Malaysian UFOs Identified

On Wednesday night, The Star was overwhelmed with callers claiming sightings of UFOs in various parts of Petaling Jaya.
Most of the callers claimed to have seen the "UFOs" hovering high in the sky, emitting various colors of light from crimson red, orangy lights with a red wisp at the end, to pinkish and even white lights.
There were reports of sightings in Gombak, Sentul, Setapak and later on in Bangsar, Brickfields and Subang.
"It remained bright with several reddish and smaller lights hopping from one end to another,'' one caller said.
Caller Albert Hui, claims to have seen about seven to eight of these red lights in a straight line and remaining there for at least half-an-hour.
At about 10:30 p.m., Seelan called in and said a crowd of about 50 people had gathered at a petrol station at the entrance of Taman Datuk Senu in Sentuland were mesmerized by what he described as "reddish green" lights.
Most claimed that the strange lights came from the east.
At 10:00 p.m., Star reporter Wani Muthiah was on the highway in the company van heading towards the RMAF base in Sungai Besi when she too noticed the bright lights. Numerous cars had pulled off the highway to see the strange phenomenon.
Wani spoke to several people who were puzzled by the "UFOs."
She then drove toward the direction of the lights with company driver Mohd Saad B. Mohd through the Chinese cemetery in Sungai Besi and the trail brought them back to the Federal Highway near Taman Seputeh. It was then that they discovered that the lights were coming from the hilltop somewhere near Taman Seputeh. Once they reached the hilltop, they parked nearly 500 meters from the Thien Hou temple off Jalan Syed Putra where they saw the objects being released.
As it turns out, the UFOs were actually good luck lanterns released from the Thien Hou temple on Wednesday night. They were released in conjunction with the Chap Goh Meh celebration.
The cylindrical lanterns are made of paper and work like a hot air balloon. They are 1 meter high and about half a meter wide.
They use a thick slow-burning paper, which has been soaked in kerosene at the bottom as a burner to create the hot air. The flame lasts for over 10 minutes.
In intervals of several minutes each, some of the balloons are released in perfect succession, appearing to be a row when carried by the wind.
A Thien Hou temple official then took Muthiah up to the temple rooftop where people were purchasing the "UFOs".
Family members were seen writing their names on the lanterns and reciting prayers before sending them to "heaven."

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