Latest UFO Sightings From Oz
From Diane Harrison
Director AUFORN

Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 06:07:03 +0700
Suburb: Baulkham Hills NSW
Time: 22:10
Duration: 22:20
Doug Moffett
Australian UFO Research Network State director NSW
UFO Sighting Blacktown NSW
Date: 16.11.2000
Day: Thursday
Time Reported: 1.33pm
Location: Blacktown, NSW
John rang in regard to an incident that happened around 12 years ago. He was gardening in his backyard at Blacktown during the day. It was either during Autumn or Spring, he cannot recall the time line. John was leaning on a rake when he noticed a ball of light in the western sky, he stated it looked like a star and was electric blue. It commenced moving to the East for a few seconds then gradually turned to go North. He then went inside to get his wife. When they came back out it was back near the position where he first saw it. But he said it was bouncing up and down and moving like a 'song ball guide' for about a minute. He said it looked very strange indeed doing that, it even looked bigger. It then proceeded to go North-East and slowly ascended then all of a sudden took of like a bullet. He always thought what he saw was strange, but was not sure whether to report it or not and if so, who too!
Regards Karen B.
State Director
UFO sighting Eight Miles Plains Brisbane
Date: 16.4.01
Day: Monday
Time Reported: 10:35 pm
Location: Brisbane, Qld, 30-40o from horizon, approx 10-15 kms away
Reportee: Chris S.
Witness: 1 other
Chris & a friend were outside and observed 2 lights in the sky, north-east of Eight Mile Plains, coming towards them. Looked like 2 aircraft with landing lights - then started to go due west, coming a couple of kms apart, then went north-west. Appeared to have quite bright lights which would occasionally blink out.
Chris phoned the local control tower at 10.43 p.m. and asked him if any aircraft were registered, and was told no, that ATC have to be notified of all movements.
Following week - 23rd, Chris went outside at 10.15 p.m. and saw 2 lights - east-north-east, 30o. Lights came closer together, moving up & down, swapping over. Chris watched this for 10 minutes, and observed one light to drop 'like a rock' 5-7degrees in sky & appeared to move away at a 90 degree angle away & up. The other light stayed there till 10.55 p.m. gradually moving away after seven minutes.
AUFORN Investigator QLD
UFO Sighting Northern Beaches NSW
Date: 02.05.04
Day: Wednesday
Time Reported: 2007 (10:07 pm Brisbane Time)
Location: Northern Beaches
Report: Bianca was outside her house when she saw a bright orange/yellow light in the sky about 45 degrees above the horizon and around the size of a five cent piece at arm's length. She stated it was moving very slowly, almost appearing stationary at times. Some flickering of the light was apparent. She called out to her boyfriend, Mum and Dad to come out and see it. The other people came out and saw it, then Bianca went inside to grab her binoculars. Just before she went inside she noticed a plane traveling east, she then ran inside and by the time she came back out the light had disappeared. Her mother stated it just wasn't there anymore. Her mother thought it initially appeared to be over the suburb of Frenches Forest. No one else in the family thought it was worth phoning up about, but Bianca thought it was important enought to be reported.
Doug Moffett
UFO sighting Loganholme Brisbane QLD
Date: 20.05.01
Day: Sunday reported..sighted on Saturday 19th 5 2001
Time Reported: 7.45 pm sighting 5.00am
Location: Crestmead Logan Brisbane QLD
Report: Elizabeth saw strange objects in the sky. Shape: round discs Size: 10 cent Objects: 12 Colour: orange Sound: None Speed: still Duration: 10 minutes Direction: North westerly Weather: No clouds very clear Witnesses: 2 Formation: Straight Line at least 30 cm apart
Greta said: I got up to let my little dog out at 5.00am. When I stepped outside I looked up at the sky to see what kind of day it was going to be. That's when I saw these shaped disc objects. Well, I raced in and got my husband to have a look and he saw them also. John said: I don't know what these things were but they sure an't anything we have. They just sat there shinning and doing nothing, they were very still and soundless. Greta said: I could see a helicopter moving towards the objects it was as these objects became aware of the helicopter because they just disappeared like someone had turned of a light switch. Wow what a sight we rang 4BH to see if any one else had seen them but they told us no one had called in, but I guess not to many people get up at that time. John said: (Shouted out) "These aren't ours - that's for sure!"
Diane Harrison
AUFORN National Director
UFO Sighting Revesby NSW
Date: 13.05.01
Day: Sunday Time
Reported: 7.08pm Location: Revesby, NSW
Report: On Sunday evening at around 6:58 pm Mark was outside his house having a cigarete and looking up at the stars. It was a clear night and while he was watching he noticed a light in the sky, like a large white star. He said it just appeared, like someone turned on a torch. He said it was in the North-West sky, stayed their for a second then look off like a bullet to the West (horizontally). He stated it didn't leave a trail not even a velocity trail, which he thought was very odd. Something very similar was seen the same night by another at around 7.:03 pm in Greystanes, near Parramatta.
Regards Karen B.
AUFORN NSW State Director
UFO Sighting Blackheath, NSW
Date: 15.05.01
Day: Tuesday
Time Reported 7.48pm
Location: Blackheath, NSW
Report: Rowena was on her way home to Blackheath from Springwood on Monday evening with her two children one 14 years and the other 5 years. It was around 6.20 and just as she was driving into Linden (located between Falconbridge and Woodford) her 5 years old screemed out the stars are moving mummy. Her eldest son and herself then noticed a red light in the sky around the same height as the usual planes that fly over. This red light was on the left side of the car, it then zig zagged very fast and flew over the other side of the Great Western Highway, it then moved back to the left. They kept driving but noticed the object started decending over the tree tops in front of their car. The 14 year old stated that the object was triangular (similar B2 Bomber), metalic grey in colour.
He stated the front light was yellow and the left and right lights (2) were aqua and red (both sides) and not flickering. He also stated it had either a black circle or square centred on the undercarriage. When they reached the same position as where it flew over, they noticed a tall thick tree was on fire, but only the top of it. Rowena stated it had no branches on the top and it was glowing like orange embers, as if it had been burning for a long time. After they noticed the tree, they lost sight of the object. All told they had watched the object for around 10 minutes.
Karen B.
AUFORN NSW State Director
UFO Sighting Northern Beaches Sydney
Date:10.3.01 (the date must be in error)
Day: Thursday
Time Reported: 8.39am
Location: Northern Beaches
At 4.00 am on the 10th May Sue saw a bright white star like light in the Eastern Sky around 25 to 30 degrees above the horizon. She said there was cloud cover, but that this object seemed to be below cloud cover.
Sue said it was 10 times larger than a star and was positioned over the ocean. She noticed it twice in a period of 45 minutes and then woke her husband to see it. It apparently looked at times as if it was expanding and contracting. Her husband grabbed the Video Camera and taped it for around 10 minutes (no tripod). Apparently on the digital video you can notice that the object is round and that it expands and contracts like a flower opening up. Also noticeable is two vertical lines which move across the object from left to right; this however only occurred once.
Sue also stated she saw the same object on Saturday morning around 5 am bearing 45 to 50 degrees above the horizon. They stated they would send video footage as soon as possible. This sounds like a known phenomena. I am checking with the observatory to see if it may be Venus in the North-Eastern Sky at that time in the morning. A video camera out of focus may give the same visual effects as described by Sue.
Regards Karen Burden AUFORN NSW State Director
UFO sighting Malvem Victoria
My name is Steve and I live in Malvern, Victoria. I am 27 years old.
On Friday 18 May 2001 I was driving to a client in Reservoir, Victoria. At approximately 8:10am AEST I was travelling north-west on Edwardes Street, Reservoir. I had just turned right at the round-about from Gilbert Road (which cuts Bell Street). As you turn from Gilbert Road into Edwardes Street you will find Edwardes Lake. This is a fairly large lake. Whenever I drive past the lake I like to have a look. The exact location is Melway reference: page 18 D5.
On this particular morning, as I was looking at the lake, I witnessed an unidentified object suspended about 15 degrees above the horizon approximately 3 to 5 kilometres north of me. There was not a cloud in the sky at the time.
The object could only be seen from the lake area on Edwardes Street because the rest of the street is surrounded by trees and tall industrial buildings. Unfortunately this meant that the UFO was in sight for only 20 to 30 seconds. I could not stop the car due to the heavy traffic on this single lane road. I did have the opportunity to note the following about the UFO:
* The object appeared to be motionless and suspended at one point in the sky
* From my position it appeared to be a perfect 'cigar' shape
* It did not have any wings but the shape was symmetrical
* The upper half of the UFO was silver or had a polished metallic finish
* There was a white glow similar to a fluorescent light on the underside
of the UFO
* The features and shape of the UFO were sharp and distinct
* The area of the sky that I saw the UFO is a common flight path
* The UFO could not be confused for a plane, bird or balloon
* I guesstimate that the diameter of the UFO was the length of at least
two to three large buses
Note that I made a detailed file note of the sighting within 1 hour of the experience. This is a typed transcript of the said file note. Realising what I had seen begged further study, I immediately returned. Due to traffic congestion it wasn't until approximately 8:14am that I was in the same spot on Edwardes Street. The object was no longer there. It was nowhere to be seen in the sky. I have no doubt that what I saw was a UFO. The experience has made me question a few things about my life. It has caused me some stress in coming to terms with what I witnessed. End of report
George Simpson
AUFORN VIC State Director
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