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25th July 1868, night Paramatta NSW, CE4 Birmingham 33:53, 151:13
A surveyor experienced a vision involving heads floating by him and subsequently observed an "ark" moving along the same path and landing in Parramatta Park, Sydney. A voice spoke to him and asked if he wished to enter the ark. He replied that he would and was "floated" to the object. A "spirit" appeared like a "neutral tint shade and the shape of a man in his usual frock dress". He was shown around the ark, after which the spirit disappeared. The man awoke next morning, "deeply impressed with the vision of the night". (Chalker, W 1982, "a UFO Vision?:The Mystery of a Machine to Go through the Air", in UFORAN 3(1):14-26).
1873 South Australia Time 2230 - 2330hrs Source: Robin Northover, Post
One of the earliest mentions of UFO activity down under dated back to 1873 and comes from the South Australian Register. It concerns a bright light that followed a sailing ship for almost an hour Captain Lebman of the ship Adelheid, described the light as "milky - white". He said it came over the ship in waves, with one wave every two seconds between 10.30pm and 11.30pm at night.
A shuddering feeling was experienced at the sight, " Captain Lebman said "and the intense light made the eyes ache. During the whole time the sea was illuminated, though not vividly. For a quarter of an hour after it was over flashes of light were perceptible in the water."
1874 October: Beechworth, Victoria Source: Flying Saucers Over Australia
A farmer reported an object over his farm.
1885 February: Pacific Source: The Devil's Meridian
The crew of a ship sailing the Pacific, believed to be not far off the East Coast of Australia, saw a large fiery red ball in the sky. It hissed overhead and fell into the sea, triggering a series of huge waves.
November: Pacific Source: The Devil's Meridian
Another case, in November involved a British steamer, the crew of which saw a huge ball of light rise from the water, move close to the ship and then dash away.
1893 Central NSW, CE3
A farmer claimed that a saucer-shaped object landed in one of his paddocks. As the farmer approached the object, a man in strange clothing emerged from it. The farmer walked towards the man, who shone some kind of "torch" at him throwing him to the ground and stunning him. When he came to, the man and the object had gone. The hand where the "torch beam" had hit him was paralysed for life. (1 UFOIC (Sydney). The Australian, 14-16 May 1969).
1909 Onslow West Australia Source: Robin Northover, post 25th October
The next reported sighting was in Western Australia on October 25th. Mrs A.J Rob, wife of the manager of Mindaroo Station, near Onslow, was the first to spot the strange craft.
"It looked compact, like a dirigible balloon." Mrs Roe said , "but appeared to be squarer and more like an aeroplane. The sun sun shone on it ,and flashes came from it, as though reflected. Three station hands also saw the object which the newspapers of the day described as a mystery airship" and one of them made a sketch of it. The customs collector at Onslow, Mr.L.O Temporally, submitted a detailed report on the sighting to the minister. Mr Temporally thought that the object really was an airship: "the work "he suggested; "of an inventor who was experimenting, or perhaps from a foreign vessel anchored off the coast.
1910 Adelaide, South Australia Source: Australian (14/15/16.05.69)
Captain Nelson of the coastal steamer Wookata, second Engineer S Arnold and Helmsman G Rudd are at a complete loss to explain the meaning of curious lights which they witnessed when the vessel was passing Althorp Island on her way to Port Adelaide early the other morning. Bright Lights 'as distinct as the masthead lights of a steamer but high up in the air',were observed by the trio, and the strange thing was that they circled around the Wookata in a tantalising way. " It was about 1.00pm,"said Captain Nelson today, that the man at the wheel remarked: "Do you see these lights flying about?" My reply was, "Yes there are a great many more lights about than I have ever seen here." Just then I saw a mysterious light off Cape Spencer, which disappeared as suddenly as it came into view. Presently, the helmsman said: "It is strange, but I have seen lights on the port bow, then on the starboard side."
I stepped inside the wheel house, and on coming out again saw two lights just over the starboard side bow no distance away, but high up. They seemed to pass us. They where as bright as our masthead lights, and as far as I could judge were from 200 to 300 yards distant. They were not a steamer's lights. They were not high in the air. The lights appeared to be 10 yards apart, one a little above the other. I could not make it out. I said to the man at the wheel: " Did you see them?" He answered, yes they are like a German airship flying about." I did not know what to think. I feel sure I saw something unusual - something which in my 45 years experience of the sea I have never observed before. The second Engineer Arnold also declared that he saw strange lights.
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