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Hi Jeff
I thought I would send over some of the interesting reports I received over the last little while. They are some older sightings but are certainly some good ones not heard before.
Take care,
Brisbane, Australia
Date: Early 1982
Time: 7:30 to 8:00 p.m.
A lady telephoned me and wanted to report a sighting she and another had in Brisbane, Australia back in 1982. She was living in a two story apartment building which was located on top of a hill and had been living there for eighteen months. Also the building they lived in was right over top of the flight path for their major airport. The jet airliners would come in very low and the lady said it almost felt as if the wheels of these aircraft were skimming across the roof. So she was used to hearing and seeing the large aircraft fly over her home.
One evening the couple felt a vibration which was different from the normal aircraft. Actually the vibration traveled straight through their bodies. Thinking something was not right they went to their living room window which had a beautiful view of the city. What they saw was certainly unusual. The brightest object passed right overhead. The witness told me that it looked like burning magnesium as this was the best example the lady was able to think of. Whatever it was, was extremely large and very bright. The woman said it was a brilliant blue/white in color and it was blinking, or pulsating off and on. When it pulsed off they were not able to see anything until the light returned and it was only the bright light which was seen.
As it moved slowly through the night sky the object came to a stop over southern Brisbane. It was at this point high up in the sky it again disappeared due to the light going out and when the light returned the object was in a completely different location. It all happened so quickly they wondered how it was possible that any craft was able to move so fast and so far away from it's last location. This continued for some time, blinking off and on and again appearing in a different part of the sky. The lady said they watched the object for an hour and a half. Just before it left the airspace it was in, the object split into two separate lights. Both of them were now blinking on and off and the colors were amazing she said. She also added the object was shooting off what looked like flares and again these were colored as well. After a short time the two parts joined into one large object again then split into four pieces and now throwing off a large number of what they described as colored flares. Once gain all the four separate parts came together forming one large brilliant object and started flying westward towards the desert. The witness said it was very exciting to watch from their veranda.
The lady went on to say they knew it wasn't anything that mankind had as she knew of no technology that would be able to perform the aerial acrobatics this object had done that night in a split second.
Something interesting the lady also mentioned was that the international airport had flights arriving and departing approximately every fifteen minutes. She said for the whole time the object sat over Brisbane there was not a flight to be seen coming or going or flying above. As the lady reported above..... the object left, heading west into the desert over the Great Dividing Mountain Range. She was so excited at what she had seen she could not go to bed. It was a warm night so she sat looking toward the mountain where the object had headed. Approximately thirty minutes after the object was out of her sight a group of lights appeared in the distance where the object was last seen. The lights were coming closer and it appeared that they were following the same track the object was traveling, just back tracking. As the lights drew closer and then passed right over top of their apartment the woman was able to see and hear what these objects were. There were four or five military helicopters that were flying in overhead.
After the helicopters passed by and out of her sight the normal air traffic resumed their flights.
The witness called the airport the following day and the folks there denied that something had taken place the night before. There was nothing in the local newspapers or on radio or television. The folks wondered if they had been the only ones watching the drama unfold in the skies that night. They never did find out what it was or find any other people who may have watched the same event.
Calgary, Alberta - Did A UFO Cause A Power Outage?
Date: February 2001
Time: evening
I received a telephone call from a woman who resides in Calgary, Alberta. The family has a very good view of the city of Calgary. One evening the family watched a craft over top of Calgary back in 2001. They reported observing an object for approximately two hours. The lady told me the family got a new telescope for Christmas and this evening in February was the first time they really tried it out. It was cold outside so they set the telescope up indoors and viewed the skies from the comfort of their home looking through one of their large living room windows. The lights were turned off as they did not want to have their view obscured.
The family noticed a bright object high in the sky and first thought it may have been the planet Venus. So they turned the telescope slightly to have a peek at it. (At this point I should tell you that the weather conditions were good and the skies clear and the temperature down to about minus 29).
As they lined up the telescope using the view finder and then looked through the scope they were surprised to see an object which was shrouded in clouds. There were no other clouds visible in the sky that they noticed. The object that was witnessed had an elliptical shape to it. One end of it was poking out of the cloud cover and they were surprised to see windows on the craft. She said she could clearly see through the telescope that the object had windows which ran down along its side.
The lady said it looked as if whatever this was, was trying to impersonate a star. The object would move around the sky very slowly and if anyone on the ground would have seen it, they may have just thought it to be a star or planet. She said it was very high up in altitude. After taking roughly a five minute break from looking through their telescope she came back and now viewed two bright objects. One was stationary over top of the other and offset by half the length of one of the crafts. Both objects still wrapped in a cloud cover and she saw a long tube which was connecting the two objects at roughly a forty five degree angle. The woman said it was a beautiful, cylindrical shaped tube wrapped in cloud. Also it was reported that the cloud cover stuck very close to the shape of the objects and not spread out across the sky.
It was the bottom object, or the end which was sticking out of the cloud cover that she could see had windows, which were the same shape of the objects or roundish. When the objects moved directly overhead of Calgary all of the electricity went out. When the objects moved to the outskirts of the city the power came back on and eventually the crafts moved out of sight. The lady said it was a very exciting night and one they would never forget.
I made an enquiry to see if there was a power outage in the early New Year of 2001. I was told there was an electrical disruption in February of 2001.
A Secret Encampment In B.C. ?
Date: Friday, February 27 @ 01:13:25 CST
Topic: British Columbia Reports
Posted: February 27, 2004
Hi Brian
Just read your story on the CAUS website. I was born in Vancouver, but have spent much of the last ten years in Arizona. I'm very close friends with some of the most recognized names in UFO investigations, and in fact, lectured on the topic myself in the '90s.
Since you're going to be visiting this lady with regards to her UFO experience, and you obviously are a B.C. resident yourself, I have some information that you may be interested in and might want to pursue further.
I used to train horses in the 100 Mile House area around 1980-81. Some of our clients were wealthy German and Swiss families who seems quite out of place considering the remote location. In 1991, while staying in Paradise Valley, AZ, I was told by a well-known Bulgarian UFOlogist that B.C. had been home to a secret German encampment where high-tech flying saucers and advanced aerial vehicles had been engineered and tested since the '50s. It was said to be isolated and near a railroad. Putting 2 and 2 together, I asked a friend of my dad's, a Lac La Hache resident since 1955 if he'd heard any stories about odd objects seen in the skies, and a secret encampment of sorts.
To my surprise, he answered right away, with a "YES" to both inquiries. Plenty of sightings and definitely a remote, highly guarded, foreign-inhabited, self-contained village. There are several mines on the property and their supplies and personal are largely brought in by float plane. This fellow used to deliver oil to most ranches and businesses in the Cariboo - so he knew who and what was out there. Nobody I've ever told this to has investigated further, which still leaves me wondering what is going on.
The location is called Eagle, and /or Murphy Lake. Both names show up on the topographical map. It is south and east of the Lac La Hache ... I believe near the Green Lake area. From what I've heard, armed guards will meet you on the roughly-kept logging road and deny entry to outsiders. Sounds tougher than Area 51 to get a glimpse of.
If the opportunity arises, perhaps asking a few questions from locals around Lilloet will get you a bit more information, or some nervous glances. Their reactions will tell you a lot. That area is well known to hunters, as I understand it, and they know to keep away from Eagle lake.
Good luck with your investigations. Nice to meet a fellow CAUS fan. Peter is a great friend of mine and an incredible crusader for UFO information.
Regards, (name deleted) Richmond, B.C.
Houston, British Columbia
Date: Winter of 1998
Time: 3:00 a.m.
I was in our local store the other day when a fellow had seen the logo on my winter coat and asked did I belong to HBCC UFO Research. I told him I was it, ( the one looking after HBCC UFO). He started to tell me about a strange sighting he had back in 1998 when hauling logs out of the Morice Lake area which is approximately 80 kilometers southwest from Houston, B.C. I asked him if he could call me when the man found a little time. He did indeed call a couple of days later and told me what he saw that early winter morning.
The witness was driving along the Morice West Road and just came over the top of a hill. Looking straight ahead of him he saw what he described as aircraft landing lights which were sitting on the ground. The lights were extremely bright and white. There was no flashing nor did the light move. Whatever it was, it was not moving.
He also said there was no one logging in that area at that time. He also told me that a road which did lead into the area was blocked by a huge bank of snow and the road itself was covered with approximately four feet of snow. The driver said he was really curious to know what he'd seen. The logger would have liked to have stopped but seeing the roads were icy and extremely slippery, a 70 ton load, plus other logging trucks coming behind him a kilometer away he thought it best to just keep going.
The witness got on his radio and asked the drivers behind him if anyone was doing any forestry work where he saw the light. Everyone called back telling him there was nothing in the area. (It would be doubtful that it would have been a helicopter at that time of the morning). Also I asked if it could have been a snowmobile and he told me no. There were no signs of anyone going in along the snow covered road and that was the only access to the area where the light was. He told me all areas around where the light was sitting was dense forest.
As some of the truck operators drove up over the hill they too were able to see the light and found it very unusual.
It was a clear cold night and the northern lights were dancing across the sky.
I mentioned to him that the Huckleberry Mine was having a lot of sightings around it. He said he had also heard of a number of reports coming out of the area from the workers.
Bridge River, Lillooet, British Columbia - 1966
Date: Friday, February 27 @ 01:23:26 CST
Topic: British Columbia Reports
Posted: February 27, 2004
Dear Brian
Winter of 1966, Time 9:00 PM
In 1966, finding myself alone, except for the family cat, Caboodle, after the family breakup and ultimate divorce, I traveled up the Fraser River Canyon to the small village of Lillooet, two hundred road miles north of Vancouver. My former C.O. from my Army days, (name deleted), lived in a mobile home and worked with (name deleted) on her Bridge River-Lillooet News. I joined them, and having spent a month living over The News Office with (name deleted), I learned I could rent a dandy suite overlooking the Fraser River Canyon
The sliding doors opened onto a wide sun deck. The P.G.E. rails were just beyond the fence at the end of the lot. When the 110 car freigts rumbled by I was face to face with the engineers. I used to try to list the many boxcars, the rolling stock of railroads from all over North America in those pre computer days.
At nights no lights shone from the few homes scattered on the bench land below, on the other side of the tracks. The highway connecting Lillooet with the outside world was in the far side of the river. Came the darkness, the valley was pitch black except for the odd set of headlights of cars traveling into town.
There was no road on the mountainside which loomed up on the town side of the canyon.
One winter Friday night my friend (name deleted) had walked over for a visit. the folks in the adjoining suite had the TV on for the Dean Martin Show which aired at 9:00 p.m. (Name deleted) relaxed in an easy chair from which she could see out through the sliding doors. I sat opposite on the chesterfield, too far back to share her view. As we chatted, she suddenly, turned her head, and, staring out through the glass door, exclaimed in a sharp voice, "What's that ?"
I jumped up quickly to share her excitment and immediately saw a huge red swirling ball with flaring red orange flaming edges coming towards us from above the west side mountain.
Grabbing the glass door catch I shouted "let's get out onto the deck !" which we did. As we stood side by side, we watched the whirling fire ball hurdle towards us, so fast that we both ducked down, putting our hands on our heads as we truly expected to be hit as it crashed upon us. But, as we crouched and watched, the thing hovered "just above the mountainside" so to speak, spinning and flaring, to right, to left, to right again, for a few seconds. It hesitated on the final jerk to the right, then in erratic short jumps, still spinning and flaring, it began to recede, grow smaller, to nothing, back into the sky from whence it had come.
We returned to the room, quite shaken up, and (name deleted) snapped, "Exactly what did we see ?"
I put into words much as I have in this account, using my extended arm to describe the movement. "Exactly !" she snapped.
Being Friday night with everything closed for the weekend, we had no way of finding out if anyone else had shared the sight. the News was being printed, not in Lillooet, but in Fort St. John at Ma'sson Dan's newspaper shop, so nothing was "of the moment"
By the time the weekend was over and folks were back on the job, we felt rather foolish in speaking of our UFO encounter. Had we not rushed to the sun deck, causing us to be physically involved, had we just focused and seen it with our sight, we may well have pondered if we had seen it at all.
I recall when I saw the movie "Strange Encounters" some years back I thought the UFO props were not nearly as exciting as what (name deleted) and I had shared on that Friday night in Lillooet, B.C.
It is now August 20, 2000 and in Houston Newspaper, Wednesday 9 August 2000 one Brian V is asking for news of any sightings "past or present" and as (name deleted) passed on at 83, years ago, and I am now living in (location deleted) on the shore of (location deleted) at age 87, I decided to pass on our joint experience of that special Friday night in Lillooet. (name deleted) would truly approve !
My Many Thanks And Warm Wishes To Sourdough Sue Ward And Her Friend Sue's Colorful Name Comes From Her Adventures In Dawson City, Yukon Names and location of course are deleted to protect their privacy.
Thank you to all the witnesses for the reports.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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