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Dear UFO Enthusiasts...
In case you havenít heard about Dr. Heather Anne Harder, you should. I am here to introduce you to one of the most profound, effective women of our time.
Not only has Dr. Harder been a college professor at Governorís University, holding a Ph.D. in education, she is an author of books on some of the most progressive subjects; moving people into higher consciousness, such as ìInterdemensional Communicationî and 'Perfect Power in Consciousness' to name a few. Dr. Harder is also an entrepreneur, business owner and mother of two daughters.
Most significant however, she is running for President of the United States as a Jeffersonian Democrat. Please take a moment to investigate her views on her web site at This includes her stand on UFOs.
Thank you for your time. Enclosed I have included Dr. Harderís open letter to America and her UFO statement. Enjoy!
Allan Anderson Heather Harder campaign volunteer
Open Letter to America from Dr. Heather Harder
UFOs and Extra Terrestrial Life
"UFOs exist and have always existed. You must only view the Nazca Lines in Peru as proof. No amount of Government denial will change my beliefs." -- Dr. Heather Anne Harder
Dear Fellow American,
As the Federal Government continues to deny the existence of other worldly life forms, the American people only lose trust in the Federal government. The truth is, the knowledge that we are not alone is buried deep within our cellular memory. We already know the truth. This alone accounts for the deep fascination with all things which deal with this topic.
I believe we are not alone. The family of God is much larger than most of us, including Steven Spielberg, can even imagine. Daily hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of contacts are being made which prepare us to meet our cosmic neighbors. How many more need to occur before we acknowledge them as real?
Some of these contacts and ETís are friendly and others are not. As in all things, discernment is critical. These visitors from space are helping us prepare for a new day on Earth. Instead of trying to deny their existence. We must begin now to prepare for open and direct contact with many extra terrestrial beings. We need to learn how to discern which ETís acts unselfishly for greatest good and which only serve themselves.
Americans can best prepare themselves for this contact by learning to respect diversity. If we canít get along with our fellow humans because their skin is a different color, they worship differently, speak a different language, or believe a different ideology, how can we hope to exist in a world filled with beings that look like giant praying mantises? Now, more than ever, we must begin to look inside a personís heart to determine whether this is a friend or foe. We must learn to trust our own findings and not some governmental report.
According to one poll, more people believed in the existence of ETs than believed they would ever see a social security check. But, be careful what you wish for---most ETs that have time for joy rides are not the ones with which you want to play. The ETs that work on behalf of this planet are busy trying to save humanity from destroying itself. To hasten this open contact with these heavenly helpers, learn to stand in your own power and respect yourself. They do not want to induce fear, or to be worshipped as gods!
Meanwhile if you have a close encounter of any kind, stay in your power. They are guests on this planet and only you have the true power to determine your destiny. If the contact feels unpleasant, send them away. Your thoughts can do the job. Demand they leave you alone. Moving into fear only gives them power over you. Call on God, Jesus or other Divinity to help you, these names have power in all worlds. _____
Washington is not a self-cleaning oven. We, the people, must roll up our sleeves and go to work. If we, the people, continue to do nothing, government will continue its steady erosion of our freedom in the name of security and protection. If our Constitution and freedoms are to be preserved we must take action.
I seek the office of President of this great nation and I intend to get elected the old fashioned way, by earning the respect of the voters through a true grassroots campaign. Only when Americans assume the command of our government can we truly change the direction of this great nation. I cannot do it alone. No longer can we, the people, stand by and watch this steady usurpation of our Constitutional freedoms and liberty.
I am a 49-year-old woman who is fed up with what I see happening in this country. As a mother, businesswoman, educator and author, I am willing to dedicate my life, and perhaps my sanity, to make it better. As a former university professor, I pride myself on my ability to deal with people on many levels. As a small business owner I have learned to work hard and make every dollar count. In most respects,
I am very ordinary, except I have extraordinary courage. I am willing to take on a system that has become cumbersome and inefficient. Fraught with dysfunction and corruption, our government is long overdue for a real overhaul, and I am just the woman to lead the way. As a citizen, I don't just complain, I take action. I am willing to risk my comfortable lifestyle for public scrutiny. I do not intend to run a traditional political campaign, rather, I will run a leadership campaign, for it is leadership that this country desperately needs. It is time to bring the "people" back into this government by, for, and of us!
I do not claim to have all the answers that will solve this nation's ills, but I am able to draw upon my ability to seek, heed, and assimilate counsel from the wisest and most qualified. I intend to attract those who will put this country's interests first. My sincere desire is to simplify and reduce the existing federal bureaucracy to something the average American can understand and hold accountable.
As President of the United States, I intend to join with the American people to:
1. Restore the Constitution as the supreme law of this land. This will give the power and responsibility back to the people. For corruption to exist, many people are required to look the other way. We must stop this practice and give real power back to state, local, and individuals requiring the federal government to stay within the limits of authority given it by the Constitution.
2. Reduce, simplify and bring integrity to government. This will be done by requiring all Federal legislation to be written in standard English (like our Constitution) and not legalese; coupled with one law/one bill, this would eliminate much of the pork barreling and eliminate various loopholes buried in documents up to 1,400 pages. We, the people, will know what laws are being enacted, who they serve and exactly who voted for them. There is something terribly wrong with the system when I have earned a Ph.D. and yet am unable to read and comprehend our Federal legislation.
3. Institute a National Referendum which will give Americans a genuine political voice. We the people will have the ability to speak directly to key issues, (such as eliminating the income taxæ replacing it with a national sales tax on non-essential itemsæand strengthening a fair and just import/export tax base) and laws too sensitive for our lawmakers to decide (like voting for their own raises and benefit packages). Cumbersome laws which restrict entrepreneurial efforts can be eliminated and/or reduced to encourage the proliferation of small businesses. The restoration of the American dream can occur with the availability of direct loans (paid back with fair interest) to all American citizens for a college education and/or a one time small business start-up loan. These and other changes made possible through a national referendum can ensure that every American has the opportunity to realize their dream and that their voices will be heard.
If these ideas interest you, then get involved with the political system and do something now to make a difference. Support me and/or run for office yourself. We, the people, can no longer turn a blind eye to what isn't working. It is time to stand up and say, "ENOUGH!"
My '96 campaign efforts taught me much. Americans are ready for real change. In Texas we were able to pull nearly 30,000 votes with no advertising and very little media coverage. A handful of people took it upon themselves to help make a difference. I also learned just how far the current political system will go to keep out possible change makers. In Arizona, the state Democratic party took me, and others, to court to take us off the ballot. Arizona Democrats were allowed to vote for Bill Clinton or "No Preference." In Kansas, the primary election was simply canceled altogether! I will continue my campaign efforts undaunted. Let us stand together in the year 2000 to truly restore the spirit of this nation.
Thomas Jefferson was the founder of the Democratic party and as such it was his vision which gave it life. Because of that vision, I seek the Democratic nomination for the office of President. It is that same vision this country now needs. We owe it to Jefferson and to those who struggled to birth this nation, to do our share. Join me as we speak on behalf of the Jeffersonian Democrats with such a loud voice that we can't be ignored. We were never meant to be slaves to our own government. Help by sending copies of this letter to your friends and family. Every time you mention my name, I move closer to the White House. People cannot vote for me, if they don't know I exist. Call and order your buttons, bumper stickers and sign now! Help make our presence known. Your country and I need your help. Join with me to restore the American Spirit. Phone, fax or write our office today to join our network of volunteers. _____
Dr. Heather Anne Harder is seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America in the year 2000. Heather Harder can lead and guide this country, not only because she is a woman, but also because she has the expertise, dedication and desire to get the job done. Her plain talking, down to earth, radical common sense sometimes surprises and always impresses. She has proven her tenacity and determination, her compassion, and ability to lead. She began this massive undertaking in 1990 and first ran for this office in 1996. Dr. Harder holds a Ph.D. in education and is a former university professor. She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman, author and mother of two daughters. To learn more about Dr. Harder or her campaign call 219-663-7340,, or e-mail
Permission is granted to use part or all of this position statement for publication and distribution with proper citation.
Dr. Heather Harder is available nationwide for telephone interviews or by arrangement.
CONTACT: Campaign Office for scheduling 219-663-7340 web site: 210 So. Main Street; Crown Point, IN 46307 (219) 663-7340 (219) 663-9974 fax


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