2 Excellent UFO Photos Examined
Photos submitted by Edward F. Slayton

Note: Large file sizes were necessary for he highest possible quality and clarity
The following photographs were graciously provided to Jeff Rense/Sightings upon request, in original color print form for scanning, blow up and analysis. The photographs were taken by Edward F. Slayton of Florida (who also sent photocopies of his state I.D. and social security card to verify his identity).

The following images were scanned at 500 dpi and only automatic preset enhancements were used to bring out the clarity of the objects in question. There was no sign whatsoever of tampering with the photos. No digital manipulation has been applied to the photos short of standard contrast and color desaturation routines as well as magnification of high resolution scans from original prints.
We would like to thank Edward F. Slayton for his excellent contribution to UFO research!
July 2nd, 1996, Miami International Airport

Scan from original color print. Notice the two disc shaped objects are tipped at
precisely the same angle.

Blow up of area where discs are seen moving amongst the clouds

Left saucer: Automatic enhancement for contrast reveals the strength of shadow
being produced by the disc shaped object

Right Saucer: Again, auto enhancement reveals a solid object.

March 15th, 1996, Gulf Breeze, Florida

Scan from original color print with inset blow up
(original scan dpi - 500). Notice the unusual shadow below the object.
In the enchanced images, this detail becomes all the more intriguing.

Stunning details of classic UFO with dome can be seen using
automatic contrast enhancement on a 500dpi blow up

Pushing the enhancement only slightly using a desaturation routine and larger blow up
reveals very solid flying saucer image
You can read about these photos at Edward's site by clicking here


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