No Human DNA In ET
Fingerprints On Window
In Australia
Ultra High Strangeness DNA Mystery
An ultra-high strangeness DNA mystery emerged in Australia when fingerprints found on a mirror were tested for their DNA content and found not to contain human DNA at all. This case developed after a woman who had found a cross delicately scratched on her arm contacted Australian UFO researcher Barry Taylor. The cross was offered as evidence, along with some strange prints preserved on a bedroom mirror.
Taylor initiated a full DNA sampling of the prints with the assistance of Phenomena Research Australia. This sampling revealed an unusually high level of bacteria and the presence of canine DNA. However, the prints do not resemble dog prints, and there appears to be no possibility that the family dog could have made them without disturbing the area around the mirror, which was cluttered with household objects.
This is an unusual case for three reasons: 1-there has been an effort made to engage in proper scientific analysis of the evidence; 2-the prints involved have the appearance of other prints found by UFO witnesses on mirrors and glass doors; 3-the high level of bacteria found in the prints is not normally observed in prints from any animal.
For illustrations and more information, go to Barry Taylor's website:

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