New Mexico UFO Sighting
Caught On Video
By Santiago Yturria Garza <>


Notice the similarity to the famous 1991 Eclipse
UFO photographed by literally hundreds in Mexico

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Update - New Photos
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By Santiago Yturria
Dear Jeff:
These are some additional stills from the amazing ufo footage taken by Jose Gerstl in Mexico City on December 8, 1999.
These stills were captured during our computer analysis of the footage and we discovered interesting things related with the behavior of the ufo.
It was emiting spinning beams of white light in a random sequence and later it changed to yellow and red colors as you can notice on still # 5. We also discovered with the computer a certain flashing light on the top...also in a random sequence and visible in several stills.
I'm going to send you a copy of the original video so you and your team can see for yourselves all the details of this fortunate daylight footage taken by Mr. Gerstl.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Santiago Yturria,
Dear Jeff,
A new UFO sighting took place in Mexico city last December 8th with many witnesses and was fortunately videotaped by a local resident. This is the report:
Last Wednesday, December 8th, was not an ordinary day for José Gerstl, an executive from Mexico city. He witnessed, for the first time in his life, one of the so-called OVNIs (UFOs) in the sky on a clear morning and only a very short distance away. This is his testimony:
"That morning, as usual, I woke up and turned the TV on to watch the news before going to work. I looked to my left side and saw through the window a strange object at certain distance floating at low altitude. It was 7:20 AM and I live in Tecamachalco, Colonia Bosques de las Lomas, a district of Huixquilucan in Mexico City.
At first sighting, the object looked like a small ball and was still in the air. I presumed that it could be a ballon so my first impression didn't disturbed me. But in a few seconds, it began moving forward and backwards slowly and I realized that something was wrong. I took a more careful look and it was then that it emitted the first beam of light among the reflection of the sunlight on the left side.
At this moment, I realized it was not a ballon. It must be an OVNI was my thought, and I quickly ran for my videocamera thinking that this could my chance to tape one of that strange objects so many reported here in Mexico city.
I went back to my window and began filming...and the object seemed to have gotten closer. It was a clear morning with a bright sun at 7:45 AM, so I had a good view and with my camera's zoom lens I made some closeups of the OVNI.
It had a oval shape at first, and a slight movement from right to left and backwards. Then the sunlight reflected in some way on the left side of the object.
About 4 minutes passed when suddenly it emitted some kind of beam of bright light from the center and then the light turned from yellowish to reddish in sequence and then returned to white again.
The sighting lasted almost 8 minutes and I had to run to the roof of the building since the OVNI moved out of my sight range from the window. On the roof, I was able to film the last two minutes of the sightings and then the OVNI suddenly disappeared very quickly to my right side.
I was very excited and by this time my wife was also. I returned to my apartament to watch the video but before that I waited another15 minutes on the roof waiting for the OVNI to appear again, but it did'nt. I noticed that some neighbors also witnessed the OVNI and were excited as well. Now I don't know what I've got on tape but I'm sure it was not a ballon nor a plane or a bird, it had to be something else. " _____
I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Jose Gerstl for sending me his ufo sighting video and to agree to be interviewed. His valuable testimony is another evidence of the amazing ufo wave that is happening here in Mexico, something that should be investigated more seriously.
Santiago Yturria
OVNI Investigaciones


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