NJ Cylinder Hovers Above Fishermen -
Big Triangle Flies Low In OK

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #24 6-14-2

ATLANTIC OCEAN -- I was out about 45 miles to sea in the Atlantic. Weather was calm and I was looking forward to a day of fishing. At about 3:00 PM in the afternoon on August 23, 2001, a reflection off a metallic cylinder caught my eye. The cylinder was hovering about 1000 feet over the surface and the direct spot that it was hovering over was about 1500 feet away from my boat. During the encounter, which lasted only about 45 seconds, the object disturbed my compass and my GPS. The screen on my GPS said cannot locate signal. Small bait fish became excited and swam to the surface. The craft emitted no light but a pulsing, electrical sound came from the craft. The craft had two sections that counter-rotated around each other. I left to go see if I had a camera down below, and when I returned, the craft had flown away. The fish subsided, the compass returned to its bearings, and my GPS picked up the signal. Case1-937. Thanks to MUFON,
OLDBRIDGE -- A Fireman reports he was listening to the radio scanners and heard a call for all police units in the area to provide information on a suspicious aircraft flying low on June 1, 2002, directly to the west at about a 75 degrees. At 5:38 PM, EMS units reported the same information from dispatcher in back of my Glenwood apartments. They described the strange object with a semi transparent oval shape around it moving from 0 to about 700 mph in about 10 seconds and a distance of over 80 miles. Being a member of the fire company, I have a direct view clear free of any obstructions in the sky. The fireman witness reports he saw the weird shaped object with this semi transparent oval shape sphere or something around the outside. It was holding steady then suddenly moving at a high rate of speed to the southwest at 230 degrees according to the compass. The witness reports, "It was seen to the west then moved southwest. It must have traveled easily over 700 mph. There is no way an aircraft can go from 0 to that speed and distance in that amount of time which was about 10 seconds total. I don't have pictures to prove this but I'm sure someone around the township has because there was a small article in the Sayreville, Oldbridge suburban newspaper. There were ten to twenty witnesses who watched the object for at least ten minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center http://www.ufocenter .com.
PHILADELPHIA -- The witness reports seeing two objects (round and blue in color) in a cloudless sky. At first sight I thought they were stars, but because it was 4:30 PM, in the afternoon and they were moving across the sky, they couldn't be stars. As I informed the other witness to come look at what I was seeing and pointing out the one object that remained in view, I lost the other behind trees a third object, much lower came streaking by. This was a blue ball of light with a halo around it and didn't make any sound. The objects didn't waiver, they just traveled straight, heading east, out to sea. A couple of minutes later, a fourth object flew by, this one was the same as the third, but it was a yellow color with a halo and traveled the same low path as the third object. The most important part of the whole experience is that for the next 45 minutes, I counted 7 high altitude jets (possibly military aircraft) traveling in the same direction as the 4 objects. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center http://www.ufocenter .com
FRANKFORT, CLINTON COUNTY -- The two witnesses live in rural North-Central Indiana and on May 29, 2002, at about 9:15 PM, the boy with his girlfriend were looking at the stars. He states, "All of a sudden something caught the corner of my eye so I stood up and saw two bright orange lights that appeared to be very big in the sky." Three seconds later the lights fade out. Another three seconds and three lights appeared west of the first set, then they faded again. We ran inside to tell her parents and we all came out and looked for about 15 minutes. Then the same light caught my eye again and we stood up to see three orange lights fade away. Then two seconds later *four* huge orange lights appeared in a vertical line, and then the middle light fades out, then the rest go out. I was very scared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC http://www.ufocenter .com
CAMERON, LEFLORE COUNTY -- The witness reports, "We were driving through Cameron on May 31, 2002, at about 11:00 PM, and I saw slow, flashing lights reflected on the upper part of the windshield." "I looked up through the windshield but didn't see anything and just absently thought, well, that's a reflection, but realized that there was nothing I'd seen that there could be a reflection from, so I looked upwards through the windshield again, and was jolted by what I saw. It was a very large, low flying object. The lights on the front of the object looked like large windows." My companion had put his head outside the window and asked if I was seeing what he was seeing. He was driving, and almost ran off the road, so he told me to look through the rear window to see if I could see it. I saw it seeming to follow the side of the highway, then veered off, crossing the highway and was out of sight, over an area of dense trees. My companion had seen the lights approaching us while driving, but thought they were stationary. "I did not see them until the craft was overhead." He was looking up underneath it, and saw the triangular outline of very soft solid lights. The flashing lights were on top of the object. I did not see the lights on top, or the triangular shape of the object from the front view. It was a low, slow-moving object, and despite its size, there was no sound coming from it whatsoever.
Editor's Note: Regarding the investigation of Lawton, OK. According to Dr. Bruce Maccabee there are two photos of apparently the same weird thing(s) from Lawton, OK. See
IRVING -- Four lights were reported maneuvering at high in the sky and departing a high rate of speed moving from east to west on May 31, 2002. One of the lights maneuvered erratically as they moved across the sky at a high rate of speed at 11:00 PM. The formation steadied and the lights disappeared to the north west. Because we are adjacent to Dallas Fort Worth Airport we are accustomed to seeing aircraft at night. These lights were not like any of the aircraft lights observed in the past. My wife was the first to notice and called me outside to observe.
SAN ANTONIO -- On June 1, 2002, the witness was tracking a satellite from the SW to the NE when he noticed a faint light heading south. This light was followed by 4 to 6 other lights not quite as bright as the leader at 10:30 PM. The following lights were moving around each other in no apparent pattern. One group of lights were flying south of San Antonio. The first light continued in a straight line to the south towards Mexico, as the others followed behind. The sighting lasted for about five minutes.
DALLAS -- On June 2, 2002. two friends were at Hurricane Harbor a water park in Arlington Texas in an upper covered deck looking out over the park sitting with the sun just barely occluded by the beam at the edge of the roof. The witness states, "I was looking at the water vapor rising up over the park on clear sunny day wearing fairly dark sunglasses as did Charles." I was looking at the spot where the suns corona was flaring out from behind the beam and saw a white orb fly at a very rapid speed north at higher altitude than the jetliners in view. It moved many times faster than the jets. I was sort of stunned but wasn't sure what I saw. Then another object on a similar trajectory moved from the apparent position of the sun north. At this point my friend asked what was going on and I told him to tell me what he saw. In the next few minutes we saw another four objects. One was on a curved trajectory angling northwest. It was the size of a BB held at arm's length colored white with a well defined shape. If we took off our sunglasses the glare in the sky was such that it would have been impossible to see anything at all. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center http:// www.ufocenter .com
STANISLAUS NATIONAL FOREST, TUOLUMNE COUNTY -- A 44 year old male with a masters degree and an avid back yard astronomer and Ufologist for over 15 years reports seeing a formation of lights in the night sky forming the shape of a flying triangle on May 29, 2002, "At 10:32 PM (three days ago), I was at the 6800 foot elevation in the mountains north of Yosemite, near a resort called Kennedy meadows. We were staying at a private cabin and I was using a 4 inch refractor telescope and binoculars to view the crystal clear night sky. We spotted a couple of distant galaxies and nebula, we also concentrated on counting satellites that trekked across the sky. We also spotted a flying object quite a bit higher than the commercial planes. I figured it was military because it flew like a plane but did not display the standard red and green wing tip lights. It had a single white strobe that blinked about once every five seconds.
We spotted twelve satellites that are distinctive since they are small spots of light in orbit that move quickly across the sky, but appear to move more slowly when they are further away.- orbital velocity is roughly 17,500 mph. Not all satellites however travel at the same speed -- some seem to be faster than others but this may be attributable to the altitude of their individual orbit. They often change their light intensity since they are so high, reflecting sunlight that shines from far over the horizon. If they are spinning, they will seem to slowly flicker as their surfaces reflect light in different directions, or their trajectory might not be conducive to good reflectivity of sunlight. We spotted 12 satellites, most traveling in a polar orbit that would rate to be between a magnitude of 3 to 4 about as bright as the star Orion. Within two seconds of spotting it I saw two more flying behind it adjacent to one another. My companion also saw the objects. The formation was perfectly symmetrical in that, they moved as one unit, in the shape of a triangle, however it is important to note that the space between them did not occlude stars behind them as a solid object would do. At arm's length the lights were covered by your thumb with the lead light on the tip, and the trailing lights at the base separated by the width of your thumb -- this forms the triangle formation. At the apparent distance of these objects, this would constitute a formation that was considerably wide apart, yet they maintained perfect symmetry from one another and continued that way with the same heading (north to south in this case) throughout the sighting. They never reappeared, Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center http://www.ufocenter .com
SEATTLE -- A small ascending object was sighted above 6th Avenue in downtown Seattle on May 31, 2002. I saw this object at about 11:00 PM, from the 7th floor of our building. The object was difficult to identify because it was either very small or far away and gradually ascended and disappeared into the clouds. The object appeared to be moving from the southeast towards the northwest. It had the shape of a kite, but I thought it unusual to be flying kites in this area because our office is located in one of the main approaches to Sea-Tac airport. I do not think the object was a balloon although it did gradually ascend in a smooth motion. I first sighted the object at a declination of 60 degrees and lost it about 80 degrees. Weather: partly cloudy with a ceiling of around 5,000 feet.
ZILLAH, YAKIMA County -- The witnesses report seeing three dim yellow lights travel at high speed on June 1, 2002, at 10:45 PM\. The witnesses stated, "They saw a dim yellow light, ~25 times the size of a star but half as bright, came from the north, traveled ~3/4 of the way across the horizon then made a near angular turn and headed east. It was traveling so fast that when it turned east, (away from my vantage point), it was out of sight in about two seconds. Fifteen minutes later a similar craft crossed the sky going southeast at the same speed. I observed a third craft moving southeast about ten minutes after the second sighting. All three looked and flew the same This road was quite deserted, but there were probably thirty other vehicles that must have seen something. We sure won't be the same. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC http://www.ufocenter .com
WINDERMERE TO CANAL FLATS -- The witnesses report seeing a bright, white strobe light on deserted highway. The ladies report, "My sister and I were traveling from Vancouver to Kimberly on May 31, 2002, at about 1:00 AM, when we reached a few miles south of Windermere we saw a bright strobe light above some trees." We thought it was a beacon of some kind, but we noticed that it took a long time to reach it and finally pass it. It was almost in the trees and the road traveled in a way that we could not see it when we passed it. A few moments later we saw another bright, white strobe light just above the trees quite a bit further down the road. At one point I could see it flashing just above a house. We were getting closer now and we finally realized it was moving. "There were no marker lights, no spotlight and we were in a bit of a thunder and lightning storm, so I really do not think it was any kind of legitimate aircraft." This second light stayed with us for a minute or so traveling at our speed just above the trees about 50 feet to our left. It stopped "following" us just before the next small town.
When we reached Fairmont, we stopped and I could still see it flashing in the distance. We continued on, quite scared now. We crossed a small bridge and I saw another one on my right but it was stationary. Then as we traveled alongside Columbia Lake we saw another one. This one was on the other side of the lake, but it stayed with us for a few minutes. When we reached Canal Flats, it stopped, and when we looked back there were two hovering over the town. We were frightened and continued on our way. Thanks to Peter Davenport
SELKIRK -- I was in my backyard reading a book by candle light on June 2, 2002, at about 11:00-11:30 PM CST. After completing the 1st chapter of the book, "The Stranger" I stopped and had my break. And was gazing into the sky as it was one of the clearest nights I have seen recently and saw something that I could not explain! I stayed outside for a while after I saw it to see if it would come back again. When I'm reading a book I take a break after each chapter to have a cigarette and to think about what I have just read. I saw what was either a triangular shaped craft or three crafts flying in a triangular formation. I don't know whether it was just one or multiples because I was unable to make out any part of the structure only three red lights. I am not an aviation expert at all but I this was not an airplane, they flew allot closer than planes usually fly and it was one of the fastest moving objects I have ever seen in my life. I am extremely skeptical about these types of things and have been searching the net since I saw them and the closest picture I could find was this one but there was no middle light and I was unable to make out and defined shape like the one in this picture which is why it could have been three separate objects. There was also TV problems after I had come inside that never happened before. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center www.ufocenter .com
TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike reports that he interviewed, a 73 year old man, who along with his companion observed a large glowing object traveling east at 1000 feet altitude on March 9, 2002. The sighting lasted 5 to 10 seconds before it disappeared in the distance at 10:30 PM. There were a pile of lights on the bottom of the object in a circular pattern and all white in color. They also were able to see this very clearly. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Editors' Note: These three satellites in triangular pattern are a Naval satellite system.
MOUNT POPOCATEPETL -- Dr. Oren Swearingen informed me that he has been tracking UFOs everyday at the volcano. Dark UFOs are frequently seen almost daily hovering over the volcano. They often are seen in a triangle pattern and has lights during the night. On June 12, 2202, several UFOs were visible moving among the clouds at 9:43 AM. If anyone is located nearby they should be able to obtain close up photographs. -
GENERAL ACHA (DNA) -- The presence of a "dwarf" or "green midget" wandering the backyards of many neighborhoods in General Acha has been the latest subject of conversation. It appears to be a short, green entity which runs away with haste when detected. A resident of the El Oeste neighborhood informed this newspaper that the entity appeared twice on her property: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. According to the woman, her husband was resting on both occasions, but when he reported to the backyard in response to his wife's screams, the mysterious entity vanished by rapidly climbing up a tree. While the man did not see the "dwarf," he gives his spouse the benefit of the doubt, stating that he has known her for 40 years and can vouch for her physical and mental health. All versions agree in that the entity is short in stature. Another resident added that it moved so quickly that it was hard to describe it. The fact is that this entity, described as "a green dwarf," is causing a stir in the city and its manifestations have been the subject of conversation in certain circles. The stories have already captivated radio audiences. Thanks to the Diario "La Arena" (La Pampa, News 06-06-02
GENERAL ACHA -- Five cows were found dead this past weekend in a field of the Cuchillo-Co region. The animals' lifeless bodies were missing organs and their mysterious deaths were added to the more than ten cases that still perplex police officers and veterinarians involved in investigating these events. The Aberdeen Angus cows were found at the "La Sierra" rural establishment, owned by Gregoria Echávez, located on Lot 24 some 150 kilometers west of General Acha. Police sources informed LA ARENA on Sunday that Maria Alejandra Veralli had filed a complaint after receiving a telephone call from her sister, discussing the fact that the deaths of five bovines had been ascertained, and some of them were missing vital organs. The police undertook the pertinent action and reported the event to the 2nd Duty Court. The field is located on Routes 28 and 13.
This weekend's finds were added to the rest of the cases which have kept police and veterinarians on edge. Readers will recall that cows slain under strange circumstances were found in the fields of Macachín, Salliqueló (province of Buenos Aires), Bernasconi, Jacinto Arauz, Villa Iris and the General Acha region. In all of these cases, the animals had been rendered bloodless and presented incisions made by high-precision instruments which are unknown to the parties conducting the investigation. The shroud of mystery is further thickened by the fact that in the hours prior to one of these discoveries, strange lights were seen in the vicinity. Thanks to Scott Corrales and the Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation Copy write 2002.
Cosmiverse, Pravda and Outside Asylum have a rather interesting series of articles about some stone maps that have been found in China that may date to some 120 million years ago. The map appears to be a topographical relief on a scale 1 : 1.1 Kilometers. To blockquote: "The map indicates the use of civil engineering to create a system of channels about 12,000 km in length and 500 meters wide, and 12 dams that are 300 to 500 meters wide." Their work is being peer reviewed in the scientific community, so there is some hope and reasonable possibility that this is not a hoax. The map was found by scientists who were working on researching possible Chinese immigration to Ural and Siberia. When this was originally found, it was thought that it had been carved by hand and was some 3000 years old. Upon examination, it became obvious that this was machine made. It was also discovered upon x-ray examination that the map is made up of three layers, including a layer of a type of ceramic that has never been used in China. "During the searches, notes dated to the 18th Century were found in archives of Ufa governor-general. They reported about 200 unusual stone slabs which were situated not far from the Chandar village, Nurimanov Region. Chuvyrov and his colleague at once decided that slabs could be connected with Chinese migrants. Archive notes also reported that in 17th-8th Centuries, expeditions of Russian scientists who investigated Ural Region had studied 200 white slabs with signs and patterns, while in early 20th Century, archaeologist A.Schmidt also had seen some white slabs in Bashkiria. This made the scientist start the search. "If these are indeed the same slabs that were referred to in the 18th Century, then the technology available then simply would not have been capable of making such a map."
Even the technology available today for information needed for such a map is only under the development phase by the US and is not expected to be finished until the year 2010. These are excellent signs against an elaborate hoax. To quote one Pravda article, "At first we thought that the stone was about 3,000 years. Though, that age was gradually growing, till we identified the shells ingrained in the stone to sign some objects. Though, who could guarantee that the shell was alive while being ingrained in the map? The map's creator probably used a petrified find." ... While examining the stone, two shells were found on its surface. The age of one of them - Navicopsina munitus of Gyrodeidae family - is about 500 million years, while of the second one - Ecculiomphalus princeps of Ecculiomphalinae subfamily - is about 120 million years. If the dating is correct, and it is not a hoax, then it could not have been man-made. This means either an advanced civilization whose remains have just been found, or interstellar travelers. In either case, it would be an unprecedented and terribly interesting find. I think it is perfectly reasonable that a civilization could have evolved here naturally, and died off well before humans evolved. Consider that involved in a time span of about 250,000 years. For something that is 120 million years old, that is more than ample time for such a previous species to have risen and fallen. Consider the asteroid that wiped out 99% of life on Earth 65 million years ago, and you have a perfectly plausible reason said species was wiped out in totality.
To read this article in its entirety,
Thanks to Dr. Robert Trundle.
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