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More Facts On Reed/Raith
'Dead ET' Hoax
From Charlette
Seattle Chat Club

More Facts Emerge On The Reed Caper
From Kathleen Anderson
Dear Dan,
I have come to no formal conclusion on Jonathan Reed to date, but I would like to say a couple of words on Charlette's behalf. I am glad she has taken the responsibility to follow-up on people who are presenting the public with information that could or could not be factual.
Here are some facts:
I lived (until October) in West Seattle for 10 years.
My brother in law -- Hollis Banks works at the Chevron at Admiral and California with Robert "Bobby" and Harold (as fellow employees).
I know Harold well. He is a good friend of my sister Mary.
Harold and Bobby live one block from each other on California Avenue.
Harold is from Puerto Rico and has worked with a vet there. He does possess a knowledge of animals. Not sure about the biological tissue credentials. Harold if you are reading know darn well I will be calling you on this one!
Bobby is a big fan of Art Bell. He has wanted to write a book in the 4 years that I have known him.
Charlette was not giving out any untruths about this information. And you can safely bet, as an investigator, I will be doing a lot more research on this whole story.
Kathleen Andersen
MUFON State Section Director Seattle

SEATTLE - More facts on Reed 'Dead ET' story surface:
Information recently given to the Seattle Chat Club have been confirmed by a few simple phone calls and inquiry have disclosed that:
Harold Chacon - the supposed accredited 'Biologist-Analyst' who claimed to have researched and did the 'DNA testing' on Jonathan Reed's 'Dead ET tissue' turns out to be a co-worker of Robert Raith. We have ascertained they have worked for years together - even presently - as employees of a gas station and mini mart in Seattle. These supposed professionals were perpetrating their identities with Reed having full knowledge of their background.
From Reed's own e-mail of 2-11-00:
"The Biologist, after going on the air with his independent findings regarding the tissue samples, has been severely beaten, and has since left the country. And I don't blame him."
We have further disclosed additional information that substantiates solidly their agenda and motives - enough for us to close this story and not give it any more attention than it deserves. With regard to courtesy to those innocently involved, we have forward additional information responsibly and properly to Washington MUFON for further investigation.
Frankly, we have taken alot of heat for simply inquiring into a local story that has been around for several years now and we can stand in our own integrity and merit not being associated with any (radio show -ed) organizations. The fact that we were so close to surface information and people involved ironically helped to verify the inquiry has even further made this a bizarre event.
Albeit from my understanding that most people did not believe this story or had severe reservations, this still popped a small bubble for us and is disappointing. For those who want to believe, they can. UFOlogists, researchers and advocates have spent years building up credibility and there are many encounters, sightings, experiencers who give SOLID information in comparison to the Reed story.
For the record - both myself and many in Seattle believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life and UFOs and will continue to responsibly support this field.
Because we believe,
Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Seattle Chat Club

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