Three Discs Sighted Near Milan
From Federico Dezi

CERNUSCO SUL NAVIGLIO (Milan, Italy) -- History and archeological writer Roberto Malini, a famous ufologist in this country, sights three UFOs in formation.
The well-known italian writer was together with D.F., a young art director and A.S. an resident of Cernusco sul Naviglio.
The UFOs were disc-shaped, black, no lights, no sound. The discs had little wings, no reflective surfaces and were seen before dark. The flying objects were rotating and moved slowly and horizontally, with a particular tremor from west to east.
Suddenly, two of the UFOs vanished. The remaining disc hovered motionless in the sky over the eyewitnesses for ten minutes while it continued to rotate. It appeared to be dark metallic, at a height of about 1000 metres.
Malini took two photos of the discs with a camera without zoom. The UFO then went up and vanished. When Malini get the photos from the photographic shop, the object appears like a glowing red light (infrared or ultraviolet rays?).
Federico Dezi.


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