Former NASA Astronaut
Mentions ETs At Area 51
Was He Joking?
From Dennis Robinson

NASA Channel---Gallery/History Hour
Dec. 20, 2002 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Excerpt from Presentation by Thomas P. Stafford
Amid an informative hour-long presentation today about the NASA Gemini, Apollo, and Apollo-Soyuz programs, accompanied by some stock visuals, Stafford made several stone-faced quips throughout his presentation among them: [at about 1:52pm EST]
"...then on to a place you know about...Area 51. That's where we had the dead aliens buried. We used to have them down at Roswell, but that got too much publicity so we moved them there."
The reaction from the crowd was the expected laugh, while Stafford never flinched during the remarks. It could be stated that he appeared sincere, but the crowd took it as a joke obviously, and he moved on without a pause and continued to talk about the F-16, the B-1, and B-2, and other aircraft tested at Area 51.
From Merilla
My cousin lives in Roswell and has been good friends of the mortician that "took care of " the alien bodies. He said that the gov. came in and moved the bodies to Nevada.

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