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My friend and I went out to a club, then stopped for McDonalds on the way home on January 15, 2000. We arrived home around 2:45 AM and pulled into her drive way. Since it was very cold, I asked her to keep her car running so we could wait inside until my car warmed up. I got out of her car, and started my car. As I got back into her car, I noticed a bright light went on. I thought it was her house flood lights turning on automatically. The next thing we remember was that it was 2 hours and 45 minutes later, Neither of us had a clue as to what happened, except for the fact we both were unconscious for almost 3 hours. Both of our cars were still running and neither of us had any physical evidence of abduction. We were not drunk nor on drugs. The next day, I told a friend my story and they checked my neck and back and found a small circle of five punctures in my upper back/lower neck. I was told that this was common in abductions. I am afraid for my well being. Thanks to Peter Davenport and the National UFO Reporting Center
BRENTWOOD -- On January 10, 2000, I saw an unidentified flying object at about 500 feet altitude above the Brentwood Middle School at 9:15 AM. As I drove along I had a totally unobstructed view of this object about 1/2 a mile away until Murray Lane became divided by a tree line. As I drove along the object appeared to be keeping pace with the speed of my car. The object then faded out of sight. The UFO had no wings, was silver pewter in color, and made no noise. After turning left onto Franklin Road I saw it again as it flew pacing my car at the exact same distance and altitude. I had a totally unobstructed view of the UFO as it flew low over a farmer's field. Again the object faded from my view, then three seconds later reappeared. I watched this object for another 12 seconds, until it faded from view for the last time. There also seemed to be an aura or hazy like disturbance in the air around the craft each time it faded from view. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
CLEARWATER -- Nimlok writes, "A few years ago, I was sitting on the back porch of my parents house having a party with four other relatives." It was around 8:30 PM, a very hot but clear night. All of a sudden, we all jumped to our feet and watched a UFO land right behind our house in a huge orange grove. I saw the bright lights and colors. The others described it as a "sphere" that had multi colored chasing lights around the band of the UFO. It made no noise and then just vanished into thin air. My aunt, uncle and grandfather all saw this at the same time. We jumped into our cars hoping to get another glimpse, but it was gone. Geographically, we are in a perfect position for these sightings and most people around this area have seen something strange. Thanks to Tiffany Stratton
TILLMANS CORNER - On December 28, 1999, Lynn L. and her husband were outdoors in Southern Alabama when they saw a UFO. "My husband and I were looking at the moon, and saw what we thought was a moving star. I got out of the car and looked at it. Two large bright lights were in front, with a red light in the middle. "It wasn't a plane, since it flew over us at a very slow speed, and made no sound" Lynn added, "The object was at an altitude of about 1,200 feet and was triangular in shape, with green and red lights." The aft-end was huge. "It looked like the were two big shapes on either end of it in the back." After the couple drove home, she added, "Strange things happened later that night in my house." "I know it sounds strange but a houseplant that I'd had for years turned up missing that same night. It just disappeared." Lynn found the flowerpot, but the plant and the pot's soil were missing. Hillmans Corner is eleven miles south of Mobile. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #5 2/3,/00 Joseph Trainor editor
I called Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center and spoke with John Alexander at National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). Their investigation has now located eight witnesses who observed the UFO in Southern Illinois east of St. Louis. Some of the police were chasing the UFO at speeds up to, 80 mph. The UFO moved very slowly at an estimated 20 mph. Then suddenly streaked 8 miles in 3 seconds, according to the witnesses. Craig Stevens in Milstadt saw it to the west of him seem to suddenly jump twenty to thirty miles. Assuming the witnesses were correct the craft moved at 9600 mph. The object was described as like a guitar pick with panel of lights red or pinkish lights. The aft-end of the craft was lit up indicating some type of the propulsion system.
Kenny Young interviewed Craig Stevens from the Millstadt Police Department. Craig said, "I was the Officer in Millstadt that witnessed the object at 4:28 AM on January 5, 2000." #1 - I feel that the testimony of four possibly five police officers is very credible, considering that we are trained observers. Our credibility has to be justifiable since we testify in a court of law. We watch things on a daily basis, and have to report our findings in evidence, and reports. I feel I have done this by attempting to capture the photo that morning, and immediately returning to the department to report my findings in a report, and making a drawing. Sketches of the object are shown on the NIDS web site at For detailed investigation, sketches, route of flight see this excellent report. Thanks to Kenny Young, John Alexander and Peter Davenport who have all done excellent work on this case.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- Billy Dee reports that a witness writes, "Sightings seem to be picking up again. Although. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the airliner going down off the coast. The last time it was real active here was when the Egyptian airliner went down. On January 31, 2000, I saw another large triangular craft over the base. It was outlined with several very bright, non-blinking, red lights. Just like the last one, this one tilted to a completely vertical position and flew like this for quite some time. It then rotated back to horizontal, flew back and forth, and then descending straight down. Last night, I was watching a fighter over the base, when I noticed two dimly lit objects about a quarter of a mile in front of it. These objects were moving very erratically, back and forth, and up and down. The fighter appeared to maintain a steady distance behind them as they circled the base. I lost sight of the objects briefly behind a tree, but could still see the fighter's lights through the tree. I then saw the two objects coming out from behind the tree, still moving erratically. They suddenly got very bright, changing from an amber color to a bluish white, and literally shot out of sight to the north over the base. They disappeared in less than a second. The fighter did some tight maneuvering, circled around a couple of times, and then landed. Because of these two sightings, I'll be out again tonight, and well keep you informed. God bless. Thanks to
Darlene writes, "Please tell me if the suggested responses to contacts of this type are of the "tongue-in-cheek" variety or just plain sarcasm. Unless I'm denser than I think I am, I can not see why there would be meteorite powder, silicon or other residue left behind by visitation; nor can I believe that such acts as contacting the police or contacting newspapers, etc., would produce anything but disbelief, and ridicule. Thanks to dcs
Editors' Notes: Thanks for your note; Well sometimes a little ridicule gives you a boost of courage. I go on radio several times a week, and I'm often ridiculed over my research. To my knowledge not one abductee has ever contacted the police or their congressman about their abductions. When I talk to police they act very interested and claim they would enjoy such a case. We have numerous police and military officers joining MUFON and other organizations hoping to find answers. Both Derrel Simms and my investigators have found silver powder on abductees. We have noticed other anomalies indicating evidence is being left behind. For any of us to be believed we need evidence. We now have thousands of tape recordings of abductee's stories, but without real solid evidence they are considered interesting dreams. We have stayed up all night watching abductee homes, spent hours video taping, interviewing, discussing, watching videos, but little real tangible evidence has been obtained. We are aware the abductees seem programmed to destroy the evidence.
Many investigators spend their time and efforts as unpaid volunteers trying to solve this mystery. If I pick up the phone and make long distance call, drive to an abductee's home, video tape, it costs both time and money. I encourage abductees to collect evidence or call experts in for help. We have indications that some abductees may be harmed during an abduction. This can be checked with a blood tests and a physician's examination. Most abductees will not get tested, despite the fact they have insurance coverage. There are indications that black light can pick up a silver like powder left behind, and other tiny objects. If you give credence to Dr. David Jacobs from Temple University the future of the human race may be at stake. I don't think its funny, and I'm not poking fun. The craft in my opinion are real. We may not be sure what their aircrews are doing here. However, they are spending in real terms billions of dollars, their time and health to be here. I wonder why? I don't think it is a game for either side. More definitive research is needed.
Aaron G. Crossley, Jr. writes, "My name is included in a data tape that was sent to Mars aboard NASA's Polar Lander. MSFC passed around a signup sheet for names to be put on the Mars Polar Lander. The requirement was that you had to be 18 or under to get your name on the tape so I signed up. Kind of makes you wonder are Martians reading my name off a datatape as we speak? Thanks to Aaron G. Crossley, Jr "" You can see Aron's Certificate at:
ENDEAVOR HILLS -- VICTORIA -- Peter Ho reports he saw a large V shaped UFO on January 2, 2000. Peter went outside to feed his dogs his 10:50 PM and decided to relax and do a bit of stargazing, He noticed a large, solid black V shaped object blocking out the Big Dipper constellation. There were dim orange lights along the front of the object. He could hear no sounds. Peter estimates it was five times bigger than a Jumbo Jet. He sighted the object for four seconds before it disappeared from view. Thanks to Alice Mitchell AUFORN Keith Basterfield Network Australia
GULF OF SIAM -- Joseph Foster writes, "In mid April of 1970, we were anchored four miles off shore on the US Coast Guard Cutter Mellon. The Captain authorized swim call in the late afternoon and I had the watch with a M-16 rifle on the flying bridge to guard for sharks. The swimming party was diving off the main deck into the water and swimming to a raft. Eight of us and the Captain were watching the 20 swimmers when our attention was drawn to a large underwater object, that slowly moved directly under the ship. The object was an elliptical shaped dark shadow, that was by our estimate was 90 feet in length and 30 feet wide. It was about 50 feet deep and moving perpendicular to the axis of our ship. The entire sighting lasted no more than 20 or 30 seconds. The men in the water had no idea that a large object cruised directly under them. We ruled out whale shark or whale because there was no gyration of a tail or any other appendages visible.
Our crew also had other UFO sightings. During our July, we sere on Ocean Station Victor patrol, when we had radar contact with three targets traveling at speeds in excess of 3000 mph halfway between Midway Island and Japan. Eight crewman saw three white lights traveling southwest in a 'v' formation. A sitrep report was filed. Our second sighting took place in May of 1970 while we were 600 miles east of Guam. One of my duties as Quartermaster was celestial navigation. On the 4 - 8 shift, I had to shoot morning and evening stars. I was with the Captain 'shooting' the stars, when we noticed a bright shiny perfect sphere that seemed to have the consistency of liquid mercury. The object was traveling west southwest at 100 knots at an altitude of 2500 feet.
In Honolulu, I made friends with a Fleet Intelligence Yeoman, who stated, "We receive thousands of UFO reports from US Navy ships." UFOs come in and out of the water and fly directly in front of our ships. Thanks to Joseph Foster and Carl W. Feindt at WATERUFO@prodigy.
R. G. Nicholas writes, "My girlfriend and I were lying on the hood of my car, just looking at the stars quietly on calm, clear, beautiful starlit night. I noticed four stars spaced evenly apart from each other like the points at the corner's of a window, it was a perfect square in space. All at once a light appeared at the lower right star and swiftly moved diagonally up to the upper left corner star. Within seconds it just as quickly returned to whence it had come. It moved really fast for the amount of area it had to cover between point A and point B. I'm sure it traveled from star to star, and those objects that I saw traverse that amount of distance that night were not from earth. I'll never forget it because I was wide-awake and 100% sober. Thanks to: NicholasRG
UFOs kicked off the New Millennium with the surprise appearance of a daylight disc on New Year's Day. At about 6:30 a.m. Beijing time on Saturday, January 1, 2000, a silver-gray UFO appeared over the Great Wall of China. It hovered, and was captured by Cable News network (CNN) TV cameras and broadcast live in the USA. Eyewitness M. Lamb was watching the CNN coverage "when CNN showed a shot of the Great Wall of China at sunrise. When they cut to the shot, there was a gray orb floating over the wall. Then it floated to the right, then up. CNN cut away from the shot without any explanation of the floating object. It was silver and appeared to float or glide without any means of propulsion."
Taiwan Radar is reporting that they have been picking up Unidentified Flying Objects coming from China towards Taiwan at around 24,000 feet. The latest report was on January 29, 2000, creating new tensions in the region. The objects that may be balloons could create a threat to commercial traffic. Thanks to (stefan duncan)
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) announced that, in a stunning and surprising defeat for the government and its proponents of secrecy, a US District Court Judge in Phoenix, Arizona, rebuked a Department of Defense attempt to deny a group of UFO activists the opportunity to argue its case in court. In the federal lawsuit, Judge Stephen M. McNamee, ignoring Department of Defense plea to dismiss the case outright, set February 7th at 10:00 a.m. for arguments on the adequacy of the government's search for information about an unusual aerial object. Thanks to Peter A. Gersten;
Investigator Tom Sheets writes, "I just reviewed the tape of a June 1999, shuttle mission footage that was sent me via ISUR. There is a shockingly dramatic event on there that makes all the other shuttle stuff (STS-48 and 80) look like fireflies. There is a BIG glowing orb that flies by one of the solar panels of either the space station or a satellite (the SS I think, we need a space 'expert' to look at it). This thing must be huge; it is obviously glowing brightly, seemingly round, you can almost see the disc shape, and seems to give off glowing propulsion like contrail. I don't think it's a meteor, this is in orbit, not in the atmosphere, but I could be wrong if distance to the object is great and shot was from above. I need some more opinions. It was from the June shuttle mission. There are many other smaller objects on parts of the tape, stuff like on STS-48 and 80 footage. One video of note shows a large glowing orb comes into the frame, the astronaut starts to use zoom on it, and the controller switches away. Thank to Toms Sheets ISUR Board Member. Editor's Note: We are trying to get some of these videos on our web site. They look like UFOs to me, but further analysis is needed.
PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO shots available and data on their propulsion systems. $10.00
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