Flying Orange Lights
'Freak' Multiple Witnesses In Oz
From Diane Harrison - Director AUFORN <>
(Thank you Mark Mabgat for sending this clipping)
By Alan Hardie - NT Newspaper
UFOs - bright orange lights flying in formation - have been spotted by several Darwin people in the past few days. Peta Wilson was among those who saw up to six lights flying in triangular formation over the Nightcliff area on Sunday night. But neither the Darwin Weather Bureau nor the RAAF had an explanation yesterday. And neither was aware of the phenomenon.
Ms Wilson said yesterday. "I an avid skywatcher, I have a telescope and I've seen comets and planets. "but I've never seen anything to match this it really scared me. "It was shortly before 8pm and I was driving down Dick Ward Dve towards Nightcliff.
"Suddenly I saw this orange light in the sky and I thought it was a plane at first. "Then I saw another light and rolled my window down, but there was no jet noise. "The Lights were over the sea and then four more joined them. "There were six in all, in a line moving in and out of formation. "They were there for about five minutes, with no smoke or tails of any kind. "I stopped next to a group who were watching and it was incredible-- they were freaking out. "
The lights then moved into a triangular shape. "They looked somehow as if they were just floating there." Ms Wilson said she did not know a lot about extra terrestrials. "I know people have seen some strange things, but I never seen anything like this. "she said. "I have no answer for it." Her sighting was confirmed by several other callers to the Northern Territory News Yesterday.
From Neil Berry <>
I read with interest the report in the Northern Territory News on about the 6th of July.
I also saw the orange lights floating in the sky that night and remarked to my wife that we would now get a rash of Ufo reports in the paper. Sure enough, a couple of days later there they were.
We have had quite number of these incidents over the past 13 years I have been back in Darwin.
I checked the objects out through binoculars and they were the same as all the previous ones I have seen. Hot air devices made of a large light weight plastic garbage bagsd with a flame suspended beneath. The kids start them off with an electric hair drier and then the little kerosene or spirit heat source takes over and up they go. You need a very still night like July 4th was.
I am a believer and an avid sky watcher. These types of reports annoy me because they are so obviously explainable and I can't imagine how these people can describe what they saw in the terms that they use. It tendsto throw doubt on other reports I have read and I find it counter productive to the real search for the truth.
Neil Berry
Darwin Australia
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