UFO Sighting Reported
To Fremont, Ohio Police
From Kenny Young <>
The Fremont News-Messenger
A month after several unidentified flying object sightings near Clyde, two teens reported seeing a strange object in the sky Sunday night in Fremont.
Timothy R. Twiss, 18, of 322 S. Collinwood Blvd., and Shawn Robinson, 18, of 1838 Sandusky County Road 202, told Fremont police they were driving at 9:42 p.m. Sunday in the area of Atkinson Elementary School on Brush Street.
They said they saw a UFO in the sky and described it as saucer shaped, bright white with green lights in the front and back.
Twiss said as they were watching, it suddenly "took off like a bolt of lightning," he reported.
COMMENT: This is yet another mysterious addition to a string of sightings reported from the Sandusky County, Ohio area in the last few weeks. For details of the other sightings, all of which have been reported to either local or county law enforcement agencies, see the following report located at:
-- UFO Research