Russian Army Units
Jeopardized by UFO?
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Source EFE News Agency (Spain)

Russia: Flying Saucer Jeopardizes Army Near Chechnya
MAJACHKALA, Russia (EFE) - An alleged UFO has jeopardized and eluded Russian troops near Daguestan, a republic bordering Chechnya.
Alarms went off at 01.00 local time (22:00 hrs GMT yesterday) and an hour later, confusion was extreme in the garrisons on the ridges separating Dagestan from Chechnya and the war which has raged the area north of the Caucasus for over a year and a half. At 02.00 local time (23:00 GMT) the most lucid reports began to arrive from the Magaramkent region on the Caspian Sea regading the "unidentified flying object" which had caused Russian forces to sound battlestations.
Soldiers provided a detailed description of the artifact or device they witnessed for a long time as it flew slowly eastward toward the sea. Some garrisons noted that it was an object flying at low altitude (some 100 meters) and had three fluorescent lights above it with 2 meter spaces between them, according to the Russian Ministry of the Interior in Dagestan. Several civilian witnesses agreed on the description and light arrangement of the mysterious phenomenon, while hesitating to ascribe its origin to a secret weapon of the Russian army or a new weapon in the hands of Islamic separatists.
Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Dagestan were cautious and stated their unwillingness to state if the object in question was indeed a UFO or a natural optical phenomenon. Military reports, the alarm caused by the apparent UFO and the jet fighters scrambled -too late - in its pursuit, have renewed mistrust regarding the traditional secrecy shown by Russian authorities in the light of such situations.
Acting quickly to forestall any possible reprimands, the most mistrusting military officers indicated that it could be a NATO spy plane interested in Russian maneuvers in the Caucasus and the Caspian, which are rich in gas and oil. Muslim leaders in Dagestan were less ambiguous in their statements: the strange heavenly event was a portent which bore a message from Allah himself. Even a mufti or spiritual legislator from Dagestan showed no compuction in stating that without any doubt it was "a djinn, an angel or other heavenly being, since God's masterpiece is filled with them." _____
Translation (c) 2000. Scott Corrales. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi.
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