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Filer's Files #10

UFOs were observed over New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Chili, and the UK. Cylinder shaped UFOs are spotted in West Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and diving into the Straights of Magellan in Southern Chile indicating a possible new wave of sightings. Sam Sherman buys the oldest UFO photo taken in 1870.
BRIDGEWATER -- A large blue object sighted in NJ sky by two witnesses on February 14, 2002. Both witnesses are adults and one witness Gordon Dillard is a college student and the other works in law enforcement. An NJ State Employee sent a report to NUFORC, while the other contacted MUFON. I personally talked to the second witness a college student from North Carolina who was driving through New Jersey early in the morning. They report seeing a glowing blue sphere over 40.34N 74.37 W in Somerset County. The witnesses were separated and saw the object from different locations in a fairly clear sky, around 1:00 AM. Gordon reports seeing a solid source of light from rear that was circular. The light was twenty feet in diameter and circular moving from west to east. It appeared to descend below the trees as observed from the highway. It was larger than fireworks, and seemed to be traveling too fast to stop. Gordon said, I! t looked like it landed in the wetlands. east to northeast of Exit 30, on Route 287. He went to the police station (24) to notify them of the incident, thinking it might have crashed. Gordon felt it moved too fast for a normal aircraft. Didn't seem to have the mass of a normal aircraft. The two individuals in two different localities reported seeing a large blue object about the size of a three-story building going east across the sky descending. Each witness separately provided a sketch of the object. Both sketches match almost identically in every detail even though the witnesses presumably do not know each other and have never met. The duration of sighting by the student was for less than a minute and he thought the object may have crashed in a watery area east of Route 287. ((NUFORC Note: We have requested copies of the illustrations, which we will attempt to post at Thanks to Gordon Dillard, MUFON, and NUFORC.
MIDDLETOWN -- Dr. Bruce Cornet is investigating the January 15, and makes the following comments to the witness. "Thanks to the video you sent me and excellent description of the event using a model of the craft. What I didn't realize is that the craft turned right rather than left, which makes sense now that you provided landmarks and visual aids. I suspect the triangle dropped down into the narrow field behind the house at 260 Midland Lake Rd. I also think, based on your detailed description, that the triangle crossed the highway just north of the Nevele Grande billboard and over the pair of Crosses to the east of that billboard. I thank you for the photographs showing many of the landmarks. I didn't realize that the billboard also said that Nevele Grande is in Ellenville, NY. This is important, because as you may recall it was Ellen Crystall who started all of the interest in the Pine Bush Phenomenon and it is the next exit on Rt.! 17 for Rt. 302 that takes you to Pine Bush. Based on your model, the craft you saw is remarkably like the one described by police officers in Illinois during the sightings there in 2000. In the video you sent me you note that Freeze Road. intersects Midland Lake Road. at the base of the hill containing the crosses and billboard. I find that name ironic considering that we have been trying to "freeze" the event you witnessed in description, model, photographs, and satellite images, similar to what Michael Brockhoff did for the Discovery Channel documentary, UFO over Illinois. Thanks to Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geologist, Paleobotanist, Palynologist see
Editor's Note: It seemed unlikely that a craft the size of a 737 as described by the witness could land so close to Route 17, however, aerial photos of the area show a large concrete landing pad.
BALTIMORE -- Aviation officials are investigating an incident in which something -- possibly a model rocket -- flew near a Southwest Airlines jet as it approached Baltimore, Maryland, on March Sunday night. The pilot of Southwest Flight 454 reported seeing what he thought was a model rocket pass on the left side of the aircraft as the plane was about 12 miles southeast of Baltimore-Washington International Airport at 7:10 p.m. EST, Federal Aviation Administration and Southwest Airlines officials said. The aircraft was about 3,000 feet high at the time, the FAA said. It landed without problem. The incident also has been reported to the FBI, said FAA spokeswoman Arlene Salac. Federal regulations prohibit people from operating model rockets within five miles of any airport and in a manner "that creates a collision hazard with other aircraft." Rockets are also prohibited between sunset and sunrise. - Thanks to CNN, M. Ahlers -
MILTON -- The witness and his girlfriend saw an object hanging in the sky over Fife or Puyallup on February 11, 2002. His girlfriend pointed it out. The witness stated, "I tried to reason that it might be a balloon or fire works. At 11:50 PM, my brain raced with reasonable answers but none fit the M.O. I quickly ran and grabbed my camera and took four or five shots. On the last one I braced myself against a pole to hold steady. Maybe that one will turn out. The sky was black, except for the orange glow of this object bouncing and moving erratically around the sky. It would move slow and steady in one direction, then suddenly move quickly about the night sky. It seemed to have no apparent direction in mind. As it moved south we jumped into the truck to follow and parked on 10th Avenue in Milton and watched it moving to the south and east. The orange glow coming from below the object was bright, but would at times glow brig! hter then fade some. It seemed to get eigh! t to ten miles away, then it started moving back toward and to the west of where we were. At it's closest point to us the orange glow faltered then grew stronger. As it grew stronger it instantaneously released a shower of sparks, almost resembling a fire work being shot from the sky toward the ground. This happened twice very quickly. Both pulses of fire could be seen hailing down toward the earth at the same time. There also was a slight audible release when these showers erupted from the object. It sounded like a very soft pop, kind of like popping a finger out of the corner of one's mouth very quietly. We drove toward the Fife Valley for a better look and parked when the object started to move about very rapidly. It made a quick move to the west, so fast that it was almost as if you blinked and it had moved a quarter mile already. We drove less then two city blocks to th! e valley for a better look, but it disappeared into the southern sky in an instant. The ob! ject looked like an inverted cylinder with an orange glow coming from the bottom of the it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
CONYERS -- As the witness walked through his kitchen, a bright light caught my attention outside on February 17, 2002. There in the sky above the tree lines was an object that appeared to move left to right and visa-versa very fast at 10:30 PM. The object had orange, green and blue lights that seemed to rotate as if the object was spinning. I called my son and we watched as this object went from left to right as it ascended upwards into the sky. I ran into another room to get my digital camera so that I could get a photo, but my security alarm sounded and so I was distracted by trying to turn it off. The security company called to verify my password. By the time everything had calmed back down, I ran outside with my camera, but could not focus in on the object. By this time it was high up so I tried focusing with the camera but it just disappeared. Make no mistake, this was no plane, no helicopter! There is no machine that I kn! ow of that could fly as spastic as thi! s thing! The weird thing is that when my alarm sounded it was not even set! I found it very strange that it sounded at the very moment I picked up my camera!
LAVONIA -- Two witnesses were on I-85 heading towards Atlanta on February 17, 2002, when they saw what at first appeared to be a plane crashing at 4:00 PM. The object was red with a long tail coming from it. The witness reports "My Mom and I decided that it must be a meteor, however in a few minutes, the tail disappeared and the object began climbing up towards another object in the sky that we had not at first noticed." The two objects were beside one another for a few seconds, then one went straight up into the sky, and the second one began to descend. The one that was climbing up looked kind of like a squid because of the twin trails of smoke coming from behind it. We lost the descending one behind trees in the distance, and the ascending one became blocked from our view by the sun. There were a lot of other cars on the interstate during this event. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
PANAMA CITY -- The witness while fishing ten miles out in the in the Gulf of Mexico, on February 16, 2002, reports seeing jets investigating an object over Gulf. Five unusually slow flying fighter jets heading southeast between us and the coast at 3:00 PM. As they flew further down the coast, we noticed a strange white stationary object above and in front of fighters. The jets looked to be investigating the object.
HAVANA -- The witness reports he was approaching US-27 from the east on a Gadsden County dirt road on February 14, 2002, when he saw a streak of very bright white light in the west at 6:35 AM. It was traveling from the vicinity of Tallahassee in a northern direction at a very high rate of speed. It was dawn and there were no stars visible at that time of the morning. The streak lasted for a second or two. It had a very bright point followed by a trail of light. It streaked across the sky, then made a sudden 90 degree turn to the left. At first, I thought it was a meteor, but then realized that a meteor can't turn suddenly. Editor's Note: These UFOs are frequently video taped from the space shuttle.
POMPANO BEACH -- On Sunday, February 24, 2002, on a clear blue sunny sky the witness was sitting in his backyard at around 4:20 PM when a flock of what seemed to be baby crows flew over and landed on the telephone wires above his head. He looked up and saw a cigar shaped object just to the right of where he were watching the birds. This object was an orange cylinder or cigar-shaped with a yellow tip. The witnesses watched this object fly from east to west and almost directly overhead when they were distracted for a couple seconds and it completely disappeared from the sky. This couldn't have flown off in any other direction. We walked around the whole duplex and could see for miles, but nothing was in sight not even a plane. The birds had flown off in fright when the back door suddenly swung open and the object was still visible. I have never had birds in my backyard in such numbers either. The telephone lines were covered with baby crows. Perhaps they chose not to fly with a cylinder in the sky. Thanks to
CLEVELAND -- "It was first thought to be a downed helicopter, then a meteor shower, but whichever it was caused the U.S. Coast Guard to launch a rescue boat Wednesday, February 13, 2002, and search Lake Erie off the mouth of the Black River." " Sightings of red lights or flashes thought to be two miles (3 kilometers offshore) from the Elyria Water Work started being reported on Lorain (Ohio) police radio transmissions around 8 p.m." "'We're out there doing search patterns,' said a dispatcher for the Lorain Coast Guard station, but nothing was reported being found late last night." " Lorain police dispatchers said they had nothing to report." " Lights from helicopters or possibly commercial planes were later seen in the air above where the Coast Guard boat combed the waters." " Also traveling the airways were reports of unusual lights being seen from Bay Village to Toledo, and Coast Guard radio traffic indicated a he! licopter had been dispatched to take a look along the (lake) shore." (See The Morning Journal of Lorain, Ohio for February 14, 2002, "Unidentified red lights seen in night sky." Copyright 2002 by The Morning Journal, all rights reserved.) Eyewitness T.S. reported, "I did not see it, but I may have 'heard' it. Over the late evening, there were several concussion-like sounds like sonic booms. They shook and rattled the windows of my cottage in Bay Village near the shorefront of Lake Erie." Thanks to T.S. for the Morning Journal news article and his report.) (Joseph Trainor's Comments: This isn't the first time we've had an unidentified submerged object (USO) on the bottom of Lake Erie. A similar case occurred in Ashtabula, Ohio a year ago.) Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 7, #9, February 26, 2002, Editor: Joseph Trainor
DRY RIDGE -- The witness says, "We were driving on route 25 south toward Cincinnati and saw what appeared to be very small jet airplanes with flashing lights that were much faster and somehow different from regular aircraft on February 17, 2002." These "jets" were flying faster than other planes. We saw one next to a regular airplane and it seemed very small, fast and agile. At 10:00 PM, we saw three going from north to south within approximately 20 seconds of each other and then throughout the hour we saw periodic "jets" in the area. The craft did make a very quiet jet like sound. These were much faster and more agile than normal planes. The "jet" had one red light that stayed on consistently and then a flashing red light and two white strobing lights. The speed, agility and strobing lights are what differ from regular planes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
SALT LAKE CITY -- Dave Rosenfeld reports a small object showed up while out doing our Flyby skywatch today at around 2:13 PM for four minutes. It showed up again at 2:19 to 2:33 PM, flying east really slowly till it went over the mountain towards Emigration Canyon. I was using my 500 mm lens at f~ 5.6, and took ten to twelve pictures? There was a couple photos with the object by the moon. It was a shiny silvery object with an estimated size of 20 feet in diameter. It did not make fantastic moves or anything, just a slow hover-like movement. I was quite surprised since I didn't expect anything to show up, but I'm glad I watched. You can read more about it at Thanks to Dave Rosenfeld, The Utah UFO Hunters.
PORTLAND -- The witness reports three craft suddenly popped into view at 7:00 PM, forming a triangle on February 8, 2002. The craft would fluctuate in position and sometimes freeze in position. The right corner craft would leave the formation and slowly follow the air traffic lane, which goes right through there, then suddenly reappear near the triangle again. The witness noticed a red glow on the ground and sometimes electricity could be seen around the red light on the ground. Then a small red light would come out of it and seem to float to a craft alongside the triangle hovering amongst the tree top level. The receiving craft and one of the triangle craft would brighten and twinkle when this would happen. Then the right corner craft would slowly leave and follow the air path again ... and reappear a few minutes later. This was a movement pattern repeated several times. We were building up feelings of hatred, telling them to ! go home, and when we would project this at them, and twice I saw them *duck* or swoop, as if avoiding a projectile. I have noticed single craft in that area for a couple of years now, but this was the first show with multiple craft.
KLAMATH FALLS -- The witness reports seeing a wing shaped UFO with several lights or reflections on February 17, 2002. The craft soared like a bird, but not in a straight path at 12:40 AM. He saw the object for about one minute but it made no sound. The UFO moved very fast and the shape of the wing seemed to change as if there were pivot points. There was no fuselage only wings. The witness stated, "I have no idea what it could be, but these objects were definitely mechanical.
OREGON BORDER -- An array of lights was reported to the UFO Research team near the Nevada, California border on February 12, 2002. Jean Eric Byler reports 16 miles south of Ft. Bidwell there were a few sightings over Fee Reservoir. Bright orange lights were seen by a man soaking in his hot tub around 7:45 PM. His attention was drawn to a bright orange light suddenly appearing in the northeast that was visible for about two seconds. It was just on and off. This was followed in turn by two lights, one light, three lights, one light, two lights, etc. Perhaps a total of about a dozen lights. They were miles apart and not associated with any populated area or roads. He called to his wife and she also saw three lights appear at once and she felt they were not naturally occurring phenomena. The last light seen that night occurred when the man was reporting his sightings to me via telephone, at 8:00 PM. The couple also call! ed a friend that lived in the town to the north and asked them to look outside. The man went outside and saw the object at 8:00 PM. A sighting, several years ago, was filmed with a video camera for two seconds before the couple tried to zoom in on the objects. The camera lost focus, but the existing footage was sent to Jeff Sainio to be analyzed. Jeff estimated the lights to be from a UFO approximately 750 feet in diameter.
The first and possibly only photo documentation of UFOs and abductions occurring together was in this area. Many of these events have had multiple witnesses, some with photo documentation. I believe this sighting to be another in a long series of sightings to occur here. Thanks to NUFORC and Jean Bilodeaux in Northern California.
OLYMPIA -- The witness reports seeing a large saucer shaped object on February 9, 2002, which appeared to have a ring around it. It's color changed somewhat from the color of the moon to a soft amber at 9:15 PM. It hovered over a distant hill in the state forest, which is unpopulated and a wilderness. We watched the object move to different positions within the same area without a sound. At one point we thought the object was coming towards us, but it reverted back to its' position over the hill. We watched the object for twenty minutes then it appeared to land behind the hill out of our sight, leaving only a yellow to amber glow highlighting the hill. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
KING CITY, ONTARIO -- I saw a large triangular outline of red and white lights that seemed to hover and then move very slowly pass my car on February 13, 2002. I was driving westbound on the King sideroad and as I approached the traffic lights at Jane St. at 8:00 PM, I saw a large, stationary, triangular object. I could not actually see a solid object but rather the impression of an object was created due to a triangular pattern of lights. The lights were white, red and a third color (blue or green). The lights seemed to be over a major Highway 400 so I thought it was a traffic plane. When I stopped at the traffic lights and the object didn't move I thought it might be a helicopter. It was the large outline (roughly hand size) and the triangular shape that made me wonder if it was in fact something else. As I left the traffic lights and continued to the overpass I was able to watch the object pass from my front to my driver's side window. I was driving very! slowly and the object may have been moving very slowly in the opposite direction. I lost sight of the object as I descended the other side of the overpass. All of my window's were closed but my radio was not on. I do not remember hearing any noises.
BURLINGTON -- The witness was out smoking on the porch at 9:00 PM, on February 13, 2002, and noticed an X shape object high in the sky. At first, it was hardly visible until it suddenly burst into flames. It quickly flew down far in the distance, with a white flash, and no sound was heard. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
PRINCE GEORGE -- Brian Vike received a long distance call from Vanderhoof, British Columbia just a while ago and these two witnesses watched three bright lights just a few kilometers south of Prince George, British Columbia. Plus there were others who already had pulled over to the side of the road to view these lights on February, 15, 2002 at around 11:30 PM. Thanks to Brian Vike
Editor's Note: Reports of unidentified flying objects increased a staggering 42 per cent last year in Canada.
PUNTA ARENAS -- Rodrigo Fuenzalida, president of AION group the most important research UFO group of Chile) and Director of Chilean MUFON writes, "On February 17, 2002, a family made one very interesting video of the UFO over the sea in the Straights of Magellan. The video shows one cigar shape very clear to 150 meters from the witness. It had two lights on each end of the object and it disappeared into the sea. The lights changed color and appeared to change the structure in a strange way. The Chilean Navy does not have an explanation for the sighting. Thanks to Rodrigo Fuenzalida. The object appears as a large elongated metal cylinder. It is difficult to estimate size but, it appears about the size and shape of a cargo ship. Please go to their website for images.
GATWICK AIRPORT -- A retired telecom engineer Jerry Horlan, stood in his Broadfield kitchen at 5:00 AM on January 31, and he was gripped by an eerie sense that he was not alone. He was astounded to see a circle of strange lights hovering over the south side of Gatwick Airport. He explained: "I had been up all night and was just making myself a cup of coffee when I saw something very strange out of the window. "Hovering over the south side of the airport were 12 bright lights circling slowly round. "I just could not believe what I was witnessing." The father-of-two tracked the objects for more than an hour until dawn began to break last Thursday morning and the lights slowly moved away from the airport and disappeared. Mr. Horlan, 58, who lives in Farnham Close, Broadfield, continued: "It was a unique experience. I have traveled all around the world and never seen anything like that before. "I am not saying it was definitely a UFO but it would be good to get some sort of explanation to account for what I saw." The skies over Gatwick Airport have seen a number of close encounters over the years with witnesses reporting seven suspected UFO sightings alone in the summer of 1996. This prompted skywatcher Larry Dean, from Brighton's Skysearch agency to suggest aliens were watching Gatwick to study earthly air travel. But Government officials and BAA have continued to dismiss these strange events and refused to recognize the existence of UFOs. Commenting on the latest spotting, a BAA spokesman said: "We have run a check and can report nothing out of the ordinary at that time, but we have passed the information on to air traffic control which is looking into it." Thanks to Gary Farshores and Crawley News via Surrey Online
For life to be present on Mars scientists agree that there must first be water. The Odyssey spacecraft is now surveying for evidence of underground water and new analysis indicates water is abundant on Mars particularly in the South Pole area. My photo analysis of ancient forts, geometric construction, temples indicate life was once abundant on Mars and may have actually gone underground. We may have to wait for men actually visiting the ancient sites to gather real proof. Based on my photo analysis I believe there has been life on Mars because of the presence of alien artifacts and unnatural formations that include Cydonia. I agree that that this is one of the most provocative enigmas confronted in the history of science. I admit there are many geologic and natural forces working on Mars that defy explanation. Last week, Art Bell's Radio show discussed various anomalies that can be seen on his website at Howev! er, my analysis is not based on the anomalies shown here which are probably natural. My primary data is based on the Russian Phobos 2 IR images showing what appears to an underground city. Phobos data, released on Canadian TV, presents an infrared scan radiometer image of the Martian surface that showed clearly defined rectangular areas. These are interconnected with a latticework of perfectly straight lines that resemble city blocks, underground temples, reservoirs and manufacturing complexes. The heat signature of what may be a set of underground caverns or channels are just too geometrically regular to be formed naturally. According to Dr. John Becklake of the London Science Museum, "The city-like pattern is 60 kilometers wide and could be easily be mistaken for an aerial view of Los Angeles." I would be happy to reveal these photos to Congress as part of the Disclosure Project.
At the end of the E-bay online auction of March 4, 2002, Independent-International Pictures Corp. president Samuel M. Sherman announced that his company had won at auction the oldest known UFO photograph. After several days of feverish bidding, Sherman won the photo for his company in the last 50 seconds of the auction with a final high bid of $385. The photograph is a winter 1870 stereo (3-D) view of clouds over Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Plainly and sharply visible in the photo is a long cigar-like object. Since this is before known manned flight (with the exception of balloons - which this is not) the object will have to be ruled as a solid Unidentified Flying Object. Structure to this solid object is clearly and sharply seen in some detail as is the reflection of the sun off the object. The stereo view presents two images (for right and left eye) which will be helpful in further analysis of it. Sherman reported that due t! o the sharpness of the image it will lend itself to further copying and enlargement for study. Sherman also stated that this photograph will not be locked up in some collection, but will be submitted to scientists for detailed analysis and the results made available to the public, which he says wants answers to the UFO mystery.
Sherman states that the debunkers are already circling around the photo on the internet, even though they have only been able to see poor low resolution computer images and not photographic enlargements of the actual photo. He expects this photo to be very controversial for a long time still to come. Sherman and Independent-International Pictures Corp. have already produced the Edwards Air Force Base Encounter, one hour audio documentary of the UFO alert at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965 ( Since 1992 a feature film docudrama has been in research and production. It is called, "BEYOND THIS EARTH" and concerns extraterrestrial visitation of Planet Earth. Filming for this movie has taken place internationally as well as the acquisition of UFO footage from locations all over the world. The most amazing part of this project was the 1993 expedition which sent up a plane with photographic, motion picture and video equipment to ! successfully pursue and image UFOs over Northern California. Sherman stated that the 1870 UFO photograph will have a place in "BEYOND THIS EARTH" and further projects to be released to the public. Thanks to Sam Sherman
Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over a hour-long tape of UFOs shot in space that he detected after spending hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from the Shuttle missions. Even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011.
MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL that costs only $35 per year by contacting Mention that I recommended you for membership. Filer's Files is copyrighted 2002 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may post the complete files on their Web Sites if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared. These reports and comments are not necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters to Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential. Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation.
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