UFO Visits Chilean Supermarket
From Scott Corrales
From UFO UpDates-Toronto
Source: Diario Las Ultimas Noticias (newspaper)

Cameras at the Puente Alto Lider supermarket captured the strange apparition.
When security guard Victor Montero did his rounds on May 27 at the Lider supermarket of the communed of Puente Alto, something made him lose his calm. It wasn't an emergency or a robbery, but the sighting of a strange luminous object which sped toward him and then moved away, only to remain static. in sky.
Seized by fear, Montero ran toward the office where the rest of the guards were stationed to warn them about the unusual apparition. It was then when his colleague Lorena Castro decided to shift the positions of the store's safety cameras, located on the corners of the roof, to record what was going on in the heavens.
"Without thinking if it was allowed or not, I decided to record the object with the supermarket's security cameras. I used the city's lights as a point of refernece to show its altitude and the object sometimes jumps out of the recording, since it was very fast and moved suddenly," stated a still shocked Lorena.
"The first time we saw it was about five o'clock in the morning. It was round and had red and green lights, remaining like a fixed point [in the sky] and then moving swiftly toward the sides or up and down," noted the worker.
The store's chief of security, Julio Gatica, was startled by the images recorded, which prompted him to bring his portable camera and come to wor around six o'clock in the morning to see the phenomenon with his own eyes.
"It changed position and spectacularly so. First it looked like a single sphere, the a black circle appears in its middle, and then it hangs like a jellyfish in the air, " reported Gatica,.who also said tha the object has appeared on a daily basis and remains in the sky for hours, even after daybreak. "Even the executives who opened the supermarket got a chance to see it."
The employees have gotten used to this strange visitor, since they haven't even bothered to tape it again. However, aside from the impression it caused on the first day, it also caused an accident two days later. "A security guard almost killed himself because of that object. He was working when the luminous sphere headed for him at full speed. When the man stepped back, thinking the object was about to pounce on him, he fell, " related the security chief.
Julio Gatica is certain that the UFO visiting the sector is a flying saucer. For this reason, based on the five tapes which have already been recorded, he made a complete follow up, carefully noting the exact times in which the object engages in its rapid motions and collecting eyewitness testimony. ___
Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special Thanks to Rodrigo Cuadra, TOC


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