Huge Triangle Flies Right Through
LAX Approach - Sightings Abound

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #31 7-24-2

HAWTHORNE CITY -- A large black flying triangle was sighted on July 22, 2002, traveling along the California coast line at around 10:15 PM. The following night the witness stated, "I walked out unto my patio at 10:21 PM, and saw a string of lights, ran inside my house, grabbed my camcorder, recorded this spectacle for a few seconds. There were about twenty lights all flashing a cherry red color and all of them were flashing heading southeast. They started off in a triangular pattern and started forming a crescent shape. Some objects were further away and not part of the configuration. I was with two friends and we were outside talking. Some red lights approaching from the north (going south) caught our attention. We saw a very huge boomerang or V shaped object, with a bright white light at the "nose," and red blinking lights around its perimeter (maybe four or five on either side of the white light). We were all pretty impressed with its massive size and we kept the object in sight as it traveled along the coastline. We kept sight of it until it was too far away to see. It was totally silent and seemed to glide slowly across the sky. I am totally shocked it did not make the news since it flew right over the LAX flight path. 
PARAMUS --Three unknown objects maneuver, pulse, then fade out on a clear on July 13, 2002, night over northern New Jersey. At 11:10 PM, two bright lights, which appeared to be stars, were seen moving slowly in formation on a northeast heading. The atmospheric conditions were clear with visibility unlimited. The two objects appeared high up, and were very bright. Within moments of the sighting, a third, less brilliant object, appeared from the northwest sky behind the first two objects, and flew between them. It also appeared to be a star. This third object then changed direction to the north and faded completely. The objects flying in formation then faded completely, and could not be seen. Several moments later one of these a brilliant white light objects pulsed brightly, then faded. Moments later the third object pulsed brightly, then faded as it continued toward the north. None of the objects was seen again, though the first two must have been directly overhead. Observers include a police officer and two security officers. One observer holds a private pilot license all concur that the sighting was not that of a conventional aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
FORD CITY -- At 9:40 PM, three steady red lights were observed at treetop level on July 20, 2002. My wife and I, along with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law observed three non-blinking red lights in a line, two on the left closer than the third. The object was slow moving, appearing and disappearing behind the treeline moving from right to left in the southwest sky. There are significant hills 1000 to 1200 feet in our township. While moving, the lights maintained formation appearing to be on one object about two miles away. While on the phone with local law enforcement, two single engine aircraft were observed flying very high, and their engines could be heard clearly. Thanks to Peter Davenport  <>NUFORC
BALTIMORE -- Bill Bean writes, "I met with Virginia MUFON investigator Alexander Zikas and Bill at the observation lot at Baltimore/Washington International Airport on June 22, 2002. I set two camcorders up and began taping, one camera northeast and the other one to the south. We were there approximately 30 minutes when something caught the eye of Mr. Zikas. It was in the northeastern sky and it started forming a shape right before our eyes. It looked like an Alien Being and we began shooting photos and I was taping this as well. After review of the tape and photos, several non-conventional aircraft were captured. Mr. Zikas captured a Silver reflective object and I also captured the same object or a similar one. In my photo I noticed a dark dome on the object. Visit my website and may GOD bless us all." These photos can be viewed at Thanks to Bill Bean
Editor's Note: Bill goes out and hunts UFOs, and 'surprise' he finds them. I encourage you to find a good lookout point where you can see a large area of the sky. Get your cameras ready before you go and keep them handy as you drive. Many are reporting they see UFOs shortly after they leave their home and before they get ready at their viewing site. UFOs are being sighted throughout the area. 
SHIRLEY, LONG ISLAND -- A flight instructor at Brookhaven Airport reports sighting six fiery lights flying formation of the southern coast of Long Island. The 21 year old pilot reports, "I was flying an airplane in the vicinity of Shirley, at about 9:30 PM on July 25, 2002, and was taking off for a night flight with a student, when I looked and suddenly there were six bright yellow lights about 8 miles off-shore Smith Point Park, Long Island, directly south of TWA Flight 800 crash. These lights were in a line formation, with 2 closer on the left and the other 4 on the right staggered. I contacted other pilots on the UNICOM frequency, 122.80 MHz, and it was confirmed. One pilot in particular was one of my coworker instructors in another company aircraft. After I started heading northeast bound on course to Rhode Island, I saw the lights disappear IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER from left to right, 6-5...then 4-3-2-1. I contacted the local air traffic controller to see if it could be confirmed on radar. They said yes, and that they did not know at first what it was either, but that it was now off the radar screen and they suspected it was military activity. Now, I am very aware that the area I am describing is known for military firings and that it is the likely answer, but what I do not understand is how these objects were able to hover. Because it was a near full moon, a harvest moon nonetheless, I could clearly tell that they were not boats, and they did not have aircraft lighting. Also, there were no boats in the area that they, if they were some kind of flare, could have been launched from. And they dimmed out in sequence almost perfectly. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center reports, "We received numerous reports thatone or more red/orange changing to blue ovals were seen over Andrews Air Force Base on July 26, 2002." Their existence was first indicated on radio station WTOP because several listeners called in confirming the sighting. NORAD radar spotted a sphere and fighters were scrambled, but the they had disappeared. The 113th Air Wing keeps pilots and armed jets on 24-hour alert at Andrews to respond to incidents as part of an air defense system. Fox and MSNBC reported that "Renny Rogers of Waldorf claims, " Just before two in the morning, he saw a large blue ball of light streaking across the sky. But it was the military jets that really startled him. The jets were right on its tail."
TRANSCRIPT OF EVENING FOX NEWS July 26, 2002, follows:
SHEPARD SMITH: The nighttime skies over the nation's capital alive with blue and orange lights streaking across the sky, so say a lot of panicked people who called in to a radio station, no joke here. American fighter jets in hot pursuit... NORAD confirmed to FOX News that two F-16s did scramble, but found nothing! A mystery in the sky above Andrews Air Force Base... that's the one the President uses. Fox reports now from Brian Wilson live in our D.C. newsroom. Brian? BRIAN WILSON: Fair to say, Shepard. A lot more questions than answers at this point, but something strange was going on in the Maryland night sky. Here is what we know; 1:00 a.m. the folks at NORAD saw something they couldn't identify in Maryland airspace, not far from the nation's capitol. The track it was taking caused them some concern so they scrambled two DC Air National Guard jets to check things out. Now, DC Air National Guard confirms that two F-16s from the 113th Wing were vectored to intercept whatever it was that NORAD was worried about. 
However, when the pilots got where they were supposed to be, they said they didn't see anything when they arrived on the scene. Now the folks at NORAD would not provide details about the exact location, direction or speed of the object they were tracking. Now independently, a number of folks who live in Waldorf, Maryland, which is not far from Andrews Air Force Base and not far from the nation's capitol, called local radio station WTOP to say that about the same time, they witnessed a fast moving, bright blue light in the sky. They go on to claim that the light was being chased by military jets. One witness tells the radio station that the jets were right on its tail. Quote: "as the thing would move, a jet was right behind it." end of quote. An investigation is underway. But National Guard spokesman Captain Sheldon Smith says, and this is another quote, "We don't have any information about funny lights. "By the way, this just happens to be the 50th anniversary of a series of still-unexplained sightings over the nation's capitol, a story that made banner-headline news in 1952. Shepard, we'll continue to watch for this. SHEPARD SMITH: And now it can be told. Brian Wilson, live in Washington. Thanks to Kenny Young.
WALDORF -- A couple were awakened from dead sleep by a very loud airplane noises that sounded way too close or loud. The couple report, "We thought we were about to be attacked because of 9-11, or we were at war. It was so loud, but then it went away like it was never there and I went back to sleep. I had forgotten all about it until I saw the10 PM news on Fox 5 and there was a UFO sighting in Waldorf, where we live! They mentioned two F-16 fighter jets being deployed. We must have heard the jets going over our house, or maybe the UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC 
ARLINGTON -- Two witnesses report, "My son and I were in the back yard of our house about 1:15 AM this morning because we had gone outside to get our cat, who was on a ledge outside the second floor window." We were both looking up at the side of the house wondering how long we would have to wait for her to come down, when two circular white lights flew over the house, going more or less west to east or northeast. They were about the size of a baseball held at arm's length. We both saw it and about two minutes later they came back again, from west to east/northeast. This time they both stopped -- don't know how far away -- they seemed close, although the spheres were small? They both stopped for a second, then one of the objects "flew" away at a right angle to its previous path of flight, not up in the sky, but back to the northwest at what seemed to be the same altitude as before. The other object remained motionless for five seconds maybe, then continued northeast on pretty much its original direction. They were definitely two different objects that were flying in tandem at first, then split up. We ran out to the front yard with the video camera, but didn't see anything. They made no noise. If they weren't close they must have been huge. Similar sightings were seen in Waldorf, Maryland about ten miles from us. Thanks to Peter Davenport  <>NUFORC
EDITOR'S NOTE: UFOs were seen from New York to Washington D.C. by multiple witnesses. NORAD was apparently tracking the UFOs on radar and launched two F-16 fighters to intercept, but the fighters were unable to locate the UFOs. The incident appears to be a repeat of the 1952, Washington DC over flights. 
FIFTY YEARS AGO LAST WEEKEND: FAA controllers had multiple UFOs on their radars and when these were reported to the Air Force, F-94 interceptors were launched to chase the intruders. Radar Operator Howard Conklin says, "The radar operators knew the UFOs location and track so when they got near, the operators went outside to see the UFO visually as well." The Air Force decided to deny the reports and claimed they were false radar returns caused by temperature inversions. Rumors persist that there was an unannounced loss of one F-94, but this report has never been confirmed. Conklin also revealed the UFOs came back the next night and were tracked sweeping across the Capital, but this time the Air Force was not informed. Once again the UFOs were defeated not by technology, but by obscuration and denial.
This week's radar track did not look like meteors, satellites, or false radar returns or NORAD would not have launched fighters. Many witnesses for weeks have reported UFOs in the area. NORAD stated that the UFO may have been a small plane that disappeared from radar by landing at a small airfield. Based on the New York sighting earlier in the evening, it is likely that the UFOs were spotted on radar for an extended period and moved toward the Washington DC restricted area. Space Command denies other forms of contact. F-16 pilots at Andrews are on 24 hour alert status. While I was in alert status our requirement was that once we received the order to launch we had to be airborne in a maximum of ten minutes. The pilots would need to be ready near their fueled and armed aircraft. Engine start and taxi to the end of the runway takes a few minutes. It appears the response time was good. It is not surprising that the UFOs could not be tracked. They are exceptionally fast and maneuverable and employ a series of tactics to trick the pilots and radar. I would be happy to provide an intelligence briefing including video to the ANG to help them successfully track the UFOs. 
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- On July 26, 2002, at 3:43 AM, an extremely bright light was seen in sky about 1,000 feet above the base. The light emanated steadily and moved slowly north for about two to three minutes and was followed by two aircraft. The light suddenly blinked out, very close to one of the aircraft. 
Thanks to Peter Davenport  <>NUFORC
NAPERVILLE -- Susan Steven's of the Daily Herald Staff Writer reports a crop circle was found on July 18, 2002, next to apartment buildings in a soybean field in a suburb of Chicago. The Naperville farmer called mysterious crop circle 'a malicious prank.' When he stepped out of his truck, the first thing Ed Corrigan noticed was the aroma coming off the Naperville soybean field he came to inspect for bugs and weeds. It smelled shorn, like a freshly cut lawn. Then Corrigan saw the wide paths of broken plants circling out across the field in an unrecognizable, but precise pattern. Corrigan quickly called farmer Steve Berning to describe the damage. A week later, neither man is any closer to finding out who, or what, created the crop circle. "Have you ever heard of anything so crazy?" Berning asked. "Unbelievable." >From the air, you can see a series of broken, concentric rings cut into the field off Diehl Road. It loosely resembles other crop circles found in England, where complex designs are found cut into farm fields, often by people who claim the work as artistic achievement. But some crop circle investigators have postulated other causes, including magnetic fields, wind storms and UFO landings. 
The Naperville crop circle appeared only two weeks before the release of a big budget feature film on the phenomenon -- a fact that has not gone unnoticed. In the thriller "Signs," Mel Gibson plays a farmer who discovers strange circles on his land. In Wiltshire, England, a crop circle that mimics the design in the movie's trailer already has appeared in a field, with the addition of Mickey Mouse ears -- a nod to Disney, which is distributing the film. Whether the Naperville crop circle is a similar prank is anyone's guess. William Leone, an investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, said only soil analysis can determine whether the circle was created by humans or some other phenomenon. When he investigated a series of 11 circles in a field of cattails near Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont in 1994, Leone said he found genetic differences in the plants inside and outside the circles, which all measured 84 feet in diameter. "We can't say for certain these circles were laid out by UFOs," Leone said. "Some people link it to UFOs, some don't. I don't know what the explanation for them are. There are so many different theories." Naperville police can't recall any other crop circles, although the city has very little farmland left. There were no tracks. "There's some damage, which upsets me," Berning said. "But I'm more curious than anything. Farmer says 10% of field damaged Thanks to the Daily Herald, 6/18/02
Editor's Note: Barbara Walters will be interviewing Colin Andrews on 20/20 TV Show on Friday evening, August 2, 2002. I hope he will give technical data to prove authenticity of most Crop Circles.
DUNDEE -- Casey Holt writes, "UFOs made appearances at the UFO Daze Festival to more than 150 witnesses on July 20, 2002, I was there and saw the whole thing and have the lights on video tape. For some reason I felt I should go from here in Minneapolis. The first 6 lights were impressive right away as I saw them come over the Kettle Moraine State Forest like orange plasma balls or ships the color of a campfire. I wondered if it could have been some kind of flares. The movement was more like they were under some power and being guided though. Then some flashed rapidly and really bright like a strobe light and finally went out or dropped too low to see. I called these 6 lights the "Plasma Ships." Then a few minutes later we noticed a bright greenish white light coming rapidly from the south. As it got closer you could see three separate lights that were together. Green on top, white on the bottom and dull red in the middle that was bobbing back and forth between the other two. 
I call these kind the "Force Connecting Ships" because they act like they are connected by a force field. I zoomed in my camera and could see the center red light was almost like it was attached to the other two with a rubber band and moving like in a programmed pattern. The way they moved together was really neat. Unfortunately my camera wasn't recording when I thought it was then so I didn't get that on tape. I got a copy from someone else though so you can see it pretty good from their video. As they flew almost right overhead, I knew it must be some kind of weird technology that was doing this. The rain at the time made it less than optimal for the 100 or so viewers their but it was still nice to see these things as they seemed to put on a show for us. What they were I don't know but they were quite something for sure. This Festival has been held for twelve years and UFOs are frequently sighted. Two videos are available. Thanks to Casey Holt and UFO Wisconsin.
KANSAS CITY -- I am an air freight pilot that flies smaller, twin-engined aircraft building experience to fly for the major airlines. I saw something strange on my way out of Kansas City International Airport on July 2, 2002. I have always been a skeptic and thought UFO's were bogus, until now. I saw a solid oval, NO blinking lights, or colored lights, moving rapidly across the sky from east to west. I've seen thousands of satellites before and I know for sure this was NOT a satellite. Why? Because this object was about the size of a dime moving across my windscreen. I initially saw it on climb-out as it traveled from directly overhead to slightly above the horizon (about 1 thumbs width with your arm stretched outward) before I lost it in the haze. The object traveled this total distance in less than 3 minutes time. My estimate 250 to 300 miles. It had a soft, medium, white silhouette light which illuminated the entire object. I was climbing out of 4500 feet at the time, and my guess was that the object was in excess of 50,000 feet. I inquired with ATC, to see if I had any potential conflicting traffic, he panned his radar out to include all altitudes, and then he said nothing was on his scope except for "a few low altitude targets that were in bound to K. C. International." The ATC controller and I both laughed a bit over the frequency about it and then nothing was said. It has been at the front of my mind, each day, since I saw the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
PALOS VERDES -- A flying triangle was reported coming from the Redondo Beach direction along the coast moving slowly just before 11:00 PM on Tuesday. Thanks, Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc. Website:
HUNTSVILLE, ONTARIO -- Around 1:30 AM, I was at the Cottage Restaurant on July 1, 2002. My group was all out on the patio having a drink, when I looked up to see a shooting star or something traveling at the same speed, but it was two round orange objects heading west. The circles were almost flying formation but then split up and headed upwards in separate directions through the clouds.
TERRACE BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike reports that a 17 year old science oriented youth called to say, "Although, I always believed there had to be other life out there, I was never truly convinced until two nights ago, when I saw one of the most unbelievable life changing things of my life." It was 12:25 AM, on July 27, 2002, when I saw a moving light in the southwest sky fly towards Prince Rupert at high elevation. As the object began moving further east and higher up but closer I began to realize it was cigar or pancake shaped with a flickering bright light moving around the side. I still wasn't completely convinced until I noticed how eerily alien its maneuvers were. This was not human technology, and was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Two minutes later, it moved from a horizontal position to a diagonal position, but continued to move slowly with a light still running up the side. I was walking home, but the last minute I saw it, it began moving northwest losing altitude and trees obstructed my view. Thanks to Brian Vike (Yogi) Independent UFO Field Investigator/Researcher, HBCC UFO Research Box 1091 Houston, B.C. 
BUENOS AIRES PROVINCE -- The total carcass count to date now stands at 394 according to Christian Quintero, who cautions that many ranchers have stopped reporting new cases, and the tally may in fact exceed four hundred. Most of the cases are in Buenos Aires with 140. La Pampa has 77, Cordoba Province has 27. The bulk of the cases are within 300 miles of Buenos Aires. Thanks to Argentina's Proyecto Condor, the numbers are based on information supplied by C.O.R. 
SAN JOSÉ -- A couple that was driving home last night at around 21:00 hours witnessed a large, sky-blue light moving over the lagoon, changing color and size as it did so. Its color was red and it gave off flashes. Minutes later a local resident contacted EL FUERTE [to say that she had seen] the light descend and lose itself behind the treeline. An hour later, at 22:30, two other witnesses saw the same phenomenon.
PARISH -- The El Yunque ranch foreman informed EL TIEMPO, he found a bovine presenting signs of mutilation. The case, according to the rural worker's description, is similar to others detected in the area and other parts of the country. In this specific case, the animal showed mutilations in the rectal area, tongue, eyes and jaw. Four mutilated cows were found twelve kilometers southwest of Bartolome de las Casas, having the same characteristics as earlier cases. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the Translation (C) 2002. Special thanks to Alicia Rossi.     
PERM -- Nikolay Subbotin, Director of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) reports that on July 23, 2002, the "hunting season for UFOs is opened in Perm." After the famous sighting in April, when classic silver saucer-shaped UFO was observed over the Ural region city. On June 29, 2002, around 12:10 AM an UFO was videotaped from the 7th floor of the multi-stored apartment building. Mr. Maksim, who shot the video-footage, said his first impression was "...this might be bright star." But soon he noticed it was moving too fast, so he started shooting. On July 2, 2002, a UFO was observed further south of the original point of observation. It was too fast moving for the star or satellite, and was very bright, pulsating ovoid light. The video shows the moving object pulsating as it moved, making new jerks with every new flash. On July 17, 2002, around 12:30 AM, over the Kama River, several witnesses observed a bright light and flashes inside the low clouds, slowly moving over the river. Suddenly, two beams, like from searchlights, descended and started scanning the river and nearby houses. This stunning sighting lasted for two minutes. Then the beams vanished, light started going away, suddenly it squeezed into little dot and disappeared, the impression was that the object, emitting light, suddenly zoomed up. Thanks to RUFORS -, , Translated by Anton Anfalov, Director of Ukrainian UFOlogical Association (UKUFAS)
SIMFEROPOL'-- Anton A. Anfalov reports, that he has received a sighting over Simferopol', the capital of Crimea Autonomous Republic. On July 15, 2002, I got an exited telephone call from my friend Viktor Krupin a former sergeant of the Special KGB, who informed that he, "Just witnessed a UFO at 21.36 hours from his flat, there was bright flash, red in color, to the northwest." He then noticed a shining red object, moving horizontally in zigzag trajectory that disappeared behind the trees after ten seconds. His son saw a UFO in November of 2001, but he did not take this seriously until he got his own sighting.
CRIMEA -- Victor Zdorov was walking his dog near the old center of Simferopol on July 24, 2002, at about 9 PM, when he noticed five to six white lights in line in the northeastern sky. At first, he thought they were planes, but there was no sound and the number and configuration of lights was different from any aircraft. He thought, it might be landing lights for approach to Simferopol, but airport is too far away. While approaching, the lights started blinking periodically not like the constant blinking of commercial aircraft. Six flashes were in an interval of every second. The shape of the object was not discernible but the lights indicated it was a disk-shaped object with white lights on its rim.
SEA OF AZOV -- On Friday, July 26, 2002, at about 10:50 PM, a bright object looking like a white star, brighter than Sirius, was observed over the Crimean peninsula flying northeast to the Sea of Azov. It could be identified as ordinary satellite, but the witness persistently states that it was moving twice as fast as any satellite. Bright white flashes and moving star-like objects were observed almost nightly after 2100 hours on July 24, 25, 26, 27, over the Sea of Azov. There are numerous rumors about an underwater UFO base in the Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea. These include observations of the objects diving into the water. "I am myself the witness of more than ten UFOs during the last five years." Thanks to Anton Anfalov, Research Specialist for MUFON in Ukraine, Coordinator of Ukrainian UFOlogical Association (UKUFAS) UFO activity over the Crimea has intensified, since 1987.
EDITOR's NOTE: UFOs with six lights are being reported as activity increases.
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