Exclusive - Auburn, CA Man
Captures UFO On Film

By Frank Warren
© 2003 Frank Warren - All Rights Reserved
Neither photos nor text may be reproduced in any media
with prior written permission of author.

AUBURN, CA--Local resident and business owner (name withheld by request) photographed a UFO back in mid-May of this year while taking some "before & after" pictures of excavation work in preparation for installing a swimming pool in his back yard.
He said he was facing east and it was around noon. The weather was crisp and clear and you could see for miles. The man didn't notice the object until he was preparing to print the pictures taken with his digital camera. Upon seeing what appeared to be a bright white light he then enlarged the photo to get a better look at the object.
Below is the original picture:
Auburn UFO
Here is the photo with "object"lightly sharpened.
Here is the object cropped and gamma levels adjusted
(from scanned printed version):




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