The Reality Of Triangular UFOs
By Malcolm Hathorne

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, thinks the huge triangular UFOs are "government projects." He says quite often that he has a friend in the military who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who says these huge craft are "transport vehicles," and the truth about them "will be revealed sometime this year."
What a load of nonsense! To spout that theory (to thirty million people) as anything more than completely uncorroborated hearsay is bad journalism.
It really galls me to hear George ask a witness to one of these huge, silent objects, "Are you near an air force base?" Then he poses his theory about it all being secret military operations work.
The highly unusual properties of these craft have been noted all over the world at this point, and no "government projects" are behind these objects. Period.
Yes there are plenty of misidentifications of stealth and conventional aircraft by people who think they are UFOs. But these silent, triangular craft don't fall into that category.
And yet while Mr. Noory still clings to his "secret military operations" theory about the triangular UFOs, he assuredly proclaims to his audience that the object depicted on an ancient stone wall in Abyddos, Egypt, is "a helicopter."
I think that is more bad reasoning. I do not believe the ancient carving depicts "a helicopter." YES, it LOOKS like a helicopter, but that does not mean that it IS a helicopter. It could be anything. And the odds that the object actually was "a helicopter" are very tiny.
So that is Two Strikes against you George.
Regarding the various sizes of the triangular craft, the case from Rendlesham Forest comes to mind. The initial sighting in the woods by Sergeant Jim Penniston involved a smallish triangular craft. I believe it was within the range of about 8 feet in length and a few feet high. It had descended though a clearing in the forest canopy down to ground level.  According to witnesses, this craft was able to maneuver through the trees at an altitude of just a few feet off the ground.
I talked to Penniston myself about his encounters and I am completely sure of his honesty. His story is well documented. During his investigation, he walked around (and touched) a hovering, dark colored, triangular craft in a clearing in the forest. And he had missing time. That is an important point which is not well known. He is unclear as to what happened for about 45 minutes. And he told me of some things that appear consistent (in my estimation) with probable interaction with the object's occupants.
And by the way, regarding Rendlesham, it is important to know that there were multiple UFO sightings by numerous military personnel. These main events took place over at least a three day (night) period. Different types of craft were seen. Some were indeed triangular while others were described as discoid.
The UFO witnessed by Security Officer Larry Warren occurred on another night and it involved either a spheroid or saucer shaped craft. This incident was witnessed by at least thirty military personnel who surrounded the craft after it made a spectacular landing in a clearing.
Anyway, back to the Triangles.
In the amazing Hudson Valley Boomerang UFO Sightings of the 1980s (just twenty miles outside NY City), people watched very large triangular, "boomerang" shaped craft which sometimes shone bright lights down on them. Numerous witnesses had missing time and others told of experiencing mental communication with the occupants. Investigations showed that numerous "abduction" incidents had taken place during the visits of the triangular (boomerang shaped) craft.
Also in the Hudson Valley (as reported and investigated by Imbrogno and Hynek) six security personnel at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant stated that they watched as one of the very large triangular craft hovered directly over the only operating nuclear reactor at the site. It was like twenty five or fifty feet above the reactor and it stayed there for about fifteen minutes. The personnel were going nuts. One guard was hysterical and had to be restrained from taking shots at it with a rifle. Finally the craft meandered away slowly.
Anyway, everybody should read "Night Siege," which was done by Philip Imbrogno and Dr. J. Allen Hynek. It is an absolutre classic. It gives countless close encounter descriptions by unimpeachable, solid citizens. They described the incredible "in your face" antics of the triangular craft seen throughout the Hudson Valley over about a five year period.
These triangular and boomerang shaped UFOs exhibit the same amazing properties as the disc shaped craft. They have the ability to silently and instantly accelerate to fantastic speeds. And again, countless witnesses have described how the craft have reacted to witnesses' thoughts.
A few years ago George Filer was a phone guest on my local program "UFOs & Metaphysics." Filer told me about a case he had investigated where the police chief of a mid-sized Pennsylvania city had watched as a very large triangular UFO silently and very slowly cruised right over top of his house. The police chief told Filer that he was actually worried that the object was going to hit the chimney on the house. It was that low. The craft then meandered along at low altitude over other suburban neighborhoods in the area.
I have heard countless reports like these.
Now what kind of "government project" is going to fly these craft in the heart of populated towns?
And one last point. I thought George Noory's interview with Dr. Lynn Kittei, author of "The Phoenix Lights," was good but not great. She carried the program. Dr. Kittei also photographed and video taped the object(s) and gathered information from numerous witnesses. Dr. Kittei has done a truly fantastic job in documenting the truth about the amazing encounters in Arizona. She is a respected professional who deserves high praise for her courageous work.
Regarding C2C, George Noory has done some fine work on the show and he is a definite upgrade from what we had in the past. He is a real professional. But he could show a lot more respect for this incredible phenomenon and he could to do some better research.
And by the way George, who the heck is NOT "close to an air force base" these days?
From Ken
Excellent piece on the triangle UFO....I second the motion to get rid of this kind of questioning in journalism reporting.
I am sick of the "are you near an airforce base" question....totally irresponsible. It would make sense they'd be near these bases anyway...that's like asking if your car is ever near a car lot or repair garage?
Another ridiculous question is this: Where you always "into" ufos before your sighting?
For crying out loud, does that imply if you were interested that you are less credible???? That one really sends me over.
Pretty darn soon we aren't going to have too many "virgin" experiencers as the whole phenomenon is on the increase everywhere, despite the report from England saying otherwise. And with all the search engines of the Internet reporting that UFO/aliens are one of the top three hot subjects annually who hasn't had an interest???
Great job,



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