New Digital UFO Stills
Taken At 2200x1800
3.3 Megapixel
From DK <>
Jeff, I noticed you had an article on your website called "Mystery
Objects In Chemtrails - Robotic Aerial Vehicles?" I received this e-mail
on my RealUFOs List from my friend Chris Miller. Coincidence? --DK
From CMMiller
Hello everyone,
Well, I guess I am a little excited about something I have discovered recently with my new Digital Camera. It started 3 days ago, when I decided to point the camera up and zoom in on the pretty cloud formations. I was taking pictures at the highest quality which is 2200x1800 at 3.3megapixels. I first took an initial 20 pictures, went to my computer, to see what they looked liked, and guess what I keep finding throughout the sequence of images? For about 1 in 5 pictures now, I am getting these same orb-looking objects. I have close to 15 different pictures now ( out of about 40 taken ) that all have this same object.
As far as I can tell, the object is moving at an incredible high speed. I am only able to take one picture at a time, and it takes 15-20 seconds untill you can take another. which I was doing .... I have caught these same objects before with my digital camcorder in the past, but never at this quality. All I can say is, sooner or later, I am going to catch one of these objects, at a super close range. My telephoto lenses from my camcorder also fit my camera now, so I am able to get great clarity even with far away objects. I will send everyone the newest and best images that I capture. I am going to Hawaii for 2 weeks at the end of this month, and plan on doing a lot of skywatching while I'm there of course. Until then, I will be posting the newest images on a daily basis ( depends on the weather...raining outside now).
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