Joe Firmage And
'The Truth Files' Come
To Jeff Rense's Sightings
I am very pleased to elaborate upon Joseph Firmage's ISSO launch statement and the special announcement concerning this program contained therein. Here again is the ISSO launch lead paragraph followed by the radio program affiliation announcement in item 3...
"Hello friends,
The International Space Sciences Organization is scheduled to formally launch its operations in May, 1999. As part of this launch, a completely new web site will be opened at The new web site (free and open to the public) will demonstrate the full breadth of initiatives ISSO has planned and underway, including:
"3 - An integrated radio broadcast schedule for "The Truth Files", coordinated to run regularly both directly on the Internet and, within a time slot of Jeff Rense's Sightings show dedicated to The Truth Files, on syndicated national radio. Each program in the series will feature invited guests representing the best of the best researchers in pursuit of the truth at the cutting edge of thought. A wide range of diverse but well-grounded opinions will be welcome, but only the most rigorously argued will be put on air."
So, beginning fairly soon, one weekday evening each week, Joe Firmage will be joining me on the program, much like Michael Lindemann does each Wednesday night. During these special edition 'Truth Files' weekly programs, Joe will be introducing special guests including scientists and researchers that ISSO supports and believes to be crucial to the process of bringing the American public, and the world, into the new state of awareness and reality that Joe, the ISSO, and our listeners strive for.
Joe's legendary successes in the corporate world have yielded a plethora of deep, 'inside' contacts as well as the respect and trust of many key individuals within the world of mainstream, and eclectic, science and discovery.
This combination will yield remarkable new material and insight that otherwise might not be available to the general listening public. I expect this new, weekly program edition to elicit from numerous outstanding people a superbly enhanced dimension to the exceptional information base that I have been presenting and building for the past 6 six years.
- Jeff Rense