Argentina - UFO Over
The River Plate

From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology

An unidentified flying object that "shone and swirled" hovered for a few minutes on the early hours of Monday morning over the waters of the River Plate (Rio de la Plata) not far from this city, according to the Argentinean Air Force (AAF) based on several accounts from eyewitnesses who phoned in their reports.
Commodore Guillermo Losada, the press officer of said force, underlined that "several phone calls" were received which alerted the rpresence of this UFO. He added that its existence could not be officialy confirmed "through the air traffic controllers (of the metropolitan airport) or through any pilot testimony" since there were no flights in the vicinity at the time.
"There has apparently been some sort of sighting, but we cannot confirm the type of object seen," added Losada in a press conference.
Losada noted that the eyewitness testimony "drew our attention" and added that "one must never dismiss out of hand what might prove to be a phenomenon worthy of study."
"The locals coincided in that it was a shining, swirling flying object that remained thus for several minutes before vanishing," added the spokesman.
Translation (C) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.



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