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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
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Filer's Files #8 2-19-3

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This report includes an: Budget suggests aliens may be in outer space, Connecticut bright object spotted, New York orange fireball, New Jersey flying triangle, Maryland craft hovers over highway, Florida daylight teardrop craft, Indiana bell with lights, Michigan flying triangle, Wisconsin chevron, Colorado boomerang, Washington UFO sightings continue, Canadian fighters chase UFOs, Brazil UFO causes blackout, UK video best ever, Netherlands flashing object, Italy has enormous cylinder, Hungary UFO causes engine to stop, and Australia flash of light. Mars once was wet and warm.
STAMFORD -- The witness was warming up the car on a cold clear night at 7:54 PM, on February-9, 2003, and he noticed a brightly lit white object that was moving slowly north. I thought it might be a private, single engine plane but there was no sound of prop or engine and the light was unlike any I have seen on any aircraft. After three seconds it disappeared. I stood outside of my car for a few more minutes to see if the object would return but only a small jet with pulsing lights and a prop aircraft flew over, but these were not the same object. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BROOKLYN -- The witness woke up at 5:30 AM and looked out his window on February 11, 2003, and saw a light like a star, but it was too close to be a star and very bright. The witness states. "I immediately picked up my camera starting filming, and as I zoomed in closer the object started to change size, its light dimmed then got real bright. I thought it could be a chopper but then suddenly this thing had a shinning ring under it. I could see a shadow or something was flying around it with some other form of lights. It was near the Verrazano Bridge. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
CHATHAM -- The witness and his friend were walking outside on February 8, 2003, and they noticed a plane flying overhead at 9:15 PM, but didn't think much of it. They went on the opposite sides of the street to test how far their Walkie-talkies could communicate. The witness stated, "I looked up at the sky and the lights reappeared, they were very close to me, and I saw three lights in a triangle type shape and the craft was the same color of the night." At this point I was ecstatic and I started running towards my friend screaming and telling him to look at the object. We saw it start to descend towards an abandoned property that I believe was about a half mile away.  It hovered down unlike a plane. Also, the craft was silent. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BETHESDA/ROCKVILLE -- On January 21, 2003, at 10:55 PM, the witness left work and was unlocking his car door and saw a craft with three lights in a straight line with a blinking light underneath. It was just hovering near the 495 Interstate Highway. Then the craft started to float to the right for a bit and then floated to the left. So I got in my car to see if I could get closer to the craft. The witness reports, "When I got to the main road I paused and saw it hover for a few more seconds, and then it darted away from me at unbelievable speed." Let me remind you that I did not hear any noises, and usually when helicopters and planes are near, I can hear some noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
MIAMI -- The witness report he and his Dad were driving along 88th Street approaching 157 Avenue on February 6, 2003, at 7:51 PM when they looked to the right and noticed, in a near distance, an oval like object hovering over some lights. He states, "At first I thought it might be a blimp, but then I started studying the object and noticed it had an oval shape, but one end was not the same proportion, so it appeared as a teardrop." Thanks to <>NUFORC
WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE -- A married couple left Jeffersonville around 9 PM, on February 6, 2003, when a large, orange light appeared in front of them. On the other side of Court House the same light appeared for about four seconds, faded, then another to the right quickly blinked then went out and the light on the left lit up again. About three miles down the road the lights came on again and they pulled over and saw four flying blinking lights on what they thought were planes. They continued driving and, "The lights were a single, strobe-like light on each one, that would blink quickly, then would go off, and then blink slowly." My husband noticed one going left, then stall, and change direction quickly going back to the right." They moved into pairs moving around in the sky going different speeds. They seemed very far away which would make the speed even greater. I've never seen a plane change direction, or speed like these did. At Frankfort we got off to get a better look and two lights lined up. The other two came in and joined the line in the middle of these. Their lights rarely blinked and the two on the outside began a patterned blink. As they flew away 8 to 10 separate lights in a row blinked. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
CRAWFORDSVILLE -- On January 23, 2003, while traveling west at 65 mph on Interstate 74, the witness noticed three lights with another above. They moved together until mile marker 29, when the craft turned south and flew towards him. The observer states, "This is when I could see a dark bell shape form between the top light and the lower three lights. It continued toward my truck until it was close enough that it was passing over me. I looked and never spotted it again although I noticed another set of lights about three miles away. When these lights got about a half mile north at less than 1000 feet off the ground, all their lights went out for a second or two. Then where the three bottom lights had been there was a sequence of 5 or 6 strobe lights from left to right, twice, then one bright flash from the left end and right end lights. Then nothing, it just wasn't there. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
WATERFORD -- The witness was looking out his bedroom window on February 9, 2003, at 7:30 PM, and noticed three lights in a triangle. He reports, "I could clearly see the outline of a dark craft that was larger than a semi-truck that moved behind some trees about fifty yards away." There were three steady dull lights kind of like street lights several blocks away. After a few seconds I got up and opened the front window and leaned out from the waist up. There were a few planes in the distance and a small jet like plane following the path of the flying triangle. There were clouds in the sky to the southeast so I could no longer see the craft. I am not sure what it was, but it was large and ominous. Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
ALMA CENTER -- The witness was coming home from work at 6:45 PM, on a very cold January 23, 2003, morning and noticed an object flying toward him. The two previous mornings just before sunrise, he had seen a brightly colored moving object off to the west. This morning it was moving closer, appearing and disappearing. He states, "It came to 100 feet from my car and stopped, so I got out of my car and saw a green colored craft with a large frosted white dome on top. It was hovering about 20 feet off the ground." "I could see movement in the dome shape fixture on top, but only vague shapes were visible, but there was very definitely something or someone in this object. I couldn't believe it and drove off at high speed as I was very scared," he said. The object made a swing above me and flew off to the east. I know what I saw this morning and am very puzzled?  
WEYAUWEGA -- On February 1, 2003, at dusk a father reports, "I was filming my son sledding and he pointed up and we noticed some lights coming in from the southwest, so I just pointed the camera up and took some shots of an object that gave me the impression of a balloon with some lights." They seemed to cycle in all different patterns as the object passed almost directly overhead and then headed south towards the train tracks. As the object passed over, I could make out more of a disk shape than a balloon shape. My son asked me over and over what it was and I don't have a clue. Thanks to UFO Wisconsin <>
FRUITA --The witness was delivering pizza when he saw a boomerang shaped craft that was maneuvering unlike an airplane or a helicopter. It was covered in various colored lights, and had numerous pinpoint lights. It sparkled like a diamond in the light. He reports, "It moved in erratic and figure eight patterns like no known aircraft." It hovered moving in erratic patterns, and would move quickly below the line of sight like it was landing, but then appeared again. The colored lights were brilliant as were the sparkling pinpoint white lights. Airplanes are unable to float in such patterns as this craft. I estimate the body was between 30 to 50 feet in width. <>NUFORC
CORNING -- Witnesses that included siblings, parents, and grandparents from many different towns in the California Valley saw three lights on January 25, 2003. We saw them at first around 6:00 PM, as three circular lights flew in circles. The two dimmer ones followed the brighter one going pretty fast. They flew around until 9:30 PM, when the two brightest ones disappeared. The dimmest one kept going for about ten more minutes before disappearing. We know they weren't planes or anything like that, because we went to different towns to make sure and they were always there and we were too far away for them to be search lights. 
SHERMAN OAKS -- Two white-appearing, glowing orbs moved out of the west to the east, on January 25, 2003, at 1:36 PM.  They moved slowly about 30,000 feet in parallel formation, then stopped directly overhead. They changed color to red and back to white for twenty minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
SEATTLE -- Mr. Robert B. Frost, a retired aerospace engineer reports, "At 10:07 PM February 1, 2003, an anomalous signature was recorded on a 3-axis magnetometer. The data was recorded at a one-sample-per-second data rate, with a resolution of one nano-Tesla(nT). The anomalous signature was sinusoidal, with a duration of approximately 50 seconds. Peak to peak magnitude values were: 32nT in X-axis, 40nT in Y-axis, and 11nT in Z-axis. Comparisons were made with other manmade object signatures such as automobiles, aircraft, and trains, none of which matched in wave form, or approached peak to peak magnitude (being less than), or duration (being shorter than). Short term transients caused by solar wind activity are another potential source, but has not been observed creating such symmetric sinusoidal signatures. Solar wind induced variations tend to have more irregular wave forms although peak to peak values of this magnitude do occur." NUFORC reports, "We find the event to be of interest because: 1) It appears to be grossly anomalous, and 2) because the peculiar event occurred approximately 30 minutes before two seemingly credible, and independent, reports of sightings of a large disc-shaped object in the vicinity of Spokane, WA. We invite comment on the event from any parties who might be able to provide an explanation for such a large magnetic anomaly. Thanks to Peter Davenport
SPOKANE -- Judge Ed writes that, "The strange activity of lights and craft in the Palouse wheat country south of Spokane is continuing." This activity began last February 2002 and has continued on a cyclical basis since that time. I get the definite impression that this activity has evolved during the past year. Initially, most of the activity consisted of iridescent balls of light, generally drifting in various directions, as if looking for something. As time has progressed, it seems that the activity has become much more directed and businesslike. I also get the impression from the variety of lights and craft that I observe, and the manner in which these objects sometimes interact with each other, that there is more than one entity or group involved, and that they do not necessarily like each other.
It also appears that the objects have been modifying their appearance and sound to imitate commercial air traffic. For example, on a night two weeks ago, I videotaped an object flying from the southeast to the northwest over my home and toward Tower Mountain. As it flew over, it looked and sounded very much like a large commercial jet. However, I then watched as it flew near the radio towers -- stop -- reverse direction -- and slowly descend into the tree tops on Tower Mountain! There is also an object which periodically flies over with a distinctive sound that still makes the hair on my arms raise up whenever I hear it. The best way I can describe it is as a mixture of a jet turbine sound, and what sound like rings of hard metal whirring, spinning, and scraping against each other at a very rapid speed. One night it flew over and a houseguest ran upstairs asking, "What was that ?" It has a very strange mechanical sound unlike any other aircraft that I have ever heard. The object also moves quite slowly - I would estimate it is slower than a Cessna 150 at the same altitude, but it is definitely not a helicopter.
Recently, I, also, received a very interesting email from a family that observed a large glowing ball of light in mid-November, 2002, hovering near a lake in Northern Idaho. This location is about 20 miles east of my home. The light was described as huge and initially only about 1/4 mile away. It was quite bright and giving off colors including reds, blues and greens. The light followed the witness in her car for about 10 minutes before swiftly rising straight up, as if "pulled by a string." I thought this report was significant because the witness accurately described the iridescent glowing ball of light that I still see from time to time.
I sometimes see these objects moving around the towers on Tower Mountain. Several photos show movement around and below the towers, clearly in violation of the 1000 foot minimum clearance requirements of FAA regulation. The third photo is of an object actually sitting down in the trees at the base of a tower. I have previously observed a helicopter operating in this area during the day, and I could clearly hear the chop of the rotors. There was NO noise associated with this object, and the photo was taken on a quiet, still evening. The fifth is simply a brilliant object which suddenly rose up from the ground. 
The first and second photos show the "flaring" of an object. I have repeatedly observed certain types of objects flare with great intensity when they stop or change direction. I note that this phenomena was described in a 1968 report published by the Rand Corporation entitled UFOs - What To Do." When I read that report, I was quite surprised to note the similarities. I sometimes see more than one object in the sky at the same time, and sometimes they fly toward each other as if they are challenging each other, or "playing chicken." They looked like they were going to crash into each other. The second to final photo is a 5 second time exposure of two blinking objects. Note the variety of colors on the one. Thanks to Ed
Ed would like to be contacted by investigators in his area. Many of the photos look like time exposures of aircraft or helicopters, but many remain anomalous and unidentified. The photos can be seen at #7 and #8 <>Filer's Files UFO Center Views
INDIAN MOUNTAIN, NB -- It was about 2:10 AM, on February 9, 2003, when my mother called me to look at something out the window with my friend, who was also a witness to a hazy orange glow. It was a round orange ball in the sky across the road above the treeline. It was not a meteor, but it was bright and light orange; and the edges were a red-orange and brighter. My mother said, there was a half-ring of darker flickering 'fire' on the left side. It was very smooth, with no metal sheen. It was unlike most "UFO" sightings I've read about. It was perfectly solid looking, emitting no glow. Through binoculars, it was a definite sphere. Mom saw the moon nowhere near where the orange circle was, high in the air, and white, to boot.
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike had a phone call from a retired pilot who had worked with NORAD and told Brian he knew all about "Flying Saucers." He remembers clearly that he scrambled fighters out of Comox on Vancouver Island in the late 50's, early 60s to intercept an Unidentified Flying Object. They scrambled fighter interceptors because they were tracking strange objects on radar making all kinds of radical maneuvers. The media had been receiving telephone calls from the public who were seeing UFOs so they decided to call the Comox base. 
The Commander of the base called the pilot at his home, and said, "Nothing unusual really happened last night" even though media from Vancouver had been making a good number of calls to the base. The pilot said, "I got the message loud and clear!" "Three bags full, Yes Sir" ! So he kept his mouth shut. But later on he talked with other fighter pilots who took photos of the "flying saucers" as they flew beside the objects. Orders came down from the Canadian DND to hand over the camera and film. He also said this went on for years and one didn't talk about it or your career was finished.
ATIBAIA -- Investigator Joseph Trainor reports that on February 3, 2003, two silver-plated and spherical UFOs were seen during a blackout over Atibaia, in the Brazilian State of Bay. The sighting happened at 2:30 AM, and was announced by a local radio station claiming the object was zigzagging in the night sky. The UFO emitted shining multicolor lights that totally illuminated the streets of the city. These craft have been seen repeatedly in the mountains of Itapetinga. Thanks to Joseph Trainor UFO Roundup
LIVERPOOL -- Eric Morris has apparently taken superb video of three discoidal UFOs near the Liverpool Airport on January 16, 2003. The British group BUFOSC is analyzing the video which is thought to be the best video in the history of the field. The video, made by Morris at 11:50 hours shows three discoidal UFOs making evolutions of Liverpool Airport following an airplane on the approach. Morris indicates that the video will not be presented/displayed worldwide until making a scrupulous and exhaustive investigation. According to Morris, "This is the best video evidence by BUFOSC and has the best documented UFO of history. Thanks to
RENKUM -- On February 10, 2003, when the witness heard a loud bang and when he looked out of my window at 1:15 AM, he saw a green/yellow flashing obstacle moving fast across the sky. He double checked and the object was still there. It was a circle which was flashing in the center of the sky. It moved very fast front left to right and from up to down. It had a very odd appearance and he never saw such a thing like this.
BUDAPEST -- The witness observed a UFO at 9:10 PM, on February 9, 2003, that looked like a big circle. Some friends were traveling in their car when this big flying object appeared above them. He writes, "The engine of the car stopped, and we couldn't hear any sounds, after two minutes there was a strong light, and the object disappeared."
VENETO --Ufológico Center National of Italy reports a cylindrical and luminous UFO was sighted between the localities of Monselice and Stanghella, near Tribano. The UFO sighted February 3, 2003, was of great dimensions and displayed a cylindrical form with a metallic appearance. It had multicolored lights and was moving in a north to south direction without making any sound. Finally the UFO continued its quick movements until disappearing over the horizon. Thanks to
BRISBANE -- Standing in my front yard on February 7, 2003, I looked at the sky wondering if I would see a shooting star and a moving object caught my eye at 10:45 PM. I observed three lights in a perfect triangular formation change direction and move quickly across the sky without making a sound. The lights were dim but bright enough to watch as they disappeared over the horizon. I've seen satellites and this object wasn't one. It moved from just above the south western horizon to disappear over the north eastern horizon within 30 seconds. The lights were white in color but quite dull. Just before it disappeared, the object came to a complete halt, remaining perfectly still for about 10-15 seconds. My two dogs were locked up at the time, but when I let them out into the back yard they whimpered and barked at the sky. They have never done this previously.
NASA Science News reports: "Astronauts onboard the International Space Station have been observing strange electric-blue clouds that hover on the edge of space. Thin, wispy clouds, glowing electric blue. Some scientists think they're seeded by space dust. Others suspect they're a telltale sign of global warming. They're called noctilucent or "night-shining" clouds (NLCs for short). And whatever causes them, they're lovely. "Over the past few weeks we've been enjoying outstanding views of these clouds above the southern hemisphere," said space station astronaut Don Pettit during a NASA TV broadcast last month. "We routinely see them when we're flying over Australia and the tip of South America." Sky watchers on Earth have seen them, too, glowing in the night sky after sunset, although the view from Earth-orbit is better. Pettit estimated the height of the noctilucent clouds he saw at 80 to 100 km ... "literally on the fringes of space."
Editor's Note: The strange electric blue clouds indicate high levels of electrical energy in space. UFOs are often seen near power stations, over electrical transmission lines, over thunderstorms and near these clouds. UFOs appear to generate vast amounts of energy, but they may need to obtain extra fuel from these various sources. Just prior to the Shuttle disaster cameras captured a glowing purple rope of light that corkscrews down the Shuttle's plasma trail, that appears to pass behind it, then cuts sharply towards it from below. Shuttle instruments almost simultaneously were indicating much higher temperatures at the bottom of the left wing. Similar light ropes have destroyed US missiles in flight. I suggest that UFO expert John Callahan, who was the former FAA Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations be appointed to the NASA accident investigation board for the Columbia. Anomalous plasmas, electrical energy are often reported during various aircraft accidents such as TWA Flight 800. The military continues to require their pilots to report UFOs. Space Command continues to track uncorrelated targets. UFOs may be an unknown natural phenomenon, but in my opinion to ignore them is foolish.
DENVER -- Dr. James F. Kasting, a member of Penn State's NASA-sponsored Astrobiology Research Center says, Mars had to be continuously warmer to form Mars' deep valleys. Recent research suggests that early Mars was cold most of the time and warmed up only when asteroids impacted the planet. "I do not think this is right," said Dr. Kasting, who spoke at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting on February 14. "I do not think there was enough time involved to form the types of features that we see on the Martian landscape." The half-mile to over a mile wide channel at the bottom of Nanedi Vallis is about 100 feet across," says Kasting. "It took millions of years of constant running water to carve the Grand Canyon. It would take a similar time on Mars." The Martian surface could have received 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit additional warming from the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide ice clouds.  Researchers now think that Mars has a supply of water, which is required for all terrestrial life. Evidence of methanobacteria could be found in subsurface fossils or, the bacteria could still be there today. "What we need to do is go and take samples," said Kasting. NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission, scheduled to launch later this year, will have two fully capable robotic vehicles that will sample soils looking for signs of life.
Los Alamos aboratory scientist Bill Feldman released the first global map of hydrogen distribution identified by instruments aboard NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft and offered estimates of the water stored near the Martian surface. For nearly a year, Los Alamos' neutron spectrometer has been mapping the hydrogen content of the planet's surface by measuring changes in neutrons given off by soil. "It's becoming increasingly clear that Mars has enough water to support future human exploration," Feldman said. "In fact, there's enough to cover the entire planet to a depth of at least five inches, and we've only analyzed the top few feet of soil." The vast water icecaps at the poles may be the source. The thickness of the icecaps themselves may be enough to bottle up geothermal heat from below, increasing the temperature at the bottom and melting the bottom layer of the icecaps, which then could feed a global water table. California Institute of Technology planetary scientists studying new satellite imagery, now think that the Martian polar ice caps are made almost entirely of water ice with just a smattering of frozen carbon dioxide, or "dry ice," at the surface. Thanks to SpaceDaily. A color map is available at: online.
Filer's Files for six years has been saying our observations showed water movement on Mars.
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