Family Videotapes Its Own
UFO Close Encounter In Texas
By Santiago Yturria

I send you this report of the Cardenas family from Washington State whom I met last month when they came to Monterrey. They had a most unique experience on December 17 and I'm sure you will find it very interesting.
My best wishes,
Note - The following report looms as one of the most important in years due to the fact this family actually videotaped, with sound, a very close encounter with an unknown object in the middle of the desolate Texas encounter which may have been far more than just a close-up visual sighting...
As one of Mexico's top researchers, Santiago has been intensely involved in a number of major investigations, especially of objects flying above his city of Monterrey. You can find his earlier reports via our site search engine. Thank you, Santiago, and congratulations...this is truly an amazing report which will be talked about & studied for years to come. -Jeff Rense
By Santiago Yturria
Edited by Jeff Rense
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Last December 17 was definitely an extraordinary day for the Cardenas family from Washington state...the day fate granted them an encounter with the unknown. I was lucky to meet Mr. Juan Cardenas and family here in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico on December 22, as a result of a trip they made to spend the holidays with his brother's family in this city.
During our meeting, Mr. Cardenas and his wife Patricia Rugeiro gave me their account of an incredible experience they had the night of December 17, 2000 while travelling on the road to San Antonio, Texas. Fortunately, they were able to capture virtually the entire extraordinary event on video. This is our interview:
Mr. Juan Cardenas: Last December, I decided to take a trip with my family to Monterrey, Mexico to pay a visit to my brother and spend the holidays with his family. We live in Washington State, so it would be a long trip, but we have made this trip before on past holidays, so we already know the route. It was Sunday, December 17, when we left Fort Stockton at 7:00 PM Pacific time (9:00 PM Texas time). I was with my wife, Patricia Rugeiro, Patricia's father, Noe, and our three sons Jonathan (8 years old), Jesus Marin and Adrian.
I was driving my van and we took the road to San Antonio for a supposed five hour trip. At 7:12 PM (9:12 PM Texas time) approximately, my wife, Patricia, alerted me about a strange luminous light to our right side. She said that it was brighter than a star and looked different. I replied that it had to be some kind of signal light for airplanes. She continued watching the light and a minute later she said: "It's moving!" We had our videocamera (an RCA-VHS with zoom) with us and had been taping our trip since we left Washington State. So, I said: "Film the light."
Mrs. Patricia Rugeiro: When I first saw this light at the distance, it attracted my attention because of its brightness. It was brighter that an ordinary star, and I kept watching it while my husband was driving the van. Then he told me to film it so, I took the videocamera and began filming through the windshield. But there was so much wind outside and I remember that our van was slightly shaking.
It was not a clear night and dark clouds were covering the sky, however it was not raining. That's when I thought: the sky is covered with clouds, so that's not a star! I began taping and applied the zoom. Through the camera's viewfinder I realized that the light was moving and seemed to be growing, so I said to Juan: "It's moving, I tell you. It's strange!" and I asked him to stop the van to watch the light and film it more properly without movements.
SY: At this moment in the interview, Mr. Cardenas remembered an interesting fact that added more mystery to the moment they were describing.
Mr. Juan Cardenas: I remember that strong winds were shaking our van but when I decided to park alongside the road to watch that strange light, the winds stopped. In fact, there were no sounds outside; it was dark and that light was still there.
SY: I confirmed this statement from Mr. Cardenas by reviewing the original video. During the first minutes of the film, the van was moving and you can see the bright light in the distance and the noise of the wind is also present. But in the next segment of the film, the van was parked and while Mrs. Rugeiro was videotaping, there was no wind, no noise, or any other outside sounds audible. By this time, Mr. Cardenas' sons and Mr. Noe were already alert and excited to find out what the strange light could be.
Mrs. Patricia Rugeiro: When we parked the van, I lowered my right window and started filming supporting my arm against the door to avoid as much as possible moving the camera. It has a small color monitor attached on the left side, so my husband and my sons were watching that light on the camera's monitor. In less than two minutes, the light began to act strangely, it seemed to increase its size and made some movements. I realized it was getting near!
"Look, Juan!!" I said, "at how it's moving. It's not the camera...I'm not moving the camera! This thing is moving and is getting closer!!"
SY: This part of the original video is particularly interesting. I detected a sudden emotional stress among the occupants of the van when Mrs. Patricia Rugeiro said those words. The video, indeed, shows an abrupt change in the light's behavior, and the kids began shaking trying to see the light through the windshield causing the videocamera to move and Mrs. Patricia encouraged them to stay calm and not to move the camera. A small discussion is heard and everybody's talking denotes the excitement of the family in the presence of something unknown.
Mr. Juan Cardenas: My son, Jonathan, was very restless and I continued watching the light through the windshield and at the camera's monitor. I began wondering if it would be safe to be parked on this road alone, and time-to-time, I turned to see if there were more cars passing by. But there were no cars, no wind, no sounds...and I began to worry.
Mrs. Patricia Rugeiro: It was about 7:20 PM (9:20 PM Texas time). We were all calmly watching the camera's monitor when suddenly the light disappeared. "It's gone!" I said but kept the camera turned on and running.
It was just a matter of seconds when the light turned on again and it was so near and so bright that the camera went out of focus. My son Jonathan shouted: "Wow, it's big!" I pulled the zoom back and also shouted: "Look, Juan, look at's like an orange!!" You can hear all this in the video.
SY: This video segment presents a dramatic change of size and shape of the object, like a luminous redish orb with some kind of flamed tail attached on the lower left side. It definitely has movements and the expression of little Jonathan is more that explicit.
At this moment of the tape a change of attitude in the family is also detected. Complete silence took over while they were observing this huge presence. Only the comments of Mrs. Patricia while filming are heard, describing what they are confronting.
Mrs. Patricia Rugeiro: "It is an object, it's a UFO!" I said, and now I realized that it was very close. It looked like a red ball at first but then it spun slightly to the right and some kind of luminous flame was visible on its lower left side. But the best part was just about to come.
I was very excited and convinced this was a true UFO. Then it began to spin very slow to the left, and the shape changed as well as the luminous intensity.
In a few seconds, the object turned into a huge white tube-shaped thing, so intense, that its light seemed to be reflected down onto the ground. "It's like a rocket Juan!!" I said...but he didn't reply. I was absobed filming and watching the changing colors that the object began to make.
SY: Reviewing the original video, several colors from red, violet, and green are detected on the contour of the white tube-shaped object and also a bigger section on the front is visible. This suggests that the object was seen from the front during the first moments, perhaps when it was approaching their location. That could explain the orb shape and then it spun around, revealing it's real shape (a cylinder). However, we have to dedicate more time to study and analyze the video before we can adopt more definite conclusions.
Mrs. Patricia Rugeiro: The object turned into a colored light show and the camera was capturing it very accurately. I was so excited and never felt fear at any time. Every time the object made a movement I described it to the camera. It was an unexplained feeling. Suddenly, my husband Juan said: "That's it, let's go!" and started to run the van and I stopped filming.
Mr. Juan Cardenas: I was really worried when the object showed up so big and bright. I must say that I preferred to watch the camera's monitor instead of watching it through the windshield and I was thinking: it's dangerous, here we are in this dark night, alone on a lonely road, in the middle of nowhere, and in front of this "thing."
I began experiencing an unpleaseant discomfort so I decided to leave the place as soon as posible. Of course, I didn't want my family to be aware of my fear, so I said to my wife: "Listen, we may spend all night looking at this object, but remember that we have a long way still to go and you all will be sleeping while I have to drive, so we better go now. I don't want to get more tired, ok?" And we left the place.
SY: At this final part of the interview, both accounts seemed to have some discrepancies with the video occurances itself. For instance, the video suddenly stops, as if it were interrupted or the battery discharged.
I didn't hear any expression by Mr. Cardenas just before the video stopped. In fact, Mrs. Patricia was mentioning something about the ufo when the video abruptly stopped.
This made me wonder about what Mr. Cardenas said to Mrs. Patricia as an excuse to leave the place. On the other hand, Mrs. Patricia didn't mention any of those words. She just said that Mr. Cardenas told her, "Thats it, let's go!"
After reviewing, several times, the last part of the video, I didn't hear in the audio portion the words supposedly spoken by Mr. Cardenas at all. So, I sense the drastic interruption of the taping may be caused by a reason not yet specified.
I asked Mr. and Mrs. Cardenas, separately, about this inaccuracy but they didn't seem able to remember what happened exactly at that moment. I became aware that both became very nervous when I asked what happened when the video stopped. Fearful of making them feel uncomfortable, I didn't press the subject.
However, Mr. Cardenas confessed to me, just before we finished our meeting, that after they left the place, sometime later he parked the van again alongaside the road where he, as well as the others, all fell asleep.
When I heard this I asked him to let me review the portions of the video after the UFO encounter, and he said, "Well, you will find something rather unusual...the times of the camera's clock don't match."
Reviewing the video after the ufo sighting, I confirmed that the hours in the video were mixed-up, and I could find no plausible reason for this discrepancy.
Preliminary conclusion: I confess I was tempted to suspect a "missng time" kind of an abduction case, but I preferred to stay with the facts and the Cardenas' testimonies, avoiding any type of speculation.
I must say that I had a pleasant impression of the Cardenas family. They were very open and cooperative in telling their story, giving me the original VHS video for analysis and agreeing to be interviewed. I believe they are a completely honest, middle-class family, and I don't find any reason why they would invent such a story or hoax their video.
This case is still under investigation and further discoveries may lead to a more conclusive definition of what happened. Despite the evidence presented, I consider this event still unexplained. In reviewing the transcripts, one of the most profound questions remains: what happened to the Cardenas family after their video stopped on that fateful night of December 17, 2000?
Maybe the answer lies somewhere in the minds of the members of that family.
Santiago Yturria
OVNI Investigaciones Mexico
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