Strange Loss Of Time In Texas
From Sam

Oddly, I don,t find it strange at all to talk about this incident of nearly 25 years ago. It remains vividly like yesterday in my memory. I subsequently discussed it with friends, including the one other friend closely involved, and been responded to with everything from disbelief, to my buddy's quiet assertion that the same sort of thing had happened to him many times afterward.
It began in Dallas, 1976, a Sunday at 12 am in the early Spring. Both of us, around the same age of 24, worked for a local dinner theatre and had just closed a show which gave us a rare 3 day interval before the opening of another. We, as box office and liason staff, would then have time away from seeing to star accomodations and managing the place, assigning reservations and tickets by phone, supervising service staff, and ordering liquor, food, etc., and counting the till...
My friend had the idea of visiting his home town, a small pace in southern Oklahoma, not far away. Since it was forbidden for us to take the usual official theatre vehicles we always had access to in town because of our positions, we borrowed a car from a friend.
"Sammy," he said, "Barb" has loned us her new Toyota Celica!" It sounded awfully good to me, and I replied, "Mark, nothing could sound better than getting away! Maybe you can introduce me to some home-town girls instead of the ones we've been meeting in Big D!"
So, we set off, at midnight, on what should have been a 3 hour journey, no more than a couple of beers between us, with no intent to party heartily. We talked mildly, drove the speed limit, and switched radio statons as we drove. Texas call letters soon gave way to Oklahoma small-town country stations, which I was none too fond of, but Mark kept coming back to them.
We had not long been off the interstate when we reached a part of the Oklahoma landscape which took us through two-lane highways, with hilly terrain, and many curves.
That's where the confusion began. Last I remember, and Mark later agreed, we seemed to come around one such blind curve into sudden fog, requiring us to slow down quickly to a crawl.
Then, as both of us recalled, as soon as this 'fog' appeared it seemed to dispappear, and we continued on, quite relaxed, with neither of us taking notice of the time. One might have chalked it up to tiredness. Comfortable with each other, we didn't question it...but the rest of the trip was quite silent.
We arrived at dawn, and the sun was our first unexpected wakeup call...before my friend's father coming out anxiously to greet us in the driveway, demanding to know why we were 3 hours late. He'd been apprised we should arrive around 3:00AM, and was more than a little worried and even irritated. Mark and I both felt a bit confused. We could recall no delays or stops. But we felt so very relaxed and tired we each slept until afternoon without another thought of it. His father probably put it off to our being young and foolish.
The next day the fog and time loss seemed of little import. We had the typical interests of young men in his small town, took in some events and watched the pretty local girls. Afterwards, even following our return to Dallas, the subject of the missing time seldom came up, despite the fact his father had railed at us and accused us of stopping to party or to snooze.
Not too long thereafter, I moved to the East and Mark remained in the West. As the years passed, and because our strange event often made me wonder, I tracked Mark down, phoned him one day and asked him if he had ever again experienced anything like it again. He paused and said, "Many times." He spoke with great certainty.
That gave me great concern. Mark was also firm that he had NEVER had any recall of what could have happened to us in the unexplained loss of time we shared. As opposed to Mark's 'many times' statement, I, on the other hand, found the experience to be a singular one, never repeating.
He attested to no marks or wounds, felt no great stress or trauma, and just stated that he felt as if he had been 'followed' many times throughout Oklahoma and subsequently in his travels in Texas. AND that he had been 'interrupted' during those trips.
For my part, I never sensed any great threat from the incident, just a nagging curiosity.
Though I had problems in later life, I can't see that they could in any way relate to this isolated incident. Nor, have I ever found a mark or any tell-tale evidence upon my body or in my mind that I was adversely or otherwise affected.
It just remains a mystery.
As a postscript, let me say that I have used relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, professional hypnosis by certified psychologists, and searched my dreams, but NEVER come up with the missing time. 3 hours. What could reveal it? A pentothol solution injection to overcome some deeply-seated resistance implanted to screen out the event? Some physics-related theorem that deals with a warp of time that sometimes occurs like a hiccup in our otherwise usually linear universe? I am open to any explanations.
Anyone out there got any help?
I wonder if any listeners have had the same experience, or if some have helped others to credibly recover such strange 'lost time.'
If so, I hope the producers of this program will share such responses with me.

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