Crop Circle Report From
UK - Daily Mail Hoax
Angers Many
Note - Jeff will be doing a live, 3 hour program on Monday, 8-9-99, with
Joyce Murphy in England from
the center of the crop circle activity.

The expedition team from Beyond Boundaries is currently networking with researchers from many parts of the world who are now together in Alton Barnes Wiltshire UK. It seems like a regular United Nations session of cropcircles and UFO researchers from Holland, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, as well as many people from the U.S. It is remarkable that so many people have found funds to gather in a country so expensive for those of us paying our way with U.S. dollars - In fact our gasoline alone for the rental van runs over $5 per gallon and yesterday our tank took 65 liters!
The debate goes on whether manmade or real - The London Daily Mail hired known hoaxers and authentic artists to make a recent formation near Avebury, then at first light of morning set up the one pound coin donation box, by the fence, charged the Japanese TV film crew 50 pounds for filming rights, and began interviewing people coming in to view the formation. As they expressed various reactions such as the energies, the sensations, the psychic responses, the healing effects etc. the Daily Mail article totally laid them open to ridicule by naming each person interviewed - Can you imagine the flack and laughs they had to face later?
The local farmers we have talked with so far are expressing a more open mind to the entire phenomenon as well as open fields to the researchers coming in to investigate the formations. One farmer today told us that at first he believed the formations to be manmade nuisances he would just have to put up with but his most recent such "nuisance", the Roundway formation we told you about in our last report, just could not be manmade - it was totally impossible for any human to produce such a work! "There is another force at work here," he stated. Remember, this is the Circle of Life formation Jane Ross visualized two days before it happened?
Members of our excellent team, working together as a total functional family, have made such comments as, 1. Although three nights in SOHO (London) were mightly fine, these nights don't compare to the four nights and three days in Wiltshire we have spent here so far. The one hour helicopter flight provided an aerial summary of the formations we are now walking through on the ground. And, the anomalous flashing object in the night sky we witnessed as well as the golden light witnessed another night by other researchers has led us to ask, "What will the next three nights show us?" 2. My observations produced impressions of gentle, even controlled stalks of wheat, a pulling motion toward desired lay rather than pushed or pressed grain, dowsing rods reaction to the pattern, a woven effect while layering of stalks on the ground, and patterns varying within in the direction of movement to add depth and enhance effect of flow. 3. Spiritual, religious symbols are the most prominent of my feelings. I expect the Roman Catholic Church as well as the Church of England to step into this phenomenon soon. 4. THEY ARE NOT ALL MANMADE!
Report submitted by Ruben Uriarte, Jane Vaughn, Kelly Quiros, Russ Bunge, and Joyce Murphy of Beyond Boundaries Inc.