Dr. Len Horowitz On
Contrail Controversy
Possible Hoax
From Dr. Len Horowitz <>
Dear Mr. Reynolds,
Thank you for your well researched and written article concerning the contrail or "chemtrail" issue. I, like many other concerned citizens and researchers was persuaded by the circulating warnings regarding EDB. I was unaware that Richard Finke who edited and condensed Larry Wayne Harris's book was the source of this possible hoax. Had I known this, I certainly would have used greater caution myself as Mr. Harris's propagandist and counterintelligence exploits on behalf of himself and the Central Intelligence Agency was diagnosed and documented by me many months ago. (See Larry Wayne Harris articles in FTP file in
I would like to propose an alternative theory regarding your statement "Finke may have been seeking to drum up business for LWH Consulting."
Given the fact that counterintelligence relies largely on distractive pronouncements and proceedings, the contrail/EDB fright may be covering up a more insidious threat to public health. I advance this thesis not only because of Fiske's association with Harris, but because something undetermined and unattended IS transmitting the vast epidemic of flu-like upper respiratory infection that is not viral or bacterial but appears to be fungal in nature. There IS a large percentage of people suffering and dying with this bizarre flu-like illness, and, to date, there has been no official diagnosis or even mention of it by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)--very odd since they typically take advantage of every opportunity to relay their heroics in diagnosing and alerting the public concerning such outbreaks even months in advance. (This itself is suspicious as their disease surveillance network is incapable of predicting precisely which strain of flu will strike North America from the Pacific Rim. Yet, they are geared up every year to taught the vaccine for that strain and deliver their propaganda months in advance.)
There IS something going on that appears to be linked to respiratory, that is airborne, toxins and/or biologicals. My colleagues in clinical practice have been following this bizarre outbreak since last August when patients were overwhelming emergency rooms in several U.S. cities with atypical influenza-like symptoms. That was not the winter flu season you described.
Moreover, some brownish, blackish, greenish, sticky mixture has been falling from the sky in different parts of the U.S. that may or may not be related to contrails. One colleague, Dr. Joseph Puleo in Northern Idaho was able to obtain a sample of this substance. It was first sent to a laboratory where it was reported highly toxic. So toxic that lab workers became ill and were unwilling to complete their analysis. Dr. Puleo may be reached to confirm this by calling 208-265-2575 or by E-mail at I understand from Dr. Puleo, that this sample was returned to him, and then he submitted it to another laboratory recommended to him by John Trochmann from the Montana Militia. (Your report was disseminated and came to me by way of the Montana Militia.) Unfortunately, I was told, this second laboratory "lost the sample."
Dr. Puleo has been most successful treating this unprecedented flu-like illness with an antifungal regimen that he can best explain. His treatments include raising the body temperature with cayenne pepper and herbal combinations (since most of the chronically ill show low body temperatures on examination). Moreover, extensive detoxification, deacidification, and oxygenation therapies have shown remarkable success in helping patients recover fairly rapidly once treatment is initiated.
Based on the evidence that my colleagues and I have accumulated, I conclude that this flu-like illness IS most likely associated with chemical and biological co-factors. Chemicals, perhaps falling from contrails or other sources, may be compromising immunity that facilitates infections by fungi and likely mycoplasma as well. We do hold scientific and government documents relating to "Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome with or Without Systemic Disease Associated with Infections Due to Mycoplasma fermentans" (Lo, Wear, et al., Clin. Inf. Dis. 1993;17(Suppl 1)5259-63.) and U.S. Patent number 5,242,820 (Sept. 7, 1993) by Lo of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for the assignee, the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC. These documents describe myriad symptoms and clinical observations very close, if not identical to, those presenting in this epidemic.
Finally, not that he needs my support, but I can vouch for Will Thomas's character. He is not doing what you apparently think. He's not a nutritional supplement salesman. He is a dedicated investigator, much like you, who is seeking to learn the truth.
If we all put our heads together, maybe we will finally discover the truth underlying the hype.
Best wishes,
Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
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