UFO Photo Found
From Paul Colson
Note: Quite a number of people have emailed to say that they believe this image is very likely a low-grade telescopic photo of Saturn, and not a UFO. We will accept on good faith that Paul's story is true, but it may be that the photo he found was not the UFO photos he had heard his father speak about.
The picture I send you was taken by my father during the time he was enlisted in the Belgian army. (army-duty) He died in 1992 and I have no means to check if this is the picture he took, but I believe it is. He told me this story when I was a kid and he wasn't really a believer in ufo's. He always said this was probably some new kind of radar they were testing and that they weren't allowed to know anything about it. He told me he still had the picture but he didn't know where he put it. I recently went through some old pictures and found this picture in an envelope with the insignia of the Belgian Air force. I immediately remembered his story and decided to sent the picture and the story to your website. I don't know if this picture or the story are genuine but I know my father would not joke about stuff like this. He was a man of science and wouldn't have told it when it did not happen. Feel free to check this picture and feel free to post this mail.
The story goes as follows :
He enlisted in the army in September 1954 for his 15 months of army duty (He was 22 at that time). After a few months of basic training at the air force Base Koksijde (still in use) he was ordered to continue his duty at the air force base Marche en Famenne (The Ardennes) where new pilots where trained. Because he was a teacher with a major in physics, maths and chemistry, they asked him to tutor physics and arithmetic to the pilots in training. They also gave him the ranking of corporal because only a person with some ranking could teach pilots. He became friends with a lot of them and he accompanied them frequently when they went for a drink.
On one of the evenings when they where coming back to the base they saw a weird flying object hovering over the base. They all thought at first this was some kind of kite with a lamp attached or some lamp dangling on a post. But then they Noticed it moved and started hovering over an other area of the military base. They ran inside to get a camera and my father took several pictures of this object so they could prove this to their commander. He gave them all pictures except one he hid to keep for himself. He and his friends were told by the commanding officers that this was probably a light effect of the moon or something and that the radar had not picked up anything at all that night. The whole incident was forgotten until a few months later some of them talked to a radar operator who was at call that particular night. The operator told them the object was recorded on radar and that it had appeared several nights in a row. Some officer also took a moving picture of this object. This film was investigated by the intelligence service of the army. The operator also asked them not to talk about this as he was ordered to keep this quit. The incident was not talked about anymore. A few months later his army duty ended and my father went back home, with this picture as a souvenir.
Kind regards,
Paul Colson
Gent, Belgium



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