramatic photos of the scenario, is a campaign to promote overseas the biggest UFO hoaxer of all times in Brazil, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, who has actually created a sect of fanatics around him, composed of people who blindly believe in his alleged ET contacts and healing powers, none of them ever confirmed by anyone." Urandir is largely rejected by 99% of the Brazilian UFO Community, who know he is a hoaxer. This story is NOT to be taken seriously, as no responsible UFO researcher has been allowed to scrutinize the scenario and the alleged case. Urandir was interviewed by Jeff Rense on December 12, assisted by his fellow Felipe Castelo Branco. Serious people in the USA were taken in by his story. We have succeeded in preventing that thousands of Brazilians being cheated by Urandir and now he is trying the USA. Serious UFO researchers cannot let it happen. Thanks to A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine. BrazilianNational Director, Mutual UFO Network, Director, International UFO Congress.
LEEDS -- The witness reports seeing four lights changing directions and formations, and then leaving. There were four orange balls of light flying in a line formation on December 11, 2002, for a few seconds. Then the formation changed to a square shape at 8:56 PM. As it changed formation it flew towards me for a few seconds then changed direction again and moved back into the previous formation and then faded into the distance. Although I never believed in that sort of thing I was shocked.
LONDON CHEMTRAILS -- The witness reports seeing planes spraying between 6 AM and 8 AM during November and December 2002. The witness lives in Hampton in the Southwest of London near Hampton Court Palace and below one of the take off paths for Heathrow airport. He reports these chemtrails form way above the flight paths of the civilian aircraft in a clear blue sky.
NAARDEN -- It was a very clear night on December 12, 2002, and the witness was just getting on his bike in the parking lot after hockey training at 9:05 PM. He writes, "Suddenly I saw two triangular shapes right above me, they could be stealth fighters, but they were going way too fast and I didn't hear them." They were flying next to each other and the one came closer to the other and they crossed each other and then they started flying next to each other again until we lost them out of sight. The whole experience took about twenty seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, chief executive of Clonaid, announced that "A baby which is allegedly the clone of her American 31 year old mother was born a day after Christmas at an undisclosed location and has been nick named Eve. This is the first clone human known and is an exact copy of the mother. Clonaid's leader believes that space aliens launched life on Earth and Darwin was wrong. Dr. Brigitte Boisselier announced the baby is a healthy 7-pound girl, nicknamed Eve, that looks like her mother. Boisselier holds doctorates in analytical and physical chemistry from the University of Houston and the University of Dijon, France.. Scientists doubt the claims and feel it is unlikely that this company could duplicate the mother and develop human clones.
Clonaid announced that, "Our scientists are now working on the next generation of clone babies which will include help for parents with AIDS who will be able to have children of their own genetic offspring without taking the risk of passing on the disease to their children. Dr. Boisselier offered no scientific proof of her claims, but said proof - in the form of DNA testing by independent experts - will be available soon. Four other couples are expected to give birth to Clonaid-created clones by early February. The United States has no specific law against human cloning, but the FDA claims its regulations forbid human cloning without prior agency permission. 'Religious leaders have denounced the cloning.
Clonaid was founded in the Bahamas in 1997, by Claude Vorilhon, a former French journalist and leader of a sect called the Raelians who cliams to be God's gift to UFO researchers. Vorilhon, who calls himself Rael, claims a space alien visiting him in 1973 revealed that life on Earth was created scientifically through DNA and genetic engineering by an extraterrestrial race whose name, Elohim, is found in the Hebrew Bible and was mistranslated by the word "God". Dr. Boisselier is a Raelian ''bishop'' and Clonaid retains philosophical, but not economic links to the Raelians. The Raelian Movement, is an international religious organization with 55,000 devotees worldwide and operates its own theme park, UFOland, near Montreal. Quebec has granted religious status to the movement.
To gain convincing proof that ''Eve'' is a clone, Boisselier said she accepted an offer by former ABC News science editor Michael Guillen to attempt to find proof of the successful cloning. He said, "He has chosen ''world-class, independent experts'' whom he did not identify to draw DNA samples from the mother and the newborn and test them for a match. Boisselier said. "To do the cloning that led to 'Eve,' scientists removed the nucleus from an egg of the woman and merged the altered egg with a skin cell from her. The DNA from the mother's skin cell took over direction of the egg and the baby is very healthy,'' ''The father is infertile. Boisselier claims she had received thousands of requests for cloning from couples.
Editor's Note: Let us assume for the sake of argument that the Clonaid's claims are correct. My research has led me to believe that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is in error and that man's uniqueness was created and planned. Darwin indicates we somehow by chance called natural selection we developed from primordial soup to highly intelligent humans. In his day, he was unable to see the intricacies of even a single cell. Under a high power microscope if we look closely we find unbelievable design and function. If we take New York City and look at its roads, communication, transportation, electrical, power, computers, wiring, water systems and surround that with a plastic shell, you have an idea of the complexity each cell. Additionally, that cell can reproduce itself regularly. I suggest this is not done by chance, that even the simplest cell has a design and creator. Our earliest scriptures say "An God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." Genesis 1-26. This statement clearly indicates interference and creation of mankind perhaps by God's messengers. When we start to look for proof, of these statements the DNA of homo sapiens has large gaps and giant leaps that would not logically occur be evolution. We can find monkeys, apes, and other primates that are obviously greatly inferior to humans. There are over 300 physical traits that set us apart from our cousins, like our ability to stride upright, our helpless infancy, and prolonged childhood making us dependent on our parents. Above all we have dual or divided brains much larger than hominids and apes. Darwin claimed, nature never over-endows a species beyond the demands of everyday existence. Yet our brain is far beyond the demands of everyday existence, and our artistic and mathematical capabilities cannot be explained by natural selection. We must then look logically for evidence of manipulation, intervention or creation. 
There are also five different human races. Many ancient beliefs such as the American Indian believe they were brought to Earth from another planet. We also have drawings in caves from the earliest cavemen showing various animal drawings in detail with unidentified flying objects above them. <>Filer's Files UFO Center Views I suggest there is more evidence for space visitors than there is in the relatively few fossil remains for evolution. We are entering a new era with new and amazing dicoveries. The radar returns, video and photographs taken almost daily of UFOs indicate something amazing is our skies, perhaps it is the Elohim?
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