Unusual Markings Show Up
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From Brian Vike
Director HBCC UFO Research

Dear Brian,
Since July 2003, I've been following with interest the articles on, dealing with extraordinary signs or wounds appearing on certain people's bodies.
In the beginning of October 2002, after a confusing dream with metallic noises, I also had a strange sign that appeared on my left arm.
3-4 Oct 2002 - The triangle mark on my left arm
10-11 Oct 2002 - I find a small lump (small and round swelling like a very small pearl) in a very intimate place of my body.
24-25 Dec 2003 - The lump disappeared after waking up in sudden haste..
5-6 Apr 2003 - My dog's strange behavior
6+7 Jun 2003 - High above flying ball of light in the sky ( in the same hour day after day .
15 Jun 2003 - I woke up in the morning with a very similar triangle wound on my foot instep (of which I haven't told you yet.) (* I really didn't remember anything strange that night)
29 Jun 2003 - Very bright light high in the sky moving from SW to NE which shrank and disappeared.
30 Jun 2003 - White light high up in the sky (through my field telescope) at usual observation white light with red flashes (without the telescope).
13 Jul 2003 - I photographed some blinking in triangular shape and moving lights (red - orange ögreen then white- orange- green).
12 Aug 2003 - Orange light very high in the sky.
All the observations except June 7 were made together with several eye other witnesses. (my neighbors, my wife and my youngest son).
Permission was granted to post the material above. This material is copyrighted to ICFUFOR
If any other people around the world have encountered these types of markings on their bodies I would certainly like to hear from you. This gentleman would also be interested in hearing other peoples stories that are similar to his. I will forward any information along to ICFUFOR.
Thank you very much to this kind fellow for sending this information along and allowing us all to read his story.
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