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For over four years the country of Mexico has been inundated by unidentified flying objects. Though this is the longest running, most expansive, and most documented series of UFO sightings ever recorded, few people outside this Latin American nation have any knowledge of these remarkable encounters...
Shortly after midday, July 11, 1991, two physical events of historic proportion simultaneously unfolded above the ancient Anahuac Valley, which today cradles the largest metropolis, Mexico City. The concurrent appearance of these two spectacular visuals were entwined in a cord that tied the present to the past.
The early peoples of Mexico vanished long ago, but their elaborate astronomical and mathematical formulas remain accurate to this day. Over one thousand years have passed since the great Mayan astronomers and seers foretold the emergence of the Sixth Sun of the Quetzacoatl, a Tiger Sun, born of the total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991. Both revered and feared by past societies, exclipses have traditionally been attributed to transcendental aspects of life. In the Codices, the tattered remnants of a once great civilisation, the Maya recorded their prophetic significance of the transition into the Sixth Sun as the harbinger of two life-altering occurrences: 'cosmic awareness through encounters with the masters of the stars and coming earth changes.'
For modern science, the 1991 eclipse became the focal point of research. Accompanied by sensitive, highly technical tools, scientists gathered in force to record and examine the celestial crossing. Due to its lengthy six minute fifty-four second duration, this eclipse had been labelled a once-in-a lifetime experience, and everyone in its path wanted to participate. As astronomers carefully calibrated their delicate observational instruments, the public assembled their own less technical tools.
Cameras, coloured filters, papers with pinholes, and camcorders were readied. The mood was festive as people converged on the streets and rooftops in anticipation. It seemed that all twenty million plus inhabitants were looking up.
From atop the roof of his small mission, Padre Ferre, a Catholic priest, carefully positioned his camcorder to record the episode. As the sky began to darken, Padre Ferrer focused on a luminous orb.
Shortly before the moon began crossing the path of the sun, David Alamilla video-taped something he never expected to see. 'Through the black and white viewfinder I thought it was a star or a planet. Now that I have seen my video, I don't believe that it was a star.' David was among the first to film a stationary, silvery, disc-shaped object that hovered silently below the eclipsing sun. But he wasn't alone. Minutes before, as well as throughout the duration of, and after, the eclipse of July 11 1991, seventeen different people, unknown to each other, in four different cities, captured this shiny, hovering, unidentified craft on video tape.
Thus began what has become the longest ongoing UFO camcorder flap in history; a prescient event whose reality was founded in the residue of myth and legend left to us by the vanished cultures of MesoAmerica. The sixth sun, whose precise arrival had been mathematically determined over twelve hundred years ago, was a singular moment in linear time prophesied by the Maya as the inauguration of changes. 'Cosmic Awareness brought about through encounters with masters of the stars' began with the UFO sightings during the transition into the era of the Sixth Sun, and continues today.
Taking the Maya legend a step further, and providing a glimpse into the future, an Aztec prophecy states; 'the sons of the Sixth Sun will be the first to journey to new worlds in the stars'. The second phases of both prophecies speak of a world in turmoil caused by 'the death of the old ways and the birth of the new'.
Deciphering portions of the Dresde Codex, archaeologists uncovered passages relating to the 1991 eclips, including the following example:
'Mother Earth, the End of the Jaguar Knights, the beginning of a new era that will rise on the ashes of the one before."
As foretold by the Maya, the new era had begun; the first wave of UFO activity was in full swing. UFOs, or OVNIs (Objecto Volodaro No Identificado) as they are called in Mexico, were being seen and video-taped during the day and at night on a regular basis over Mexico City and surrounding areas. The media, as curious as the public, also pursued the elusive subject. The seemingly overt presence of the unidentifieds became the nexus of discussion during live television programs lasting six and seven hours. The fact that something was in the skies of of their country was not in question. However, stimulating and often animated debates raged over where they were from, why they were here, and _were they dimensional craft_?
In the spring of 1992 reports of UFOs began coming in from zona volcanica southeast of the capital. Initially only a few sightings were recorded, but within weeks the aerial displays were happening on a daily basis. The second wave of concentrated activity had begun.
Tracking the unknowns, our investigative team followed the trail of sightings to the high desert nearnear the city of Atlixco, where a radio station had become the focus point for hundreds of reports.
Observations and photographs of the unknowns were front-page headlines in this city of 100,000 inhabitants. There was no fear expressed by any of the witnesses, only a sense of interest coupled with a healthy curiosity.
Even the local government was unconcerned by the regular appearance of the unidentified flying objects. Mayor Ordonez explained:
'If the OVNIs were going to hurt us, they would have done it by now. This is a city of one hundred thousand. I would say ninety percent have seen the OVNIs. That is ninety thousand people. The other ten percent believe OVNIs are here because their friends and family have seen them. I don't know what they are, or why they are here now, but it is certainly not to harm us.'
Someone that held the same belief is Miguel Larios Cruz, Commander of the Judicial Police of the State of Puebla. In the volcano zone southeast of Puebla, while on a late-night stake-out for suspected drug runners, he and two officers photographed what they assumed was a narcotic cargo plane. They had hoped that once the 35 mm photograph was enlarged, serial numbers from the plane could be traced. Instead Instead the enlargement revealed an orange-coloured spherical object, ringed by what appeared to be windows emitting light. 'Of course, the police had heard reports of OVNIs, but...? I didn't believe. Now I do. Even though I don't know why they want to be here in this area.'
There was no obvious reason for the UFOs to have changed location, so in order to closely monitor the activity, an investigative base camp was established not far from Atlixco, at the foot of the towwering Mount Popocatepetl. In a bizarre set of circumstances initialised by the relocation of the unidentifieds, a possible explanation surfaced and the investigators were introduced to the second phase of the Maya prophecy.
An exploratory team was sent to the summit of Popcatepetl. The terrain had been disturbed. Boulders blocked hiking paths. Snow had melted from Popcatepetl's normally ice-covered cap. It's once placid, crystal clear lagoon was a broiling discoloured cauldron spewing toxic fumes. Errant monitoring equipment had failed to notify emergency officials that Mount Popocatepetl, once a dormant volcano, was now an awakening giant. It seemed the OVNIs had alerted them instead.Camped beneath the rising plume of smoke, the prophesied earth changes became a viable reality.
In May of 1992, journalist Junichi Yaoi and his crew from Nippon Television joined the investigation team at base camp, where a stake-out was planned in hopes of capturing an OVNI on film. On a small knoll known as Casita Blana, the international group was joined by over one hundred local residents. All were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the UFOs.
Suddenly the cry 'OVNI! OVNI! OVNI! resounded through the vast darkness. Then silence fell over the crowd. As the brilliant, lumbering, triangular-shaped object continued its flight above the desert floor, people began to cheer.
An elderly woman knelt to pray. Children, raised to their father's shoulders, squealed in delight. Wmen applauded and men clanked bottles of beer, toasting the appearance of the unknowns. The object banked, flew over the volcano, and vanished. Everyone became quiet. Stillness filled the air, until someone in the crowd whispered the tones of the movie Close Encounters! The event on that evening was finished, but the investigators and their counterparts from Nippon Television had seen and videotaped an OVNI.
The people of Mexico remained entranced by the phenomenon. It had figuratively captured their minds and hearts, but in January 1, 1993, the beginning of the third wave of activity quite literally brought the world's largest city to a standstill.
On New Year's Day several UFOs made a lengthy six hour appearance over Mexico City. Amazed people, of all ages and descriptions, stood in intersections pointing upward. Traffic on Reforma, the busiest thoroughfare in the city, came to a halt. The Mexican Air Force was placed on alert status. Families leaned on stationary automobiles to view the spectacle. Reports poured into the airport control tower. Youngsters scrambled up onto rooftops for a better view, while the elderly shared binoculars on the streets below.
All news stations televised footage and described the event in detail. Headlines of every major newspaper in the capital carried the story the following day. La Prenza, the second largest newspaper in the country, declared: 'UFOs over Mexico!' and 'Amazement in the Streets of the Capital!' Column inch after column inch was devoted to the sensational incident. Television and radio talk shows became non-stop forums on the subject. Beacause of the sincerity of an open-minded media in Mexico, the people of this vast country were able to explore this unique experience on all levels. 1993 began with a situation of historic proportion and consequence that should have gained world wide importance, but for some unfathomable reason, journalists in the rest of the world chose to shelter their viewers and readers from the validity of such a momentous event.
For three years sightings remained fairly constant, and though obvious, the majority of the the objects kept a distance from the observers. Until August 1994, that is, when the definition of 'UFO encounters' took on a new meaning.
Captain Fernando Mezquita and his co-pilot, Captain Carlos Corzo, were on the last leg of a routine commercial flight from Acapulco to Mexico City. They were on approach at an altitude of 12,000 feet when an unidentified object crossed their path. Captain Corzo, a veteran pilot, explained the frightening situation in these words:
'We were coming out of a cloud and I had visual contact with traffic that had the colour of aluminium, like platinum. It was oval or round and very fast. It made a manoeuvre that was very difficult; coming straight for us, it banked and went under us, very, very close to the aircraft. I thought we were going to crash, so I called the tower. The control tower informed me that there no other flights in the area, and they had no radar echoes of any object near us'.
Captains Mezquita and Corzo were not the only commercial pilots forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision with an unknown. Captain Luis Miguel de Leon and Captain Javier Martinez had a similar episode as they approached Mexico City International. Captain Martinez detailed the occurrence:
'We saw it clearly. It was definitely not an airplane. It shouldn't have been in that zone, that is seperated air space. We made the final turn to the landing strip and that's whare it was. It was very close, about five hundred metres. It was an... I don't know. An object. It wasn't an airplane. It was beautiful. All silver...'
During the following week a day did not pass without a UFO being reported by a pilot or crew member of a major airline. Disc-shaped craft were appearing above, below, to the side of and directly in front of passenger airliners. Captain Raimundo Ruano was completing an uneventful flight from Monterey. His DC9 was on a final approach; the landing gear was down and locked. Everything appeared operational and normal.
Suddenly the plane lurched forward, as if it had collided with something in mid-air. Captain Ruano immediately radioed the tower, reporting the incident and declaring an emergency. Fortunately the jet touched down safely, but an inspection of the undercarriage revealed that a strut had been sheared in half.
Captain Ruano and others are occupying the same air space as unidentified aircraft. All believe the events were not intentional, but because of this near tragedy Ruano and one hundred fifty others have decided to risk their careers by publicly discussing these occurrences. And they aren't alone. Two air traffic controllers, whos combined experience totals fifty years, have come forward to verify the pilot's claims.
'It is not easy for us to report these kinds of things. First of all, the pilots have reputations to protect, so do we. But this information is important, so we have to talk. We know that these things are flying around the aircraft. The pilots report this and we sometimes see it on radar. It could be a real danger. These objects fly very close to the aircraft. And sometimes they just appear, especially when the aircraft is on final approach. That is very dangerous because our airport is in the city.'
'We are not afraid of them. We don't know who they are, why they are here or where they are from. We don't think they want to harm anyone, but these objects are here. We see them on radr and visually make contact. We think they should be seriously studied'
In July of 1991 Jaime Maussan, the host and Editor general of Mexico's news program 60 Minutes, asked us to participate in the coordination and correlation of information and materials being gathered on the subject of UFOs. We have journeyed to the land of the Maya on ten occasions,reviewed over a thousand videotapes of unknowns, interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and been present during three video tapings of UFOs. Utilizing a computer specifically designed for the analysis of raw video data, we have spent extensive amounts of time examining some of the more spectacular videos. We have been able to determine that the unknowns have the ability to 'materialize' or 'dematerialize' in one frame of video, that's 1/30th of a second. The computer has told us that they appear to be solid objects, highly reflective, and do not exhibit the normal flight behaviour of aircraft or balloons. In short, they defy physics as we understand the term.
Our investigation of this phenomenon in Mexico has lasted for over four years. It has taken us on a journey that was unexpected and provided us with more questions than answers. However, the significance of such visits should not be ignored, even when definitive answers are elusive. Speculation is the by-product of thought that allows us to seek new levels of interpretation and understanding.
Fortunately, in this instance, we are able to consider and compare ancient legacies of others with current events. As predicted, cosmic awareness began to unfold because of encounters with the 'masters of the stars'. Mexico's population embraces the concept of UFOs, without fear or judgement or expectation.
Since the emergence of the Sixth Sun this country has experienced the death of the old and the birth of the new in political, economic and spiritual arenas. It is witness to the beginning of the second phase of the prophecies - earth changes. Popocatepetl has threatened to erupt, sending tremors through the desert floor, billowing ash deposits. In August 1994 Arizona State University volcanologist, Stanley Williams, reinforced the level of danger when he stated:
'Popocatepetl has changed from being in a very quiet league to being one of the five most active volcanoes in the world'.
In January of 1995 the authorities evacuated all surrounding areas. The volcano had become so ferocious and violent that boulders flew from the crater and ash covered streets and buildings. Hundreds of earthquakes rocked the area. In October 1995 the cities of Puebla, Metepec, Atlixco and numerous small villages remain on alert status.
The denizens of this area live with a persistent anxiety; waiting for an eruption that could blanket Mexico City and Puebla in debris that would literally halt all activities. Yet the people are optimistic, and as odd as it may seem, many find a form of comfort in the fact that the UFOs have directed attention to a potentially dangerous issue. Some even speculate that the OVNIs have helped to quell a destructive eruption by absorbing energy being generated in the core of the mountain. Others think that the unidentifieds are capable of altering natural events, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Abstractly supportive of these theories is a fact that it was originally noted by air traffic controllers at Mexico International Airport, who have been tracking the flights of the unknowns on radar. According to their statements, when the volcano becomes more active, the UFO activity also increases. When Popocatepetl rests, the fly-bys are less frequent. Whatever the reason might be for the synchronized timing of these occurrences, the unidentifieds are, ina roundabout way, responsible for alerting officials to Popocatepetl's fury.
UFOs have become a normal, everyday reality for most of Mexico's population. Unlike their unidentified counterparts in other locations in our tiny globe, their aerial antics are generally accepted. The Mexican media remains unintimidated and curious about their appearances, openly reporting on their movements. The validity of their existence is rarely questioned. And they have brought about an intriguing unity of fascination that has no barrier of clour or class. For the people of Mexico, the tapestry of their past is woven into the fabric of the present, and they look to the OVNIs as visitors, friends they have yet to meet.

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