Caller Says Monsanto
UFO Parts

From Kenny Young

In mid-1995 a Springfield, Ohio man alleged that 'parts and components' of a crashed flying saucer held at Wright Patterson AFB (Fairborn, OH) were taken and, under light security, reverse-engineered at the Monsanto Research Corporation on Nicholas Road in nearby Dayton, Ohio. Several years ago, a report concerning this claim was posted online at:
Most recently, a caller to the Cincinnati UFO Hotline has responded to that internet report. The caller, apparently not choosing to leave a name or contact info, offers the following comments. -- KY
Anonymous caller of January 17, 2004, 9:07 PM
"Good Evening Mr. Young. I was just doing some looking on the web and ran across your "Monsanto-Nicholas Road" article on the reverse engineering and the scary guy that came in and supervised things. Well... yeah, uh huh... that's fairly accurate. The guy you were talking to, he ah.... there's not many details in that story but its kind of accurate. Monsanto Board of Directors use to have a facility in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago on the 9th floor. I am intimate with that facility and also intimate with the Chesterfield, Missouri genetics engineering labs and some of the instruments that have been "given" to them so that they can give us our genetic corn and do cancer research - your guy wasn,t too far off man."
Second call on same date, 9:10 PM
"You want some more interesting information... well the Monsanto Board of Directors... their meeting room where the board members meet to discuss such matters has a tape on it that includes 24 computerized computers built into the table... and another Board of Directors, apparently they all get their own individual stuff. There is a... crap....a time-frame... there is a huge underground facility underneath the Chesterfield, Missouri location, down in the sub-basements - it,s absolutely astronomically big --huge facility. Navtech is the company that currently has tenant rights on the ex-Monsanto areas. Just confirmation for you, but you not want to... you might not want to pursue it too much because some of the folks involved in that stuff are really scary, man."
-- UFO Research



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