Huge UFO Over Lake Champlain -
Remarkable Sightings Abound

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #47 11-13-2

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GRAND ISLE -- Five people sighted an extremely large object flying low over Lake Champlain on November 2, 2002. My nephew was sitting in the living room and noticed a light on top with green lights below. He watched the object come off the lake and fly very low and circle around the house. He could see the bottom of the object that was rotating with greenish lights. It disappeared going west but ten minutes later it reappeared in the front of the house and just skimmed a huge weeping willow tree at about fifty feet. The craft then flew back over the lake and hovered for a few minutes. It was dome shaped on top. At this point a yellow white beam of light came out of the bottom of the object and beamed down onto the lake. It then moved back toward the house and stopped about 50 feet away. Then it moved a little closer and stopped. He was standing on the railing of the deck on the front of the house and the craft was about even with him in height without making a sound.. Then it moved straight up and quickly passed over. My sister started to watch from the window and ran to tell my Mom. My sister saw several lights hovering over the bushes near the house across the street. Then it headed towards the house and flew over. She described it as very large with greenish lights on the bottom. She called her neighbors who live across the street and the woman said her daughter had been watching a strange plane out their window. Another nephew who is six also saw it. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
PLATTSBURG -- Chris Styles reports that on October 14, 2002, "I was on a Greyhound bus ten miles south of Plattsburg at 11:00 PM heading north to Montreal. The moon was out and reflected light that was sufficient to discern the horizon and features such as transmission towers in the distance. Suddenly an intense, slow strobe light appeared due north about 20 degrees above the horizon. It pulsed at a rate of one pulse a second and changed color with each pulse. This continued for 20 seconds and stopped abruptly while the light descended to about 10 degrees above the horizon. From my viewpoint there appeared to be no horizontal movement. The colors displayed included green, blue, red, pink, yellow, silver, and gold. Most of the passengers on the bus were asleep or inattentive. The driver noted it though and I discussed it with him at the next scheduled stop in Plattsburg. Maybe it was a local feature on some tower display or something else unique. All I know is I've never seen a strobe quite like this. PS: I've had a UFO sightings in 1967, 1970, and 1999 so I do not "see things" every day. Thanks to: Chris Styles
WILLIAMSPORT -- An experienced aerospace industry witness reports the sighting of a contrail on November 7, 2002, that was created by the aircraft that replaced the SR-71. While no photos have been made public, the aircraft has apparently been flying since the early 90's. Photo of the pearl contrail was published in Aviation Week and Space Technology in roughly 1991. It was referred to as the "Pearl Necklace" contrail. The aircraft flies at altitudes high enough that there is no acoustic footprint. Those of us in the industry that are not privy to the details of the propulsion system guess the pearls are the result of a pulse jet type systems. Editor's Note: Last week, we discussed the secret American Aurora space planes as reported by Pravda.
DISPUTANTA -- On March 30, 2001, the witness reported a UFO sighting, and again on November 6, 2002, a similar UFO was sighted. But this time there were numerous planes with swtrobe lights all over the sky for over a 30 minute period around 7:30 PM. There were lights that were headed in one direction and turned on a dime and headed in the opposite direction. The witness observed two objects that were moving so fast they appeared to be meteors or shooting stars, they moved so fast. I couldn't possibly describe them as they were just a blur. Military jets came out for the occasion and circled the area. I certainly can't state whether they were part of this anomaly or checking it all out. They normally fly over during maneuvers, but not at night. There was one jet that flew a complete circle and then a second. It was incredibly busy out here tonight and oh so strange. Although some WERE planes and military jets, there were thirty to fifty objects that made no sound, made no sense as far as movement and of course the strobing lights. I just can't imagine that one would see thirty to fifty planes in the air within a thirty to forty-five minute period where there is usually light traffic. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
CHESNEE -- It seemed to have a comet like shape, but a more rounded tail. It was 4:45 PM on November 8, 2002, and the sun was to the right of it. At first I thought it was a rainbow trying to form because of the orange color that reflected off of it, but then I saw a shadow underneath it. It did not move, and just hovered so that I could see it was not a rainbow trying to form. The sun was reflecting off it like it was metal. It was like something in stealth mode, but because of the clouds behind it, I could see it. The clouds then seemed to disappear behind it and It had a clear and orange tint from where it faced the sun. <>NUFORC
CHAMPAIGN -- During my Astronomy session on November 6, 2002, we were told to look towards Polaris at 9:05 PM. We did this and about 30 seconds later, noticed an object moving south. We thought it was a plane and then it stopped. It sat there for about 2 or 3 seconds then moved back to the north for about 5 seconds and then changed direction again to the south. It did this for another 6 seconds. Then it moved rapidly in an easterly direction and disappeared. The object was yellow almost a gold color. About 4 minutes later, I saw a circle of 6 to 8 lights (gold dots) moving at a very fast pace to the south. These lights were very small and moved south and flew out of formation. They looked like they were going to dive and then were lost in the clouds. Then an egg shaped object moved across sky and stopped. Minutes after, a circle of lights is seen moving in a perfect formation and then the lights converge. This last sighting lasted about ten minutes and none were standard celestial objects. Thanks to Peter Davenport
POCAHONTAS --The witness was outside raking leaves at 6:30 PM, just after dark on November 11, 2002, when the light on the building in my back yard went out. Simultaneously, a jet fighter flew by chasing a ball of light. The fighter was clearly in pursuit of the craft, I yelled for my little girl to come take a look and she thought it was really cool. The fighter gained on the craft and the next thing I saw was wild. It turned out of the path of the jet and went straight up and it was gone. In a few seconds another jet flew in the same path. A total of four fighter jets circled the area for at least an hour. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
CHILLICOTHE -- While driving east on Highway 287, on November 3, 2002, I noticed what looked like bright airplane landing lights. The light went out at 5:40 PM, but a large white cylinder shaped object was visible at about 6000 feet. The length was 200 feet and its diameter was 40 feet. It was hovering and I pointed the object out to my wife and pulled to the side of he road. Fifteen seconds after we stopped it slowly accelerated toward the east. We followed it for 30 seconds maintaining the same speed as the object until we reached 75 mph. It continued to accelerate until out of site 30 seconds later. This is our first observation of a UFO. I served in the Air Force at NORAD.
WOODLAND HILLS -- The witness reports, that on November 13, 2002, "My husband and I viewed a UFO moving south at 7:00 PM, with four large red lights in a horizontal L shape." Each was about an inch in diameter at arm's length. It was so large that I believe other people must have seen it. I called the Griffith Park Observatory and Edwards Air Force Base, but no one knew anything. The objects were not moving about the speed of a commercial airliner. They were enormous in size compared to any commercial aircraft. 
ATASCADERO -- On November 14, 2002, a 62 year old licensed psychotherapist was taking her nightly walk when a white and yellow oval shaped object, came into view. At 6:22 PM, it was approaching at approximately 10,000 feet. The front was bright blue, shining like a mica type color in a reflective way. The object disappeared from sight as it made a gentle arc in the sky, but it did not disappear on the horizon level, but some distance above. The moon was almost full this evening, but paled in comparison to the brilliance of the unknown object. The psychotherapist said, "I have never witnessed any other similar event, and the glowing orb was moving counterclockwise very fast". It was viewed by several other witnesses in different locations, so she called the Atascadero police and reported the sighting. The dispatcher said that at about 7 PM they had received a call from Templeton, six miles north reporting the same object. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
PORT ORCHARD -- The witness took her dog outside around 8:30 PM on November 4, 2002, and heard the dogs barking and states, "As I was looking up I noticed a very, very bright star, circle, was moving in jerks, zigzagging up and down. This star as I call it was staying basically in one area but too far up to really identify. I called my husband outside and he confirmed what I was seeing. I then phoned my girl friend and her husband as they live up on a hill near in Bremerton Naval Station. She also confirmed what I was watching and saw three helicopters take off from the base as we spoke. Two flew towards the star and the other in the other direction. There were other stars, only not as big. The white light's would dim, and then go very bright again. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
Eileen Cannon reports there are anomalous objects doing maneuvers right now, over Mt. Popocatpétl on November 18, 2002. There are objects hovering the volcano. One is orange and moves in a pattern, others are more fixed. The moving object darts quickly, expands, contracts, and dances in the sky. You can also get another view from the Alzomoni cam -- it's farther away and the object appears as a hovering gray blob with a subtle movement above the volcano peak. I've been watching this for a while. If you've got enough juice, open a second browser, go to the site, and have two cams going at once. Here is a more complete report. The event occurred again yesterday morning. Some of my friends were also able to see the UFOs. Eileen reports the sightings continue on the 19th. Thanks to Eileen Cannon. Select the Tlamacas cam at
The Italian Center for UFO reports there were 82 sightings for September, but this data was influenced by the sighting of a French stratospheric balloon that crossed Northern Italy between the 20th and the 21st. Forty four percent of the month's observations are attributable to the balloon. Discarding the balloon sightings, September is comparable to May and June, while August remains the leader with over one hundred sightings. These bring the total sightings for the year to over 500. August saw an almost 50% increase in sightings. The areas most affected by the September "flap" were Liguria and Emilia-Romagna. Compared with the preceding annual statistics, there was a slight increase in the percentage of identified cases. Only 10% of the observations occurred during the daytime. Thanks to Giorgio Abraini UFO-Italia 
SHARM EL SHEIKH -- I was on holiday at the top of Mt Sinai on November 6, 2002, In the twilight before sunrise I noticed a single, fairly dim white light, which initially appeared to be a star in the east. The light then began moving left to right to left in a mainly horizontal plane. The movement seemed quite random, and the object did not appear to be traveling toward any particular destination. As an example of the motion observed, the craft would sometimes move to the right, stop, then continue moving to the right. Other times it would move to the right, stop, then begin moving to the left. The speed of the craft varied, from a slow drift, to a speed so great that it is difficult to explain how this speed was achieved. The craft accelerated extremely rapidly, from an apparent standstill and also decelerated to a stop almost instantaneously, even after it had just accelerated to a great speed. This rapid motion was all in a horizontal direction. This went on for 20 minutes as the craft very gradually drifted higher. This was happening at the same time as the sun came closer to rising and the twilight became brighter. When the sun rose about 5 AM, the craft seemed to disappear by fading away. 
AFYON and YALOVA -- On November 1, 2002, an extraordinary UFO encounter was witnessed by three Turkish airline crews as well as three other crews. Interviews are being conducted by the Turkish Sirius UFO Organization. Based on the testimonies of pilots and crews of the airliners thus far, the UFO fleet was made up of ten to fifteen craft that were first sighted by the Captains and the crews of two airliners just before takeoff. The UFOs were flying between 22,000 and 36,000 feet altitude and were spotted between 5:30 and 5:45 PM. The reports were submitted to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center and to the flight safety department by pilots.
The first and closest airliner to the UFO fleet was the Sun Express Air flight # 590, a Boeing 747 flown by Captain Ercan Eken and First Officer Sinan Yilmaz who reported the sighting. The second airliner following the first was Sun Express Air flight737-800 flown by Captain Yilmaz Atli and First Officer Bulent Demirturk. The third flight was Inter Air flown by Captain Salih Gumus and First Officer Fatih Aksoy. The pilot of the fourth crew Hapag Lloyd reported the UFOs were picked up by their radar, and they had asked air control for confirmation. The fifth crew, Captain Mhsin Atar says he and his crew witnessed the incident at Antalya Airport as he was preparing for departure for Stuttgart. The sixth crew witnessed the incident from the ground, Captain Vedat Gurbuz, cabin supervisor Bilge Yilmazturk and stewardess witnessed the UFOs. 
These reports include clear statements of the witnesses on how sure they are about what they have seen and the UFOs were unquestionably not any kind of known aerial phenomenon. In the reports, they state they are certain that the objects were a group of UFOs. Chairman Haktan Akdogan has contacted all the witnesses. The witnesses with thousands of hours of flight experience have expressed that they have never encountered such a thing in their whole life, and they were very impressed by the event, adding that what they have seen was certainly a group of UFOs. Thanks to the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center and International UFO Museum, Istanbul who are investigating.
In contrast, the scientific advisers from the Turkey National Observational House (TUVPO) have examined the photos and found the objects were meteors from the Lenoids. According to their investigations the same objects were observed from both the surface and from the air in the cities like Antalya, Bal¦kesir, and Afyon. The TUVPO Afyon Branch has made a detailed research on this subject and obtained some photographs taken by a Mr. Halil Yalç¦n. The file was closed as a false UFO report. (147 Kb.)
Sirus has responded claiming, "A meteor that entered into the atmosphere and that would possibly wreak havoc on earth was broken into pieces and rendered ineffective by a UFO before it hit the Earth. The incident could be considered as one of the most prominent events in history of mankind, was witnessed by a total of 6 different airliner crews (4 in the air, 2 from the ground) and was filmed by an amateur camera. This historical event which discloses the reality of the existence of extraterrestrial life has been subjected to in-depth analysis by our research center for 15 days.
Editors Note: It is my experience that meteors breaking apart can easily be confused for UFOs. However, the meteors or shooting stars last for only a few seconds. The pilots testimony seems to indicate they had the objects in sight for many minutes. There is also some evidence that UFOs use natural events such as meteoroids to conceal their entry. Frequently numerous UFO sightings are reported in the following days, if they were present.
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