Wisconsin Has Second-Highest
Number Of UFO Sightings

By Amy E. Bowen
Marshfield News Herald (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin isn't New Mexico, but it's close. Wisconsin has the nation's second-highest number of Unidentified Flying Object sightings - second only to New Mexico.
That fact sparked the interest of a Sheboygan man.
On a clear, starry night some years ago, John Hoppe saw what he thinks was a UFO. The 33- year-old man noticed a light in Lake Michigan. He first thought it was a flashlight beam in the water, but the object - which was the size of a basketball - kept moving. He can't explain it.
"They're here," Hoppe said. "We live on our little planet here, and if UFOs exist, we'll know that life does exist outside of Earth. It's been an age-old question, 'Are we the only ones in the universe?'"
Hoppe is the director of, a Web site dedicated to the paranormal in Wisconsin. And the truth might be closer than you think. Wood and Dane counties lead the state in reported sightings.
There was an anonymous report of many small lights - red, yellow and green - in the sky between Marshfield and Pittsville on Jan. 9. A Brian O. said he saw a V-shaped, almost transparent craft over his Wisconsin Rapids home - "it was moving way too fast to be a flock of geese" - on May 3. Then on July 4, someone known only as Brad said a 20-foot diameter craft with gold flashing lights all around came slowly up his driveway before disappearing: "It did not fly away," he wrote. "It just disappeared! Amazing!"
"There are people out there who have some interesting stories out there," Hoppe said. "But they don't want to come forward because they don't want their lives destroyed and be called liars - and that's a shame."
One man claims to be an alien hybrid - half human, half alien. Hoppe is keeping an open mind. After all, he said, there's no way to know. No one has seen a hybrid, and even if he's an alien only in his own imagination, the man is content and not hurting any one, Hoppe said.
The Web site was launched last September, and so far it has received more than 400 reports of UFOs or aliens. Incident can be confidentially reported, and a UFO investigator will look into the case.
In the past year, sightings have been reported in Auburndale, Marshfield, Pittsville, Stratford, Chili and Spencer. Other reports of shining objects in the sky come from Medford, and Loyal's Tribune Record Gleaner newspaper reported on April 14, 1976, that the "sheriff's department has received 'a few' calls from persons who reported seeing 'strange' objects in the sky, some of them have been quite low to the ground."
Aaron Weber, 31, Marshfield, has never seen a UFO, but he's a believer.
"It's one of those things that until somebody proves it wrong, you have to keep an open mind to it," he said.
The state's love interest in the paranormal doesn't stop there. The American UFO and Sci-Fi Museum in the Wisconsin Dells highlights other Wisconsin encounters and recreates Area 51's famous alien autopsy in New Mexico.
And UFO enthusiasts will celebrate aliens and maybe even see a saucer at the 14th annual UFO Daze on July 20 in Dundee. Last year, participants reported different sightings around the area, and this year they will continue to look for the little green men. UFO experts will also present their findings.
Hoppe admits that hoaxes are a problem when talking about the paranormal. He researches every report to the best of his ability, but said that there will always be some who exaggerate. Meteors, weather balloons and satellites have all be mistaken for space objects. According to UFO Wisconsin, 20 percent of UFO reports are valid.
"I have been reading UFO stories and doing research since I was a kid," Hoppe said. "There's more statistical information that proves it rather than disprove it."
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