Crop Circles Puzzle
Canadian Farmer
ORO-MEDONTE TOWNSHIP, Ont. -- A central Ontario farmer refuses to believe aliens or Star Wars weapons are responsible for three, neatly-formed circles that have appeared in his grain field.
"I try to live in the real world," Garnet Horne, 59, said yesterday.
At first, the family suspected the three circles -- 23, 15 and 12 metres in diameter -- were a prank.
"I figured some jackass tramped it down to get our goat," Horne's older brother, Donald, said.
But there was no pathway leading to or from the three circles.
"We got right down and looked for footprints," said Garnet. "Not a heel mark, nothing. It isn't human. It's got me beat."
Inside each circle, the barley and oats have been flattened to the ground in a symmetrical, counter-clockwise swirl. Around the circular edges the flattened grain meets a perfectly upright wall of unharmed oats and barley.
"It's not aliens and it's not somebody tramping it down, said Garnet. "I can't explain it."
Garnet first spotted the circles while driving by the field at dusk Thursday. "It scared the wits out of me," he said.
This is not the first time crop circles have appeared west of Orillia, Ont., near Bass Lake.
In 1992 and 1993, circular patterns appeared about 3 km north of the Horne farm in a corn field.
Victor Lourenco, Ontario director of the Mutual UFO Network, said there is not necessarily a link between the circles and extraterrestrials.
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