UFO Flies Right Over Witnesses
At Barrio Hoyos, San Juan, P.R.
Lucy Guzman and Orlando Pla

On Monday, May 28 2001 at 10:58 p.m., an anomalous aerial event took place in the skies over Barrio Hoyos 2, Cupey, in the circumscription Rio Piedras in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At least two groups of witnesses in completely different locations were able to behold the incident when the aerial drama took place.


In a matter of seconds, a very shiny silvery white object crossed part of the sky at a prodigous rate of speed. One of the groups witnessing the event was located in the Quintas de Cupey development enjoying a perfectly cloudless night and star gazing. According to the point of view of this group, the luminous object moved from the south to the north. The angle of elevation was of approximately 5 degrees and it movedl tangentially some 20 grees. Its speed was comparable to that of a meteorite entering the atmosphere, except that this object moved in a horizontal trajectory at low altitude. It was therefore not a meteorite. According to one eyewitness, the object issued two flashes during its travel and that each flash gave the appearance of being a change in velocity. No sounds associated to the event could be heard.


. The second group, compsed of a dozen persons, was at the Fairview development, which borders Barrio Hoyos 2. The air show took place almost directly over the heads of these onlookers. This group was composed of several enighbors who were out on the street due to the fact that there was a power outage in progress. The witnesses saw an object they described as a point of silvery white light moving at an almost instantaneous velocity at an inclination of 50 to 60 degrees. According to these residents' point of view, the object travelled in a straight line from south to north and amde an instantaneous 180 degree turn followed by a second inmmediate 90 degree turn toward the east. The neighbors could not believe what they had seen and withdrew into their homes seeking protection. No further comment was made about the matter.


A distance of 2.41 miles separated both groups, and it can be estimated, by means of triangulation, that the object traveled at an altitude of 1000-1500 feet over the Hoyos 2 sector. It can also be estimated that its speed was greater than 3000 miles an hour. Had the UFO continued its trajectory toward the north, it would have flown over the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. We can only suspect that it altered its trajectory and left the island, passing over the El Yunque National Forest and heading for the Virgin Islands.


Another explanation for this aerial event is that it is an anomalous atmospheric electric discharge--what we would normally call a bolt of lighting. An inspection of the area indicates that there are no high voltage towers in the area that would serve to ionize the air. Furthermore, the sky was perfectly clear on the night the event occurred. The only facility we found in the area was a microwave tower for cellular phones located at a distance of over a mile from Barrio Hoyos. Another factor which does not support this explanation is that the object or light did not issue any type of sound or thunder. It is my opinion that these conditions were not favorable to the formation of this type of electrical discharge, although we do not discard it, and further invite experts in Physics and Meteorology to state their points of view.


The undersigned and his wife, Lucy Guzman, were eyewitnesses to this episode and therefore do not question neither the accounts nor the calculations presented in this investigation.


Miscellaneous data:

Geographic position of the first group: LAT. 18 degrees21.69 mn. N - LONG.

66 degrees 04.13 mn. W

Geographic position of the second group: LAT. 18 degrees 21.86 mn. N - LONG.

66 degrees 01.93 mn. W

Geographic position of the cellular tower: LAT. 18 degrees 21.94 mn. N -

LONG. 66 degrees 02.90 mn. W

Atmospheric conditions for San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Date: May 28, 20001

Time: 22:54 hrs

Temperature: 80.1 degrees F

Dewpoint: 77.0 degrees F

Barometric pressure: 30.06 inches

Visibility: 10.0 miles

Wind Velocity: 10.0 miles

Precipitation: 0

Atmospheric events: none

Conditions: clear

(official data taken from Weather Underground).



Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales

Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Special thanks to Orlando Pla and Lucy Guzman

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