Falun Gong Leader
Paints Grim
Picture Of ETs
George A. Filer <>
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I have some very disturbing news from the Falun Gong organization whose 100 million practitioners follow a regimen based on self-control and Buddhist enlightenment. Their leaders continue to be arrested in China. They have sent me the following excerpt from a speech by their leader, Master Li. His revelations are perhaps the reason our news media has failed to reveal information on UFOs. He explains his amazing beliefs concerning extraterrestrials and their goals. Without financial support I'm unable to verify his statements. However, I'm very concerned that the Communist Chinese government continues to arrest thousands of Falun Gong practitioners.
Dear George: Thank you very much for your concern of situation in China towards Falun Gong practitioners. We hope more and more kind-hearted people would be interested to know the true story about Falun Gong and the truth of the universe. After reading your report, we cannot help smiling at the same time being concerned because we feel that your understanding of the Falun Dafa has not touched its essence. If you don't mind, may we suggest you read Zhuan Falun again from the first to the last word? We hope you would obtain deeper understandings of the universe far beyond of UFOs. Again, we should emphasize that Falun Dafa can solve all of the mysteries in this universe, but if we want to know the truth, we must cultivate ourselves to assimilate to the cosmic character of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. With filthy thinking in mind we will never see the truth of the universe. Thanks again for your report and with best wishes, During Master Li's lecture at the Frankfurt Conference in Europe he was asked this question about extraterrestrials. Question: Is there any channel to communicate with intelligent beings outside the earth? Master Li responds,
"It seems that your attachment is still quite sizable. Many of the questions today are raised by those who have come for the first time. Man, having seen many movies, having read many imaginary stories, having been gradually influenced by many things in society, developed a metamorphosed thinking that indulges in fantasy. You asked how to communicate with intelligent beings. Let me tell you all that an ordinary person cannot do such a thing nor is he able to. If you indeed can communicate with intelligent beings, yet you are not a cultivator yourself without any energy, you are then in danger. You may lose your life at any time. Besides, you will see those gruesome spirits but none of the higher lives because your level is too low and is limited only to that of the human. Thus it is a terrifying circumstance. It is even more terrifying if you want to communicate with intelligent beings outside the earth. Lives outside the earth are no more than lives on other planets within this material dimension that our human eyes can perceive.
These lives, however, do not regard man as human. They think man is a beast, a kind of animal. They willfully slaughter man and willfully experiment on you. They kidnap people to their planets, lock them in cages as animals, and put them on display for their people. Many of the people missing on earth were captured by them. In addition, I tell you that the present-day science of mankind was produced by them. Why have these aliens assembled this present-day science for man? That is because what they have on their planet is something of this sort. They plan to bring it to this planet and eventually substitute man. They discovered that the human body is most perfect and the best. Therefore, they covet the human body and want to eventually replace man. In one of the planes of human molecule cells, they have added their substances. By now, this has been done and has been formed on a large scale.
Therefore, for me to save you today, not only do I have to deal with the issue of purging all attachments and karma that you have to relinquish, but I also have to clean up these things for you. The development of mankind is quite dreadful. One day, computers will control humans. It has already developed to this tendency. Man will become the slaves of computers and machinery, and eventually will be replaced by aliens. Why has the computer been developed so quickly and the human brain suddenly become so active? All of this has been carried out by aliens when they have controlled the human mind. Aliens have cataloged and assigned a number to everyone who operates a computer. This is absolutely true. For our students, I have cleaned it all up for them. When you use computers, you will not be interfered with by them.
Why are there aliens? Some aliens originated from those planets. Why do some aliens always come to the earth? Because they were once humans on earth. But, it was not the earth of our time. It was the previous earth that existed in the same location as this earth. The earth has been replaced many times. Every time it was replaced, there was a portion of lives, living beings created by God with different appearances, that were relatively good at the time and were then preserved. They were not destroyed. Some were similar to the present-day humans; some were various forms of lives created. However, they were not allowed to enter the period of human development on the next earth and were thus sent to another planet. It was done this way every time. Meanwhile, this has left a historic record for the universe, for they were humans on earth in different time periods. It serves such a purpose. However, due to the slackening in overseeing them, they have developed. Through scheming, they have created a variety of scientific approaches, including the one currently present on earth and some other types, a variety of modes of development. Of course, they do not use the term "science." The name they use belongs to their languages, their concepts. These things have deteriorated further and further.
Following the deviation of Dafa of the universe, they have become worse and worse. That is why all aliens are in the process of being completely cleaned up. The entire universe is cleaning them up. At present, those up there have been cleaned up. What's left are those who have come to the earth. Some have sneaked into people; some have possessed the human body. There are still some other types. I am watching all of them. Let them commit their terrible deeds for the time being. It won't be long before they will be eradicated. The deterioration of mankind is also directly associated with them. This is evil and, therefore, must be eradicated." (see Thanks to the Falun Gong.
Editor's Note: Master Li indicates the aliens are evil and kidnapping people! Yesterday, I walked into Wal Mart store and there were 29 pictures of missing persons. I contacted the State of New Jersey missing persons and they explained each year about 50,000 people are missing in this state, but about 49,000 are eventually found. About 1000 a year disappear forever. I wonder where all these people have gone including my wife's cousin Bruce Konigsfeld?
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