Dazzling Flying Triangle
Visits South Coast Of England
From David Kingston

Dear Jeff,
Sighting on the 28th February 2002 Time 22.50hrs
The size of the "flying triangle" was approximately 100feet from the base of the triangle to the apex. The size as was the overall description was consistent with all witnesses that night. It had red lights running along the length of the right hand side of the craft and blue along the left side.
A large circular light in the middle of the craft that pulsated in colour from a pale neon blue through to purple. There were no reports of any noise only a sound which was described as an electric crackle, similar to being underneath a power pylon when it is wet.
First Report
The "craft was first seen at St. Austell in Cornwall by a hospital doctor out walking his dog. Within minutes it was seen by several other people as it hovered approximately 200 yards off the shore at 1,000 ft high. It's speed increased from stationary to 500 mph for 10 miles before doing a right hand turn (sharp 90 degree) without slowing down. (report by pilot)
The next report I received was from Somerset from a couple who at first did not see anything but were drawn to look upwards by an electric crackling noise. They could not believe their eyes when they saw the craft hovering above their heads estimated at about 2 to 3,000 feet, the centre light rapidly pulsating. It hovered for about two minutes maximum before "shooting off" at a tremendous speed in a easterly direction.
Second Report
22.55 hours from Lyme Regis, Dorset by a retired Coast Guardsman. His words: "The craft was hovering over the town, no more than 800 feet I would estimate. At first I thought it was a new prototype aircraft but was mystified by no sound and the unusual lighting display. I witnessed it for only a minute at the most before it gained tremendous speed, no noise, the light underneath pulsating a very pale blue with a corona around it. It climbed vertically in a matter of seconds, it reminded me of a Harrier jump jet, I would estimate to a height of 2,000 feet before it headed in a South Easterly direction."
Third Report
From Portland 23.00 hours, Dorset. Policeman and two other witnesses (statements all describe the craft identically). Once again hovering, over a set of transmitting aerials at approximately 1 to 2,000 feet. Totally noiseless, only hovered for a minute or two at the most. The "electric noise" was heard but two witnesses stated they were not sure if it could have been the military transmitting aerials. Moved off slowly, almost at a hover speed.
Fourth Report
From Hengistbury Head area, Dorset. 23.05 hours. Four separate witnesses walking and walking their dogs. Height estimated at about 500 to 600 feet over the sea, this description of height was confirmed by a fisherman out "dropping his crab pots". Once again, no noise reported, the navigation lights?? were pulsating like a "rope light." Only seen for a maximum of two minutes by witnesses. The craft departed this time by climbing vertically very quickly until it became about the size of a star and then "blinked out" the witnesses stated. The interesting thing at this location was that very soon after the craft started to ascend two jet fighters screamed overhead the witnesses said. There were a total of 18 witnesses that saw the craft during its flight path over the South Coast.
Best regards,
David Kingston

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