Chupacabras Attacks
Coastal Chilean Town
From Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

Source: Diario Lider de San Antonio

The Chupacabras phenomenon does not cease in Chile; instead, it seems to move to different places of the country. Almost two years ago, the central coastal area of Chile witnessed strange animal deaths, particularly chickens. The animal mutilation cases took place in towns like Llo Lleo and Cartagena.

However, today it is the coastal area of Barrancas where the most recent animal mutilation cases have occurred. The dead animals, once again, presented signs of the absence of blood in their bodies, which is typical of chupacabras attacks.

A local family of Barranca is shocked and frightened by what has taken place. They are not only afraid of being subject to ridicule, but of the fact that the animal mutilations have taken place in their property. Furthermore, the fear is even greater due to uncertainty of not knowing if this phenomenon will happen again or not.

Another landlord, who did not want to appear in public, said he woke up frightened yesterday. He claimed that he waken by a strange sound made by one of the chickens outside. He quickly went outside with his son. They walked across their yard and found the dead body of a hen. It was headless and it had no blood.

It all happened at about 6:40 AM, on February the 11th. As a result, the following day, family members discussed over breakfast how that could have possibly had happened. They all seemed to agree that the crime should not go unpunished and that this must be prevented from happening again. They asked themselves, "who or what could have killed the chickens?" They came to the realization that a common animal, such as a cat or a dog simply could not have done it. "Dogs and cats don,t go around tearing chicken heads off; furthermore, they do not drain their blood", said one family member.

Previously, on the day before, their 13-year-old daughter found 5 dead chickens. In that case, they were a few weeks old and they were still in the nest located in the back yard. One of them was headless and appeared to be "bloodless" as well.

They blamed their dog, a young German Shepherd, for the death of the birds. As punishment, they locked the dog up. However, they realized that it was someone or something else other than the dog, as they found another dead chicken the following day - when the dog was locked up inside the house.

"We used to enjoy staying out in the porch until late at night. Now, we have to go inside early because we simply do not know what we are dealing with", said the girl,s father. He also stated that they have looked throughout their property for any clues as for what might have caused the death of the 6 chickens, but with inconclusive results.

The consequences of this strange event have left that particular family puzzled. They have many questions, no answers, and 5 of their domestic animals are dead.

Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

Miami UFO Center

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