UFO Sequence From Stan Romanek
Stan Romanek

March 16,2003, about 9:45pm.
My wife smokes, but won't smoke inside, so she goes out on the back deck. It was a little cloudy and hazy that night and you could see a rainbow around the Moon. We were discussing how pretty it was. I decided to get my new digital camera out and try to take a picture, I wanted to see how it worked at night. As I was taking the first pictures I noticed something off to the left of the moon, but thought it was a cloud at first. Then when I looked at the view screen on the back of the camera to see how the picture turned out, I noticed the object. In amazement, I took a succession of pictures, half of which were zoomed in a little, the other half not. I then ran in and got my binoculars. I could not believe my eyes it was shaped like a giant flat plate and whatever it was, was big. You could have landed at least a dozen 747s on. There is a picture of it directly in front of the moon; you can get a good idea of its true size. I guesstamated that it was at least 40,000 to 60,000 feet up. I remember seeing a plain fly under it. The plain was a speck in comparison. Then it just disappeared, POOF.




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