Triangle UFO With 7
Colored Lights Only 100'
Off Ground Visits Ohio
>From Kenny Young <>

SUMMARY.... Two witnesses report visual observation of unidentified aircraft described as being triangular in shape with a total of seven (7) lights on its surface. Three of the lights were red, three were green and there was one yellow-amber colored light which pulsated or rotated. All of the lights blinked and appeared to be synchronized. For the length of time the object was observed, it traveled at twice the height of the trees, or appx. 100 feet off the ground. It was reported to be the size of "a jet airplane" and made no sound. The craft traveled in a west to west-northwest direction. It covered appx. 4 miles in 50 minutes and just casually left the area.
Description: Two sisters, Nora and Betty, had just exited the bowling alley in St. Clairsville, Ohio after a championship game. As they were heading to Betty's vehicle Nora spotted the triangular shaped object almost hovering above them. They watched the object for a few moments and then got into their car to head to the local Wal Mart. They noticed the craft appeared to follow them. Upon exiting a store to approach their parked vehicle, they noticed the object's very slow progression to the west. Both women got back into the car and headed to Nora's where her sister had to drop her off.
Nora went into her house, put her bowling ball away, and went back outside to see if she could see the craft. She could not. The last time she and her sister could spot the object was at 10:00 p.m. Nora then went inside to call her daughter [who lives just up the road] to see if she could see it. Her daughter, Jill, and Jill's son Chad, both watched the craft from between 10:05 and 10:30 p.m. As Jill and Chad watched it, they observed it taking two small 90 degree turns. First time to the right and the second time back to the left.
The first of the two witnesses, Nora, states the following: " was not a plane, it was no blimp. I'll probably never get to see it again either. I'm going out tonight (April 29'th, 2000) and look. I know what I've seen."
Special Note: This UFO report was submitted via E-mail advisement by Don Keating, a researcher from Newcomerstown, Ohio. Don Keating has a website located at the following URL address:


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