Moosomin, Saskatchewan
Crop Formation Photos
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Aerial: © Marshall McLeod, The World-Spectator, Moosomin

Ground: © Kevin Weedmark, The World-Spectator, Moosomin
Beautiful simplicity describes this one well, I think. Additional images to be posted on the web site soon, plus further field reports.
Both this farmer, and the farmer at the Oro-Medonte Township, Ontario crop circles reported to me that when people brought their dogs near the formations, the dogs in both cases refused to go in or near the circles initially, and acted very agitated, even frightened.
On a related (?) note, the night before Nancy Talbott called about the Moosomin formation, I had a dream of looking down on a couple circles in a field (connected together or not I don't remember), and the whole "picture" looked sort of like an infra-red photo - all reddish orange, like a soft glow. The circles had glowing "bands" or "streamers" of energy (?) moving inside them, like maybe inches from the ground... maybe coincidence, maybe not, although I've this same kind of experience several times now over the last few years. If anyone has had any similar kinds of experiences, please let me know.
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