Ufology Loses A Treasure
By Jeff Rense
With sadness and regret, I am passing along the news that extraordinary South African UFO researcher Cynthia Hind has passed on after a lengthy illness. UFO*BC President Graham Conway related the surprising news to me last night, Friday. Few knew Cynthia was not well.
I had the great honor of having her as a guest on my April 25th program... which can be heard in my program Archives. It was her final major interview and she was, as always, totally marvelous. She presented herself and her remarkable African UFO casebook material with her usual boundless dignity, grace and rock-solid intellect.
In this time of tawdry, cheap hucksters, ego-tripping plagiarists, phonies, and hustlers who populate much of Ufology, Cynthia Hind set the highest standards of professional acumen...and common sense... in her reporting and investigations. She will be missed and is simply not replaceable. - Jeff Rense

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