More Remarkable UFO
Sightings In British Columbia
From Bill Oliver UFO*BC
Jan-99, Surrey, BC:
Richard was travelling east on Zero Avenue, near the Pacific Highway (border crossing), when he saw a wedge-shaped aircraft stationary above the power lines. It was "so low", and displaying white flashing lights. It had a jet motor sound, but Richard said he was familiar with Harrier jets and it wasn't as loud as that! He watched it for 2 minutes before it began to slowly move away. Richard had two other sightings of similar craft this year.
20-Apr-99, Maple Ridge, BC: (9:15 pm)
On the 20th of April, 1999, we received a call from a man living in Maple Ridge, BC. He was outside barbequing with a female companion and a 3-year-old child, when they saw a small pulsating light approaching. It appeared to be only 2-300 feet above the ground. When the light became stationary, all the lights in Maple Ridge went out! About 10 minutes later they saw a big white flash and then a meteor-like streak heading in a northwestern direction, towards Pitt Lake. At this time a "rushing wind sound" could be heard. All of the city lights then came back on. A call was placed to BC Hydro on the 21st of April and they confirmed the power failure. They stated that Maple Ridge had a "transmission feed loss into a substation" at 21:15 on the 20th of April, for a eriod of 11 minutes.
22-Apr-99, Crescent Beach: (10:00 pm)
A man and woman were alerted to a brilliant flash of light in the night sky. The initial outburst was replaced by a circular spinning red light. The object moved out of sight after a 30 second viewing. The witnesses were familiar with planes in the area and their characteristics as well as differentiating satellites.
27-Apr-99, White Rock, BC: (4:30 am)
Debbie was attending to her young son, in his bedroom, when a blast of blue light entered the room through the horizontal blinds. Looking onto the street from another window she was astonished to see a cluster of rectangular lights (8 to 12) beamed onto the road in front of her neighbour's driveway. The lights were stationary and covered an area about 8 feet by 8 feet. She said it was "So quiet, so quiet" and yet she could also sense a really deep hum. After viewing this for about 10 seconds she was so shocked she returned to her son's room. As she did so, a blast of of white light came from the Dogwood Park area, which their house backs onto. Looking into the park, she could see a white light amongst the trees. Her neighbour told her that their dog would not venture into the garden facing Dogwood Park the following day.
27-Apr-99, Crescent Beach:
A man and woman came upon several swirls of grass laid down and woven in an area of high grass. The pattern was about 15 ft in diameter and was very apparent in the otherwise normal grass area.
1-May-99, Richmond, BC: (10:00 pm)
George, Linda and their 11-year-old son were driving south across Oak Street Bridge when Linda called out "What's that?" George looked at where his wife was pointing and observed a square, flat object approaching from the east and "floating" about 1000 - 1500 feet above the ground. It had 8 "flood lights" on the front, white in colour and steady in their illumination. As the car went by the junction of Shell Road, the object passed overhead displaying an underside view of "aluminum sheeting". Normally an aircraft flying this path into Vancouver Airport would provide an intense short period of engine noise as it passed overhead, but this object made no discernible noise and no indication of a power source could be seen.
The craft was observed by all three occupants of the vehicle and was in view about 15-20 seconds. It appeared to be heading towards Steveston Highway instead of the Airport. The estimated speed was 150 mph and although it lacked "depth", it appeared to be the size of a Boeing 737. George, an ex-employee of the Airport, phoned the control tower but was told they had nothing unusual on their radar.
This is the third sighting report UFO*BC has on file about rectangular objects that are very, very thin.
3-May-99, Surrey: (9:30 pm)
Gilan (9) and his ten-year-old sister saw around 30 blue lights surrounding a large blue ball, which they watched for 4 minutes. They couldn't hear any accompanying sound.
7-May-99, White Rock: (9:00 pm)
Johan was driving down Fir Street, in White Rock, when he saw a large yellow / bluey-gray patch of light travelling across the water in an easterly direction. He estimates it was "300 metres in diameter"! The light appeared to be pulsating. He viewed it from his car for about 30 seconds. Johan is an ex-Swedish and US Army member.
7-May-99, Surrey: (10:45 pm)
A boy, while lying in his bed looking out the window to the south, saw a bright white shiny circle move across the sky in a westerly direction. The boy said the object appeared to be the size of a penny at arm's length. Excited, he ran to alert his brother in the next room. Unfortunately by the time the boys looked, the object was gone.
7-May-99, Cloverdale, BC: (11:44 pm)
Laura and a friend were watching television when they saw a large white triangle come down vertically over White Rock. According to Laura, it was the "size of her fist" held at arm's length.
8-May-99, White Rock, BC: (9:30 pm)
A couple and their two children were driving southeast on Highway #99. Upon reaching 152nd Street they saw a large wedge-shaped craft approaching slowly, at a very low altitude. It had a bright white light in the center, a blue light on one side and a red light on the other side. As they watched, a small conventional airplane flew diagonally across its path! The wedge-shaped craft veered south towards White Rock. Total viewing time was at least 4 minutes.
9-May-99, White Rock, BC: (10:30 pm)
Aliza, Sasha and Jennifer were leaving McDonalds, at 152nd Street and 18th Avenue in White Rock, when Sasha spotted a "HUGE" boomerang-shaped object slowly approaching at a very low level. They stopped the car and got out to gaze at it as it passed silently overhead. It had 6-8 broad beamed "headlights" flashing on and off, but not sequentially. The lights were red, green and white. Aliza said it looked like an "image" in the clear night sky. After 7-8 seconds, the object disappeared from view in an instant !?!?
All three young women were strongly effected by what they saw; Sasha was crying; Jennifer shook for the next hour; and Aliza was in a state of shock and slept that night with the lights on.
9-May-99, White Rock, BC: (10:15 pm)
Kevin and a friend were driving south on Highway #99 when they spotted a "stealth" aircraft stationary about 100 feet above the trees. The object displayed 4 headlights. Shortly afterwards they observed a "starburst" in the clear night sky, the colour being orangey-red. When the light display faded away, the craft began to slowly move away. At this point a red and blue flashing light appeared, one at each wing tip. The highway was being re-paved and the object had been above the paving crew. Total viewing time about 3 to 4 minutes.
A friend phoned the airport and was told that their radar is set only to 1000 feet and above, and that they had nothing to report at this time.
10-May-99, Burnaby, BC: (10:43 pm)
Sid and Leon were on Burnaby Mountain when they spotted a "massive", long craft below the tops of the trees. It initially appeared to be stationary, then started moving slowly, with no discernible noise. The side facing them (the right side) had a yellow light, a long red light and a blue/green/gray light. They viewed it for 6 to 8 minutes.
Twenty minutes later it returned, with the light configuration in reverse, suggesting it had turned around. Sid said, "I was not a believer before, but I am now!"
12-May-99, Victoria, BC: (8:30 - 9:30 pm)
A man and his wife were at the gazebo in the University of Victoria, a favourite viewing spot for them. They were looking eastward across the Straits of Juan De Fuca, towards Vancouver, when they saw a bright light, the colour of fire, indulge in high speed erratic motions. They watched it for about 8 minutes before it disappeared into the ocean(?) or landed(?). The light was 1/2 the size of a dime held at arm's length.
A few minutes later, another fiery object appeared in the same spot and "danced" around the sky in an identical manner. After about 8 minutes, this object also disappeared in a similar manner. This object appeared to be more of a triangular shape.
A little later, a third yellow/gold object appeared and repeated the antics of the two previous objects. This one was also around for about 8 minutes before disappearing in the same spot.
In January of 1999, the same couple saw a vertical beam of lightning(?) appear from the same location and beam skywards. It was only in view "for a millisecond".
14-May-99, Mud Bay/ Crescent Beach, BC: (8:15 pm)
A man and his wife were walking along Mud Bay when they saw a 30 to 40 foot long "black thing" with an upright "tail/fin" travelling through the water "from marker to marker". It made no sound and left no wake! The man is convinced it was neither a sea lion or whale. It reminded him of Ogopogo!
At 8:30 pm, they were on the road near "1000 Steps" at Crescent Beach when they saw up ahead on the road an orange spot of light about 10 feet in diameter. They could not tell where the source of the light was coming from. It went out as suddenly as it appeared. There was no sound.
15-May-99, Richmond: (9:15 pm)
Two people observed two red objects in the high sky over Richmond. The objects were seen for a two or three minute span. They displayed unusual flight patterns in that they were observed to go from right to left and then reversed the pattern from left to right. They did not maintain a consistent light as they blinked randomly without sequence for the total sighting time.
16-May-99, Surrey:
Cody was in bed when he was awoken "by a noise". Looking through his window he saw a round yellow flashing light stationary over the roof of the next door neighbour's house. After watching it for a few minutes he turned over and went back to sleep!