Amazing! Bill Northern
Correct About Fusaichi
Pegasus' Right Front Foot
By James Henry


Note - You can hear both of Jeff's interviews with Bill Northern (3-12 and 5-22) in the Archives. Bill was adamant there was something wrong with the inside of Pegasus's right front hoof...)
From David Sloan
As you probably remember, Bill Northern, on your May 22 program, said Fusaichi Pegasus told him the INSIDE OF HIS RIGHT FRONT HOOF was injured. His shoulder was being cared for, said the horse, but it really was the right front hoof that was hurting...
Check out this article from the Kansas City Star today:
Kansas City Star
Spooked by a noise, Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus INJURED HIS RIGHT FRONT FOOT and will not start in the Belmont, Saturday's Triple Crown finale.
Trainer Neil Drysdale said the incident occurred Saturday afternoon while Fusaichi Pegasus was asleep in the back of his stall at Aqueduct, NY. "A noise startled him, and he rushed to the front of the stall, slipped and caught the right front hoof on the door," Drysdale said Sunday. "It gouged a small piece the size of a dime out of the side of his hoof.
"There is no soreness. But he couldn't work Tuesday, and we want to preclude further injury."
Fusaichi Pegasus will be flown to California, where Drysdale is based, on Tuesday, and he is expected to resume training in four or five days... --
Most impressive. David
Thank you for sending this story, I agree! The problem with the foot was finally noticed in the stall. It is called a new injury, but could easily have been pre-existing but not visible.
I just called Bill and read the story to him.
Bill said, "Yes, that's what the horse told me. Imagine if you have a pebble in your shoe. You learn to walk and put that foot down so it doesn't hurt you. That's what Pegasus was doing. He has had pain on the inside of that right hoof and he had learned to walk in such a way that it didn't hurt him...but doing so had thrown his left side out and caused him pain.
The trainers were treating the left side (and shoulder) not realizing it was a compensation injury from favoring the right foot."
So, congratulations to Bill Northern. As you'll hear in his appearances on the program, he is a very special man.
- Jeff
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