UFO Sightings Continue
Near Youngstown, Ohio

From Kenny Young

At 12:42 a.m. early Friday morning, August 30, 2002, I received a telephone message to my voice mail from a gentleman informing of a UFO sighting, perhaps currently in progress at the time of his message. The caller indicated there were multiple witnesses.
Scott [last name deleted] informed of a UFO over Mercer, Pennsylvania, saying: "we've been seeing this very strange light hovering in the sky for about an hour, we've been seeing this through the binoculars and it is circular in shape and has multi-colored lights, it's blue, red, green, lights have been changing colors and patterns and its circular with lights around the rim and lights in the center, and its been hovering there for at least an hour and doing nothing else but flashing different lights, so I just wanted to report that..."
The caller said the object was very bizarre and also left his phone number. Additionally, he said that he had obtained my voice-mail number from a "news station."
In closing, he said the hallmark line given by most all UFO witnesses: "I wanted to let someone know about this and to see if anybody else has been seeing this."
What makes his report more interesting is that Mercer, PA is just over the state line from Youngstown, Ohio, location of a tumultuous UFO incident this past week. Also puzzling is that the description of the object was reported at the same general time frame and is remarkably similar to the one described by separate and unrelated witnesses from nearby Youngstown, Ohio this past week on early Monday morning, August 26. The Aug. 26th report described 'yellow tracer lights running around the center' of the round object while the August 30th report described 'lights around the rim.' In each case, this is a remarkably similar and yet fairly specific description that seems to exclude the chance that the object could simply be a misidentified star.
Earlier this week, a call was placed to the Youngstown Airport by a witness to the August 26th event, inquiring if a blimp was in the area. The tower controller informed the caller that there were no blimps in the area during the Aug. 26th incident.
Mercer is around 20-miles east of Youngstown near Highway 80.
KENNY YOUNG Aug. 30, 2002 -- NOTE: The NATIONAL UFO CONFERENCE is coming to the Kings Island Resort & Conference Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, September 28, 2002, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Advance tickets are now available. For more information, check the website at or call 513-588-4548


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